Teamfight Tactics Rush Level 8 Guide

by Astordor

Hi guys, I learned a lot of things here when I started the game, so I feel like helping back a little bit. I was diamond 1 three days ago, and at the moment I’m challenger 500 LPs. It took me exactly 18 games to climb, 9 of them were top 1, and I never lost a single LP during the climb. Here is my profile if you wanna check :

So, the final build I used is a really standard one, 4 knights/Guardians/Dragons/3 sorc. In a perfect world, your final comp looks like this : The idea of the build is to have an unkillable pantheon, and an unkillable aurelion sol. They almost don’t take magic damages thanks to the dragon buff, and they also almost don’t take physical damages thanks to the guardian and knight buffs.

The important thing to notice is the cost of the comp. Only one 1-cost unit, one 3-cost unit, three 4-cost units and 3 5-five cost units. How is it possible to get so many expensive champs? Well, in the last patch, the droprate of 5-cost units has been significantly increased at level 8, so it has become really consistent to hit them if you roll enough gold at level 8. That leads us to the main point of this build : the level 8 rush.

Warning: this comp is all about transitions, and you need a good game knowledge to play it consistently. I would recommend to try this in normal game before jumping into ranked games.

The most important thing with this build is the following : do NOT roll before level 8. You want to econ the whole game, hit level 8 about 2 rounds after wolves, and then roll all of your golds to find your 4-cost and 5-cost units. Don’t be afraid too much about your hp, I usually hit level 8 at 30 hp. Who cares if you have 1hp, you won’t lose a single fight with the final comp anyway.

Carousel: The best you can get in carousel is probably spatula, because you will need a yuumi or a knight’s vow in your final build. However, it is very contested and I don’t feel confident in my carousel skills, so I usually grab a rod instead. If you can’t get a rod (which is very unlikely, I feel like no one wants it), I’d recommand giant’s belt or negatron. I’ll talk about the items later.

Early game: really standard, you buy a lot of 1-cost units to find your 2 stars units. If you are winstreaking, you can push xp to keep the winstreak going, if you are losing, keep your golds. You need to be really open mind here, you just want to play what the game gives you. Even if you don’t put them on the board, collect all the knights you see, the 4 knights transition is one of the best in the midgame. When you reach krugs, you want to make sure you can beat them. If you have two 2 stars units, you can stay level 4, if not, push level 5. It never happened to me, but if your comp is still too weak level 5 and you think you won’t kill the krugs, then roll a bit. By now, you should be at 50g, and we can enter the midgame.

Mid game: The mid game is the key part of this build, because at this point, you will start losing fights to everyone unless you highroll. You need to grab every opportunity the game gives you to stay alive, and that’s why I enjoy this build so much : every game is different. I couldn’t list all the transitions I used, but here are a few examples :

– 4 knights with a 4-cost unit carry
– Assassins with or without void
– Elementalist
– 4 demons

I also had some games with no synergies at all, just putting in every 2 stars units I had.

Since you are going to lose hp, you will gain carousel priority, so that’s the moment when you wanna get that spatula.

Transition and late game : If you followed the steps correctly, you should be level 7 at wolves, still with 50g. If you had a good early game, you probably have 60 hp, if you had a bad one, 40. I usually wait 2 rounds after wolves then push 8 and roll everything, but if you’re having a difficult game, you can do it one round earlier. You will have less money to spend, but you obviously don’t wanna die at 50g. If you had a really good earlygame, you can wait a bit more, but don’t be too greedy. At this point of the game, a loss will most likely make you lose 20hp, so let’s avoid that.

During your rolls, you want to keep the same open mind as before, don’t focus too much on the comp I posted, you won’t exactly reach it instantly. If you don’t have pantheon, you can play swain instead, if you dont have Karthus, another sorc will do it, or a Kindred for the phantom buff, if you don’t have kayle, play another knight. You find a yasuo/Kai’sa 2 stars? Play it until you get your main units, they will help you a lot. An important thing to keep in mind is that you probably will be the only one at level 8, and no one will have legendary units, so even if you don’t have all your synergies, if you find a 2 stars 5-cost unit, it will carry.

When you finally complete your comp, there is two options:

– You have 5 hps and you need to win every single fight : roll each turn to upgrade your legendaries.

– You are fine and you can econ again : reach level 9 and add a third guardian (another leona/pantheon or a braum), or build some golds to roll everything again to get that panthéon 2 stars.

Items: The only items i do consistently are ionic spark and yuumi/knight’s vow. Warmog on pantheon is the nuts if you have some belts. For everything else, try to use your items quickly, you’ll need them to win the early game. For example, if you can craft an infinity edge in the early game, do it. It doesn’t really fit in the final comp, but it will help you so much in early. Same goes for statikk shiv, guardian angel, thieve gloves or any good item in the meta.

I realize I didn’t post the knight’s vow variation, so here it is : I think lulu is the best third sorc, but any sorc will do the job.

If you don’t get any spat, you want to give up the 4 knights bonus and play something like this : The second pantheon can also be a second Leona or a braum, the point is to have a third guardian.

If you are up against hextech players, and you have items on kayle/karthus, you can consider positionning like this :

I think I’m finally done with this guide, feel free to ask anything in the comments if you have some questions. Feel also free to give your tips on the build if I forgot some of them.

Good luck tacticians, and may Pantheon be with you !

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