Pokemon Sword and Shield Getting 5 or 6IV Parent Guide

by EarthwormZim33

So obviously everyone is trying to get a 5IV+ ditto for breeding, I know I am, but in case you can’t or don’t want to deal with Den RNG/winning the Surprise Trade lottery, you can actually get perfect/near perfect parents for every egg group using the gift Gigantamax Pikachu or Eeevee.

The GMax Pika and Eevee have perfect 6IVs. To do this the easier way, you will need it to be a male. The benefit of these Pokemon is that they are in the Field egg group, the biggest there is.

So, to start, if you have the Pikachu, congratulations, you have a perfect father for both Field and Fairy egg groups. Eevee is only Field and will need to do one more breeding chain to get a Fairy father.

So the method is this: Place the Pika/Eevee in the daycare holding the Destiny Knot. Destiny Knot ensures the egg gets 5IVs from the parents (1 from each, with the remaining 3 being randomly chosen from the 2 parents). Put a female of the Pokemon from the egg group you want and breed. Every female that hatches, check the IVs. If they are better than the current female you have in the daycare, swap it out.

Repeat the swapping until you have a 5/6IV female in the daycare. Once you do, keep breeding until you get a 5/6IV Male. This is now the perfect father for the desired egg group.

Here is a list of Pokemon in the Field egg group with a second egg group that Pika/Eevee can breed with to get other egg group coverage:

  • Grookey/Seedot: Grass
  • Scorbunny/Lucario: Human Shape
  • Wooper: Water 1
  • Wailmer: Water 2
  • Woobat/Farfetch’D: Flying
  • Rhyhorn: Monster
  • Cufant: Mineral
  • Mawile/Morpeko/Pikachu: Fairy
  • Silicobra/Scraggy: Dragon

The egg groups they can’t access/breed with are Water 3, Bug, and Amorphous (though Pikachu might be able to breed with them if his Fairy egg group has members that also share those groups). However, some of the parents you just bred can help with that.

Breed Silicobra/Scraggy with the following:

  • Trapinch: Bug
  • Dreepy: Amorphous

Breed Wooper with the following:

  • Corphish/Corsola: Water 3

In conclusion, it is possible to get a bunch of perfect/near perfect parents through breeding. It still relies on RNG, but if you’re having trouble finding 5 Star ditto raids (which only guarantee 4IVs), there is a longer but more controlled way to do so.

Hopefully this is helpful for those interested in breeding competitive Pokémon. Good luck!

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