Mobile Legends BP Farming Guide

by alastairxx09

Hi!~ I presume you’re here to get some tips with earning BP? I got you fam. I’ll share some of my best practices to earn a lot!

This guide aims to help you get that BP boost needed for that hero you want. Since the update of the new credit system, earning BP has been faster than ever.

Quickly cutting to the chase.

Let’s talk about the available percentage multipliers, please take note that all of these can be stacked per match.


Percentage boostRequisite
+100%BP Cards
+25%Team-up w/ Mentor
+10%Team-up w/ Apprentice
+5%Team-up w/ Friends
+5%~+10%High Credit Score Bonus
+5%Starlight Membership Bonus

The most I have ever gotten is +245% BP Boost and has earned me over 450+ BP in a single match.


  • BP Cards doubles the amount of battle points earned and boosts your BP Limit for the week by 1500. Take note that it has 2 main variants, Timed-variants and Victory-variants, and can be stacked.
  1. Victory BP Cards – Doubles BP gained for games won. These can be earned via “sharing” on social media either via Facebook or Instagram. You’ll be sent 1 Victory BP card via in-game mail, limit to 1 per day, after sharing a match result. You could also obtain 4-Win BP Cards by sharing 2 match results and redeeming it from events tab whenever a new hero/skin is released. It’s always best to use these cards ASAP when you don’t have any timed-variants because it only takes effect for matches that you’ll win, meaning you can increase your BP Limit for the week and still go over your bp limit for a bit. Play survival.
  2. Timed BP Cards – Doubles all BP gained for the entirety of its duration after activation. These cards can be obtained via redemption events or you could always buy them from the shop via diamonds. It’s always best to use these type of cards whenever you can play lots of games.
  • Team-up boosters is your surefire way of increasing your BP earned per match.
    • Let’s do a scenario. A mentor and apprentice teams-up and happens to be friends with each other.
      • Both mentor and apprentice get +5% boost since they’re friends in-game.
      • The mentor gains +10% Boost for playing with his apprentice.
      • The apprentice gains +25% Boost for playing with his mentor.
  • Credit score mechanic revamp.
    • Players with credit scores >=100 and no bad behaviors gain 1 credit for every 7 matches completed.
    • Players with credit scores <100 gain with no bad behaviors gain 1 credit per match.
      • Credit scores between 100 and 109 can gain 5% more BPs for each match and can gain up to 8000 BP/week:
      • Credit scores equal to 110 can gain 10% more BP for each match and can gain up to 8500 BP/week
  • Starlight members get +5% BP boost for every match for the duration of their membership.


  • Claimable BP – These are instant bp earned by tediously tapping buttons after completing certain requirements, either via time required to pass or in-game activities.


Time-requiredBP Earned
Blue Chest every 4 Hours40-50
Gold Chest ever 9 PM Server-Time GMT+8200-250
3rd Day log-in Streak reward300 or 500 or 1,000
5th Day log-in Streak reward0 or 500
Weekly reward200-500


Activity-requiredBP Earned
Daily Activity/Task/Quest Score of 100230
Weekly Activity/Task/Quest Score of 800500
Squad Activity score of 3,000100
Squad Activity score of 15,000400
Earn an achievement200-1,875


  • Social-based – These bonuses require your account to be bound to your social media account to enable redemption.
    • 50 BP Help compensation. This can be earned if you happen to lose a match or after a survival game, you’ll notice a button post-match that will say ask for help via FB. Tap that and directly tap the ask button without selecting anyone. Limit of 3 per day.
    • 50-150 Friend Gifts. This can be earned if your friend reciprocates the bp gift you send via the social page in-game and has still has available bp to be gifted.


  • Ownership-based – These require you to already own the skin or hero and win it ingame via events or in game rewards or RNG.
OwnedBP Earned
Hero or Skin trial card30 BP x trial card days
32k BP Hero won via Lucky spin10,667
24k BP Hero won via Lucky spin7,999
Plain luck from lucky spin300


Some other reminders and tips!

  • First, we’ll have to earn that +10% boost from getting 110 credit score so we could boost our weekly earnings to 8500. The best way to achieve this is just by playing good, adjusting, and not being toxic. You can also spam A.I. brawl matches to get your credit score up faster.
    • You can also save your victory cards and, by the end of the week, use it when you hit your limit so you could earn up to 9k-10k BP per week. Take note that’s what you earn just by playing games. So technically you should be able to earn up to 12k-15k at most weekly with all the usual bonuses available.
  • Second, just keep on playing a few games everyday! I usually play a minimum of 4-6 matches per day and i always max out my weekly limit. The amount of BP earned increases the longer the match is so enjoy every match!

For now i’ll be concluding this guide. Add to the comments If you have anything you’d like to share for the community and I’ll have this updated. If ever I find more ways to earn BP I’ll be updating this as well. Happy farming everyone!

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