Mobile Legends Using Skeleton King Effectively Guide

Mobile Legends Using Skeleton King Effectively Guide by Proxyminers

If you are new or a noob and do not know what the skeleton king is, he is a global creep that you want to kill to help push. Normally people play this advantage and walk with him. The answer is no, do not follow this methodology as he is AI and overall is not more tanky than your actual tank and has 0 CC. So, how do you use the Skeleton King effectively?

The answer lies in minions. When the SK is killed, when he spawns, the other lanes get a version of super minions. These minions are great at tower pushing. Use this knowledge to your advantage. To effectively do this, you split your team into a 1/3/1 which means 1 person top, 1 person bottom, 3 people middle. However, you do not do this exact methodology as the SK will push the most pushed down lane. As a result, the set up is 1 person per lane without the SK and 3 people follow the SK. The best 3 people for the SK is your support, tank, and a mage. Let your ADC & Charger to the split push as they will do more damage to the towers.

Towers Down = Higher Chance of Winning

If you get all 3 base towers down, chance of enemy team winning is roughly 95% unlikely. 5% as if they ace your team and your team is at 1 min or longer death timers and they are all up. Playing smart over trying to get more kills will result in more wins and a more successful climb in rank. Use this new or already known knowledge of how to push with the SK to get your to your desired Ranks.

As always, try your best, learn from your mistakes, and do not rage in chat; just makes you look bad and Karma will be coming for you


Additional SK (lord) information: The SK/Lord will push the most push lanes which is the fastest route to the enemy’s base. If all 3 lanes are equally pushed, the SK/Lord will walk down the middle every time as middle is faster walking path to the enemies base. Hope this information also helps.

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