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Mobile Legends Ruby Guide by Proxyminers

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Ruby little red hood

Ruby is one of the most unique heroes in ML as she has no core knock off copy of any other champion from another game. There will always be some form of copy as her abilities may resemble other heroes from other games. However, this uniqueness has brought some troubles for gamers. This guide will break Ruby down into 2 solid builds. The first build is my style of build which abuses the passive which is the only way to heal is from her ability damage. The second is a support tank. Lets get started.

Build 1 Max Self Healing

  1. Gear: Hass Claws > Magic Shoes > Bloodlust Axe > Endless Battle > Bloodthirsty King & Malefic Roar as the 6th item. Buy an AD potion for 1500 gold after full build.
  2. Starting item: Start off like most by going with the jungle starting knife for 15% more EXP and 30% more damage to jungle monsters. Sell this item at lv 10. This gives you the edge as this game is about who can get to level 4 fastest. Follow the above build guide to reach max potential.
  3. CDR: 20% is obtained from build and 20% more from blue buff. Maxed at 40% after your 2nd main item means you can play her at this point onwards the same way throughout the rest of the game. Other heroes don’t start growing in power until after 3 full items. Use this advantage to get triple kills or more.
  4. Play Style: I personally take and balance each skill level as I level up with this style. Usually people max the lowest CD ability or primary skill first. Ruby is a champion of Balance. Keep her skills the same way she is: balanced. Ruby is one of the few heroes that has a solid balance mechanic, but in the hands of good players is very good. 40% CDR, upwards of 40-50% healing from abilities, 10s 20% HP regen on assist/kill and decent damage allows this build to stay in fights after the fight starts. She wont blow up as she has the HP to withstand AA from adc and has the mobility to back out if needed. The bonus armor from jumps and backwards helps her and the ability to slow anyone with her abilities by going forward makes her ganking hard to stop. However, she is not going to be the main damage or split pusher. This style is meant for opportunity and don’t be afraid to trade people. They cant easily kill you and you can still easily kill them.
  5. Spells: The main 2 spells for this build are Petrify or Flicker. The change of Petrify to turn them to stone instead of stunning was a needed change. Why? It no longer is part of the stun CC D-Returns. This means the 0.7 seconds will always be 0.7 seconds and fortitude does not lower the duration as it acts like a polymorph for CC. Flicker is obvious choice as she is currently the better flicker ult combo than Tigreal at the moment as you cant flicker out of her ult.

Build 2 Support Tank

This build is design to use 1 damage item, rush 1 defensive item, and determine based on your team if you need 1 more damage item or full tank. Ruby does not have high base damage, but she has high durability and survival methods.

  1. Gear: Immortality > Hass’s Claws > Tough Boots > Heart of Steel > Athena’s Shield or Brute Force Breast Plate > Demons Advent.
  2. Play Style: CDR is going to be 20% with blue buff and you don’t get much more than that with this build. Starting items are the same as above as extra EXP is needed to push level 4 first. The main difference of this build to say the one above is you do less damage but survive far better. If you have a Tigreal and a Ruby on the same team, it is very dangerous for the enemy team as they both have high CC and high flicker potential to set up their team for an easy victory. This style of Ruby is setting up the team to win aka a support through CC and not surviving the battle. She instead relies on her team to do the killing while she holds people down. Her abilities will be 1st ability maxed > Ultimate > 2nd ability maxed. This go into how to fight.

Option A

You will rush Immortality as the first item. This is very important as you can now tower dive without worry of an early death. Also, you have HP & MR for the current meta that is very mage heavy as their CC provided is key for the enemy team to win. Most tanks rush this time as the benefits early game can make your team push or see no push. You play hyper aggressive through your poke and dashes and try to disorganize the team and have them waste skills. This style is meant for more advanced players whom have map awareness and a full understanding of how her passive works.

Option B You play very conservative and just poke with no use of the passive. You have the same gear as option A, but instead you focus on farming your team and will use flicker > Ult > 2nd Ability Combo less often as you will want to do this to either get a tower down or a full team pull CC combo. Both options can utilize this method of attack of course, but this option is less risk, less reward for a better KDA than option 1.


So that in short is Ruby. There are other ways to play this champion and usually anyone who plays her as a full damage build regrets it later. She is not a high base damage hero and she CANNOT heal her self outside of her abilities through life steal. With that said, Ruby is the best support bruiser next to Chou in the current game. She has a lot of outplay potential and is balanced; as in the only issues are bugs that have been addressed as far as I can see. She will not see any nerfs in the near future and overall is a great pick up hero to increase your skill ceiling.

My record with Ruby is 100%. I have her currently as a daily card only but am saving up BP for her. I got the cat skin from the fathers day event and I look forward to using her in Rank. Until then, I am stuck playing against match up members. I hope this guide helps you out. The keys to this guide that may not be as clear will be below in the TL/DR section.

TL/DR Ruby is not a split pusher, is not a high damage carry, and has two roles: support tank or survival fighter. Two gear types above, play style is opportunity and not upfront/reset diver. Spells: Flicker or Petrify.

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