Epic Seven Fast Auto Banshee 11 Guide

The fast auto b11, also known as 1-min b11, is a peculiar and particularly fast way to clear the banshee 11 hunt. This is not the same as MangoSeven’s “30 sec banshee”, but a way more stable and faster clear. 

You can watch an example here : https://streamable.com/kh59q or scroll down to the next section for more examples.

This guide will explain how it works, give thorough details on the units that can be used and the desired stats, discuss its use and shortcomings, as well as detail alternative exploratory clears.

As a disclaimer, while most of the comps mentioned will require end-game level gear, the easiest compositions can be done (with the proper units) in early late game, i.e. post auto w11, maybe sooner.


The guide is high-investment : it requires specific units with a lot of molas used on their skills, with gear that would often render them useless outside of b11.

To follow the guide, you want at least one of these units :

AND at least one of those or a similarly strong cleaver :

How it works

Let’s go through a clear step by step.

First stage

We’ll go over numbers later but you need to deal 9.631 damage in AoE on first stage with up to 3 chars, so one of your char doesn’t play a turn at all. Let’s discuss your team composition options.

Option 1 : fast attack buffer + double cleave

example comp

You can see an example (without Diene) here : https://streamable.com/7ylex .

The easiest way to reach the damage necessary on first stage, your fast attack buffer buffs, your first cleaver deals most of the damage, then second cleaver (leo or shadow rose) finishes.

Option 2 : fast attack buffer + single cleave

example comp

You can see an example (without Diene) here : https://streamable.com/28qp5 .

This requires better gear and most cleavers will struggle with the gear necessary. Same as above but only one cleaver.

Option 3 : Charles + 2nd turn def breaker

example comp

You can see an example here : https://streamable.com/88hp1.

Charles is necessary here as he can both cleave and provide attack buff (G Purrgis will never have enough damage). The required gear quality increases again (for stable runs) as the second cleaver is either Leo or Shadow Rose and neither have good base damage on their cleave , but it allows to use a 3-man comp. 

Option 4 : Charles + def breaker

example comp

You can see an example here : https://streamable.com/kh59q .

Charles is as far as I know the only cleaver able to pull it off alone and the required gear quality for stable runs without imprints is very hard to reach. Since there’s only one animation on first stage, it’s also the fastest (and with Karin, doesn’t need molas).

Note that the options are focusing on “standard” fast b11 comps, we’ll discuss first stage for alternatives comps later.

Second stage

You want to deal decent damage (without splitting banshee) with your cleaver and optionally your def breaker.

Then you def break banshee.

(note : Karin is unawakened so no s3)

Finally, your last char, a nuker, kills banshee before she splits. 

And done ! As some of you may have noticed, this composition needs the def break to land, so if it doesn’t you’ll need to yield and retry.

How to do it

Now that your appetite is wet, you probably wonder which comps exactly can run it and if you have the gear to pull it. Let’s dig into it.

Preliminary nerd details

While I try to keep the guide readable, to allow you to determine if your gear is good enough to use one of the comps detailed I’ll share some numbers and need to explain how the numbers will be formatted. If that’s too annoying, you can directly skip to the next section and come back later if need be.

Card of small miracles

OP shit

Card of small miracles (CoSM) is an event artifact introduced for christmas 2018 so you may not have it, or not max limit broken. However, it is extremely powerful for 2 reasons, it is the only artifact raising the damage of the other members of the team, not just the wearer, meaning it can be put on a support role, and it is a separate multiplier, meaning its extra damage is true extra damage (not like % imprints, that are additional to the gear %, so way less impactful).

Due to the fact that not everyone will have it, but if you have it you almost always want to use it, I’ll mention the stats needed in with 3 separate values, corresponding to no CoSM, CoSM+15, and CoSM+30.

Raw stats definition

I’ll need to introduce a notation which will help me define gear quality so that you can check for yourself if you reach the necessary level. I’ll call raw stats the number : attack x cdmg% , with cdmg treated as a percentage, so 262% critical damage is 2.62, and attack being the number indicated on your character sheet.

Example :

The raw stats of that char are 2 890 * 2.62 = 7 572 

The raw stats allow to approximate the damage on a char that are due to gear only and not to artifacts, molas or skill scaling / passives. Note that we don’t include rage set in the calculation as it’s a bit special.

Usable characters

Let’s talk about each role, the compositions they’re played it and the available chars now.

2nd turn Def breaker

Used in first comp and third comp.

The idea of the 2nd turn def breaker is that they have a cleave on their s3, that they’ll use in auto during the first stage, and a def breaker on their s2, that they’ll use on second stage. You only have 2 possibilities : Leo and Shadow Rose. They both share very low damage multipliers on their s3 so we’ll assume they’ll deal a low amount of damage in later calculations. Their gear requirements are :

  • 162 speed as discussed below, and either 10 less or more than your other cleaver depending on your variation
  • 55% effectiveness (to land the def break, duh)
  • 100% crit (so 85% on Leo due to elemental advantage)
  • as much damage as you can.

We’ll go into details on the damage in the main cleaver section.


As a green nat 4*, Leo should be accessible to a lot of people after some months played. He’s not as good as Shadow Rose but he has good strengths.


  • green char, so 15% less crit necessary and 10% extra damage on green, and 30% more against banshee
  • as a thief, can use the artifact Iron fan to supplement damage (but then no small miracles)
  • 30% effectiveness in awakening so easy to reach the 55%
  • 112 base speed
  • very nice 2-slot attk% imprint for your cleaver and def breaker


  • needs 8 molas for 100% def break
  • his s2 has 30% chance to trigger s1 so you need to account for it on the damage you do to banshee to avoid splitting in case it triggers. (I’ve been told it can’t happen and didn’t see it happen on my team either so maybe not a problem)
  • in case s1 triggers, 5% chance to trigger dual attack too, which is up to 1.5% less winrate

Shadow Rose

She’s a ML nat 4* so Shadow Rose is not accessible to everyone (including me) but she’s the best choice for 2 simple reasons : she doesn’t need molas to work, and can’t trigger dual attack in any way. More details :


  • doesn’t need molas
  • s3 can lower speed requirement on cleaver
  • 12% crit on awakenings


  • 107 speed
  • will have less damage than Leo

No matter who you use as 2nd turn def breaker, we’ll assume no molas is spent on their s3 as it shouldn’t be necessary.

1st turn def breaker

Used in second comp and fourth comp.

The 1st turn def breaker are just the standard def breakers, using their def break on their first turn. There are a lot of choices here, noteworthy options are :

  • Luna for extra damage, a comfortable 2 turn def break and an useful crit imprint (needs molas)
  • Karin for an easier to reach crit imprint, but 1 turn def break. You can leave her unawakened to avoid the s3 for faster clear (no molas needed)
  • Mucacha for speed imprint and unlikely to be used elsewhere (needs molas)
  • Iseria with both attk% imprint and can use Song of stars for extra damage (no molas needed)

Note that Karin, as an 1-turn def breaker needs to be slower than b11 ( 150 speed or less) yet 10 speed faster than your nuker, which depending on your gear may create issues.


All comps

Contrary to what you may believe, Baiken is not the only usable nuker in auto. She’s by far the easiest to use, but there are other options, namely :

(W Schuri won’t be discussed here, see alternative teams section)

Yufine, Iseria, Ludwig and some strong Baiken can work with a 2-turn attack buffer, and weaker Baiken and Karin (not discussed here as she’s barely usable) will need a 3-turn attack buffer.

For all nukers raw stats calculations, we’ll assume :the necessary spells are fully mola-enhancedyou have 100% crit (85% on gear for a green unit)banshee will be very close to the splitting point, so only the damage required to do 70% of her health is calculated.In practice, you’ll want more damage than that.


Baiken is the b11 nuker queen. As a thief, she has access to Elyha’s knife and Portrait, however Portrait won’t be useful for the s3. We won’t rely on bleed because it’s unstable. 

Note that is you use Karin as def breaker, you can equip Torn Sleeve as artifact on Karin so that the detonate applies extra damage. While the damage will be based on karin’s attack so isn’t likely to be high, this might help a bit .

Here is the raw stats table.

rage setattack buffArtifactno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30
no3 turnsElyha’s +15744971807094
no3 turnsElyha’s +30718269226840
no3 turnsPortrait +30759973257237
yes3 turnsElyha’s +15573055235457
yes3 turnsElyha’s +30552453255261
yes3 turnsPortrait +30584656345567
no2 turnsElyha’s +15920188698763
no2 turnsElyha’s +30887185518449
no2 turnsPortrait +30921688838777
yes2 turnsElyha’s +15707868226741
yes2 turnsElyha’s +30682465776499
yes2 turnsPortrait +30708968336752

In bold the “most common” configuration.

It may be unclear to you what exactly a 9 216 baiken looks like, so here are 2 examples. Baiken with 65% crit damage and 180% attack on gear, which would correspond to an ilvl 85 crit damage necklace, ilvl 85 attack % boots and ring and 60% extra attk% on the rest of the gear + set, would reach with +30 portrait 4302 attack and 215% critD, which is a 4302*2.15 = 9249 raw stats Baiken.

Assuming you have more crit damage (on chest for example), a 80% crit damage Baiken would only need around 155% attack on gear to reach the required raw stats. Obviously you’ll need more damage as it is calculated assuming you do the bare minimum damage necessary (70%+1 hp banshee, just before split), but as you can see we’re not in end-game gear category here, and you have the option to use a rage set to further lower the bar.


Yufine has excellent base stats (notably 15% crit damage awakenings) and a very decent s3 nuke. Unlike Baiken, she’s also barely used anywhere, making her easier (for the player) to specialize for b11 with a rage set. Since she only relies on one spell for her nuke, she’s a good choice for a 2-turn attack buffer.

As a warrior, she only has access to Portrait.

rage setno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30

While the raw stats may look high, her base stats being so good makes is somewhat easy to reach : a 9 757 raw stats Yufine would only need to have 180% attack and 85% crit damage on gear, which while high is nothing impossible as you don’t use speed boots.


Iseria might be a counterintuitive choice to a lot of people as she’s mostly used as a secondary DPS, but she actually has very high damage on her kit once molas are invested and her base stats are decent as well.

As a ranger, she has access to Iron fan, the BiS artifact for b11 nukers, as well as Portrait.

rage setArtifactno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30
noIron Fan+15961192639153
noIron Fan+30902887028598
noPortrait +30993195729458
yesIron Fan+15739371267041
yesIron Fan+30694566946614
yesPortrait +30763973637276

As you can see, it may not be a good idea to try to do it on Iseria without an iron fan. What is a 9931 Iseria ?

Well an Iseria with 205 att% and 100% crit damage would be (barely) enough. However, if it’s your only option and / or you have a good Iron fan it might be a strong choice.


Lilibet is a possible nuker choice, albeit not a particularly good one as the gear required is nearing hard level without rage set, and she only has access to Portrait.

rage setno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30

Assuming you use rage set, a 175% attack / 85% cdmg would work.

Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria has access to Kal’Adra (as well as Portrait) and both 30% extra stats after first stage and 20% extra damage on s3 due to the def break debuff, so she’s a very strong nuker choice.

rage setArtifactno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30

3 turns attack buffer

There are only 2 reliable 3 turns attack buffers in the game, Diene and Maid Chloe, neither being accessible.

However, their quality is that you’ll still have 1 turn of attack buff for your cleavers on the banshee stage, and 2 turns of attack buff for your nuker, which is helpful for Baiken and crucial for Ludwig and Karin (again, not detailed here).

Diene’s advantage is that she’ll never use an attack so you have no risk of dual attack but has slow animations, Maid’s advantage is that she doesn’t have Diene’s disadvantage but she will use s1, which means a dual attack trigger may fail your run.

Tywin is also worth mentioning as he can help with the cleave and brings a crit buff, which singularly helps gear the nuker. Compositions using him won’t be detailed here however.

2 turns attack buffers

There are again a lot of options here. Their gear requirement (apart from Charles, who will be discussed in his section) is to be faster than your cleaver(s) so they’re good users of the CoSM if you have it. Note that you want an attack buffer without passive on s2 as much as possible to avoid the risk of dual attack, but since they’ll play before the def break the damage could be negligible if you have enough leeway.

Notable choices are :

  • Rose to lessen the speed requirement (check how she behaves with s2 with your team however)
  • Helga for the speed as well
  • Mascot Hazel for the SSS attk imprint


Possible characters

The options for cleavers are somewhat large. You can use for example:

Obviously not an exhaustive list.

Gear requirement : fast / slow cleaver

The gear requirement for the cleaver will depend on your composition. Moreover, there’s also the discussion between fast and slow cleavers.

Ideally you want to go faster than the monsters, as it saves some time, and because the mistychain monster has a blind, which could fail your run if it lands.

After a number of tests, 162 speed will be safe >99% of the time (haven’t been able to ascertain if it’s 100%, the exact worst starting point could fail), and 163 speed is 100% safe. Reaching the required damage with 162 speed could be hard.

If you still want clear safety but can’t reach the speed, your options will depend on your attack buffer :

  • Rose : she has a CR buff so 162 speed on her and 138 speed on your attack buffers are enough.
  • Diene / Rose (and still not enough speed) : use immunity set on both your cleavers, your attack buffer’s s2 will cleanse the blind in time if it was aimed at your nuker.
  • Maid Chloe / Elson / Hazel : same as above, but use vial
  • Helga : has a speed imprint that can help too
  • G Purrgis : get lucky with the stun

Other factors to consider if your def breaker cleaver is faster than second cleaver :

  • S Rose : S Rose’s s3 CR push lowers (almost voids) the speed requirement on your strong cleaver too
  • Leo :  get lucky with the stun

Details on some cleavers

Without being exhaustive as there’s a high number of options, here are the gear requirements details for particularly strong (able to solo clear) cleavers to show the expected gear quality. Ludwig is also detailed due to his dual nature.

We’ll use the following assumptions :the necessary spell is fully mola-enhancedyou have 100% crit (85% on gear for a green unit)except for Ludwig, you’ll use a +30 portrait as artifactin case a double cleaver comp is used, we’ll assume the second cleaver will deal exactly 1k HP to the monsters.except for Charles, there’s always an attack bufferThe 1k HP has been chosen as a very easy damage value to attain even with 5* chars.Obviously you need to adapt to your situation.

As Charles has access to unique comps, his gear requirement can vary wildly.

The most important to thing to know about Charles is that the E7 skill data information about his skill is false : he doesn’t deal 53.4% extra damage against 3 targets, but 22.1% according to my tests. Obviously the damage is still freakishingly high.

attack buffer2nd cleaveno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30

Vildred is another prime choice of cleaver, able to solo cleave. All monsters have the same health / def so his s2 can’t be used unfortunately, but you can imagine running a comp with Cidd as def breaker to help trigger s2 and finish the other monsters (the gear requirements won’t be detailed for this comp however).

As he has speed scaling on s2, we’ll assume 162 speed for simplicity.

2nd cleaveno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30
Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred’s big advantage is that if he can solo cleave, he’ll use s3 again on second stage, meaning no risk of dual attack. However, no speed scaling and not being green hurts him.  

2nd cleaveno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30
Celestial Mercedes

Celestial Mercedes is known as an incredibly high damage cleaver and has a “free” SSS imprint if you avoided the common beginner mistake. As a mage and thanks to her free CR, she also could use Necro & Undine to get 75% to 80% free CR and, with enough speed, use s3 + s2 on the first stage. I won’t discuss this alternative build and it may not be doable in practice.

2nd cleaveno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30

We won’t discuss the rest of the cleavers options as their gear requirements will highly depend on the damage you manage to reach with your second cleaver, so the 1k HP assumption can’t hold, but rest assured that others cleavers should be able to do it.

Performance and alternatives

Since the composition relies on debuff landing, the winrate is 85%. Failing to land a def break costs around ~60 seconds. So on average, although the clear itself can even be sub 1:00 (depending on your comp animations, speed, etc), you need to add around 10s to the clear to get the average clear time. In case you have a 3-man comp, you also need to take into account the time to swap fodder.

So let’s dive into the alternative team compositions that can help improve the winrate.

Charles + 2nd turn def breaker + 1st turn def breaker

example comp

Obviously if you have 2 chances to proc the def break, your run will be considerably safer. I won’t go into details as the inner workings should be evident.

You can see an example run here : https://streamable.com/du2vw

If you’re using Leo, you also need to carefully control your damage in case he uses s1 as shown here : https://streamable.com/cinf1 .

This composition has a 97.75% winrate. 

Wanda SoS + W Schuri

Bonnie and Clyde, partners in crime

You can also use Wanda and a Watcher Schuri with Iron Fan.

Indeed, Wanda’s s2 (as long as it’s mola’d) can’t be resisted, a peculiarity to passives with effects.

As for Watcher Schuri, thanks to the ignore def effect on his s3, he’s the only char that can bypass the def break requirement. He however has a terrible base attack so it’s extremely hard to use him for that purpose, except if you have a high level Iron Fan.

This is obviously more of a “fun” comp than something serious, but discord user ZeroKuno#0799 has been kind enough to test his W Schuri’s damage to ensure the theorycraft was valid and it seems to hold :

Obviously we’re not there yet, but as you can see, his Watcher Schuri doesn’t use Iron fan.

And just in case (with maxed molas on s3 obviously) :

rage setArtifactno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30
noIron Fan+15109101051510390
noIron Fan+301024998789761
yesIron Fan+15839280897993
yesIron Fan+30788475997508

Chloe + W Schuri

Chloe’s Magic nail is (after awakening) the only debuff in this game that can’t be resisted, so we could rely on it to trigger Watcher Schuri’s rage set and replace the need for any unreliable debuff to land.

The debuff will allow W Schuri to deal 2% extra max health damage, so this helps a little bit. However, it’s doubtful whether there’s a single player with both the gear and the artifacts to pull it off in an auto comp.

rage setArtifactno CoSMCoSM +15CoSM +30
yesIron Fan+15937590368929
yesIron Fan+30880784898388

Notes :

– you can’t use Tywin for the crit buff : he needs to have used s3 so to play before Chloe, but would boost Chloe with his s2 in that case,

– using C Dom means you lose 5% winrate due to her s1 so it’s meaningless.

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