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Human used to be considered the king of versatility, with that title now being held by lich, human is in a tricky spot in terms of usefulness. With that being said, human is still a versatile and efficient race, being effective at siege, void, and pvp.

Human’s saving grace is their sword unit. With a high level virion, swords are without a doubt the most cost effective frontline unit. Losses will rarely occur when attacking garrisons of lower strength with virion ability to resurrect them. Flawless pvp battles are also a good possibility with this resurrection.

Human is able to do well against all races in pvp with all of their units playing some role as a counter to another race. The standard sword and archer formation for example will not be so effective against an equal strength lich or dwarf, as they are particularly effective against grouped humanoid units. In this case it is often more effective to use cavalry. Against lich, gold healers provide a poison debuff and immunity, also the healing helps human keep up with the lich in a long fight.

Human is the best race for free to play players as all of their essential heroes, less elena, are free. While hero chests are a good way to obtain those heroes for other races, it does take some time and rng so it is best to stay human until having acquired the heroes for other races.


Dwarf excels in the void and timed levels in particular, with their high burst damage from rockets and sturdy frontline from mechs. When swapping to dwarf to progress through void, consider an army composition of 4 mech sets, 6-8 rockets and excess capacity of snipers to kill the super units. 

It is not so wise to pvp as dwarf against an opponent of equal level as even a win will feel like a loss due to the cost of mechs, however against lower strength opponents a win will come with ease as your rockets eliminate the enemies in about 15 seconds.

Dwarf is fairly weak in the meta of the game currently, with the cost of running their mech formations being high with losses, and this cost not being compensated with equally high effectiveness. The main role dwarf plays currently is void progression. 

Dwarf siege is still effective, even with its high cost if losses incur, primary targets for dwarf sieges would be humanoids such as human and rakan, and lich using skeletons in garrison, as rockets are particularly effective against large groups of units. For maximum effectiveness with no regard for costs, gold mechs are the choice frontline, however silver is fine against lower tier garrisons. As this is a team game, borrowing human swords as a frontline allows dwarf to siege effectively with less regard to cost.

The main problem dwarf has to deal with in their battles is ammo. When sieging it may be tempting to reload with Grimms quickly to maintain your rocket’s fire-off ability, however it is actually more efficient to let all the rockets run out of ammo and then reload. For pvp however, the fire-off ability is very valuable to maintain, and reloading to achieve this can be the difference between winning and losing.

A common counter to dwarf in pvp is cleo’s tome of creation. If fire-off is used during this effect, your rockets will not gain the buff. Because of this it would be very wise to delay your rocket’s ability and use your own cleo, and then another abillity, consider maybe jacques’ spray and pray for high damage or vega’s favor of the sun gods if you are running a sword frontline.


The general army composition for lich is 4 sets of scorpions and 5 spiders, with excess being extra of those units for backup or ranged skeletons for dragon raids and void.

In pvp, lich’s strength with scorpions and spiders is unmatched, countered only by rakan with a monk frontline. However, rakan struggles against skeleton formations, so when coming up against a rakan, it is wise to take this into consideration when selecting your formation.

A tip when levelling up lich is that you are able to get the next spider level 1 level earlier. This can be done by swapping to human and beginning the build on healers and then changing back to lich, the spider building will be being built. This is applicable at castle levels where you can upgrade scorpions, ie 29,32,35.

Lich is currently the top tier race in all aspects of the game outside of timed void levels. The downside to changing to lich being spider research conversion and heroes like gan and gazul likely not being levelled.

For sieging, lich is top tier in both plundering and clearing golds, purely through the efficiency and strength of skeletons. This is because, while other races rely on using gold troops to siege, lich is able to achieve the same result, if not a greater result, with silvers and even bronze at levels lower than 40. The skeletons get this strength from a high evade chance, gazul’s ability to give the skeletons a passive chance to resurrect, and also their lack of morale.

Lich is able to resurrect level 15 gold units and level 16 silver units with level 13 gold mummies during events. These are primarily used for strength in garrisons, however, their strength in pvp and siege is also noteworthy. The downside to using outside of garrison being their 0% injury rate, so use with caution as you will have to wait until next event to obtain more.

The strategy to get the level 15’s is to drop enough of your gold cap to run 3-4 sets of mummies and then have space also for the resurrected skeletons. The formation used depends on the particular event but generally the mummies and a spider or two will provide the needed damage while allowing time to resurrect.

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