Dota 2 Auto Chess Goblins Guide

by mattjestic_gaming

Goblins (3/6)


Bounty Hunter, Clockwork, Tinker, Timber, Alchemist, Techies!

Race Synergy:

Nanobots! (One random unit Receives +15 armor and +10 Reg/All units with Nanobots!)

Race & Stages:

Strong in Early (3 Goblins), Weak in mid game (unless Goblins are 3 star!) Late Game with (6 Goblins)


Weak Against most mid game lineup!, Especially to Elves (6), Beasts (4), Demons, Mages (3+), Trolls, Knights! and Elementals in the Early Game

Possible Transition:

Mages (3/6), Assassins (3/6), Dragons (3), Trolls (4), Naga (2), Warlock (3), Undead (2), Demons (Am + Terr), + Beast (LD + Lycan)

Key Transition units:

AM, BM, Qop, TB, SF, Razer, LD, Doom, Kunkka, Disruptor

Item Priority Suggestions:

Defensive Items to Timber or CW (if planning to get Cw to 3s!)

Mana Reg/Damage items to BH before round 10 (option to sell BH).

For late game: Focus on Gyro, Lich, Dusa, Techies and Tide’s items!


Early Game – Offensive (Mid front placement),

Mid Game – Side/Offensive (Depends on number of aoe units like Razer, Qop). Special Defensive (in the corner) for units like SF or Venomancer.

Late Game  Spread, with Tide, Disruptor, Kunkka, Techies front line. Dusa, enigma, Doom, Ld optional front or 2nd roll.

Race Specific Tips

  1. Re-Rolling is great at level 3/4, risky at lvl 5 as its a massive Gamble! (this also delay saving and chance or rolling goblins as we are delaying Lvl 8 and 9!).
  2. Focus on win streak is great, but always prepare to loss the early rounds 4-10 and start the win streak from 11 to 16! (since most then to save around that period! Capitalize on this Common meta and Profit!
  3. Leveling should only be for protecting win streaks or after 50g, since most goblins are 1s and 2s, The high level we are the less chances for them! (level 4-5 best rates for 2s!)
  4. Discipline! Key unit Techies only unlocks at Lvl 8 courier, so economy is key! build a wealth with your early powers and get to at least lvl 9 to roll for Techies! (level 9 means x3 times more likely than lvl 8!, that means each 2g spend in level 9 = 6 g spend on rolling in lvl 8, if you are only looking for techies!)
  5. Mid Game Transition! A consistent Goblin player usually ends up in top 4, not because of RNG in one game but because of correct mind set for mid game, know thy weakness and plan ahead! I tend to look for mid game pairs before round 15 and roll for them at round 21 latest!
  6. Health is a Resource! Goblins have a nice hp total before round 16, and this tend to deplete very fast after round 21. Its usually unavoidable to not loss as Goblins here, so accept it and stay calm, use the losing streak to you advantage and use Hp as an indicator as to when you should be level up and start rolling for techies! be it desperate level 8 rolls or level 9 rolls! Of cause if hp allows always get to lvl 10 before mass rolling for Techies!
    1. Key Hp indicators (note indicators are for hp just equal or slightly above the threshold!)
      1. hp > 75% no need to worry
      2. Hp > 60% Plan to Level up
      3. Hp > 45% Should really level up now!
      4. hp >30% Check savings if more than 20g left after level up, then level up and roll!, if less, then might be better to roll instead of level up!
      5. Hp > 10% May the Goblin god bless you my friend! (p.s send me your comeback and we will make a video about it! = )

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