Dota 2 Auto Chess Ranking Up Tips

by mattjestic_gaming

This can be in many forms, here we will look at Synergies, Streaks, Income trap and Potentials, Some are in details while others in summary, as we had/will go through each on separate guides.

  1. Synergies: have a solid lineup in mid before getting to round 16 is critical!, this is when most people finished or about to finish their saving to 50 gold and start to punish weaker lineups. I usually start planning around round 11 latest. Depending on the units I receive from each turn, I might change the lineup upon finding a key unit that matches my existing lineup. E.g. Troll Warlord/Dragon Knight in warriors/knights and elves/mages, do not get baited if it is complete apart like a TA in a warrior comp.
    1. Here are few of the stronger compositions that appear frequently in queen only lobbies: Knights, Trolls, Elves, Orc Warriors, Beasts, Mages and Dragon
    2. Note that those synergies can be combined in varies ways: e.g. Knights + Trolls, Elves + Beast or even Beast + Mage with Lycan and LD 2 ★ is surprisingly strong around 21-30 rounds.
  2. Win/Loss Streaks: Most of us know and enjoy a wining streak, but what happens when we inevitable start to loss in the early game? We certainly do not want to be in the mid of the pack, which is a slow and insidious killer!
    1. Win Streak: We can Level up or Re Roll to help to maintain our streak, key indicator for me is whether I have enough 2 ★ units on the board and if a newly found 2 ★ unit can be added to the broad for more power, if not leveling up would be wise, likewise if I have few 1 ★ units on the board, and 3+ pairs, then rolling is recommended (keep in mind we still want to save gold, as no king rules for ever! so try to not level over 7 and only roll with spare gold if possible e.g. 38 gold, 8 gold used for rolling)
    2. Losing Streak: The underrated factor that differentiates 7/8th to a 3/4th finish position! After losing the first 2-3 rounds, we should see this as our number one goal! to maintain a losing streak, exchanging hp for better income. Other players are receiving 1 extra gold for wining each rounds, and if we do not make those losses to our advantage, when mid game comes, we are left with no gold and no hp.
    3. To achieve this streak, we can purposely take a 1/2★ unit back and have 4/5 units, or even take most units back if we see someone else aiming for a losing streak too. The key is income! Only keep units that are essential to your ideal composition after round 15 (usually a mid game comp mentioned above and one that others are not running).
    4. Often People say lose until round 15, but use Hp as an better indicator! for hp > 40% this is okay, But if our hp is < 25% we need to act now! any delay could punish us greatly, it might take 1-2 turns to roll into that key LD or we might face the win streak leader with all 2★ units. Lastly, USE one of the great comeback build mentioned above, I can not stress enough that losing streak goblins = MMR Charity (Yes I use to donate quite Generously =)
  3. Income: We all know its key to save to 50 gold, but given the fast paced meta, this can be a trap for us!
    1. Having a solid mid game lineup in mid, if we have >65% upon reaching 50 gold, saving is still recommended.
    2. But what happens when we are losing too much hp? 9+ hp per round even at round 11. Unless we are running the above losing streak, we have to stop the bleeding now! This means leveling up, re rolling for 2★ and re-position our units (so they can at least kill a few before we loss)
      1. Leveling: if a key unit like LD, Troll Warlord, or Techies is our wining condition, then we should consider how much gold will be left after leveling, for > 20 gold, leveling then roll is usually safer
      2. Re rolling: Do we have 2+ pairs to roll into 2★ units? and do we have spots on the board for them? If yes, also consider is it better rate for those unit at the current courier level! (For best rates: 2 cost at level 4-5, 3 cost at level 6-8)
      3. Re-Position to Side/Defensive position and adjust to each 2★ for number of enemy unit killed while losing.
      4. What if we don’t have pairs and will not have enough gold after leveling up? Take those value purple units like Kunkka, LD, Doom, and use them for now, but never branch out too far from your existing lineup.
  4. Potential: The Unspoken Factor for Godly RNG and Game Wining 2★ Early game.
    1. We talked about saving for economy, but in the early rounds 4-12, I value potential > savings. Potential is when I actively keep units and pairs like Timber, BM, Qop, SF, Razor, Lycan in most comps
    2. Having more potential means that we are losing out on interest, maybe 1 to 2 gold each round, which could add up to 4-10 gold. This is a trade off we can accept, as often we find ourselves rolling desperately for those or other key units after reaching 50 gold, and not finding them.
    3. Having potential also provides us the choice to change builds, to act now and re roll into 2★ and to top deck one or several 2★ with the start of each round. In comparison, having 4-10 gold more in the bank can be less impactful (at least right in next few rounds)
    4. I have made Tier lists by unit cost and by rounds (1-10, 11-20 etc) , Let me know if you guys are interested in the commends please.

To summaries: Plan for a good mid game lineup, focus on streaks first, then potential before savings in the early rounds, and lastly use Hp as indicators!

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