Dota 2 Auto Chess God Synergy Tips and Guide

by mattjestic_gaming

Today we will be looking at God Synergy and how to have the most fun from various builds!

The God synergy is only active when there are no other race/species synergies active. To help clarify on Why is my GOD synergy inactive?! I made a simple check list

A Check List for Gods to be Active:

  1. Do I have One Ogre or Dwarf?
  2. Do I have Only One Demon?
  3. Do I have Two Human, Beast, Undead, Orc, Troll, Naga, Elemental?
  4. Do I have Three Elf, Goblins, Dragon?

The Races Are: Human, Elf, Dragon, Beast, Troll, Undead, Orc, Naga, Goblin, Elemental, Ogre, Demon, Dwarf

The Classes Are: Druid, Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Knight, Warlock, Mech, Assassin, Shaman, Demon Hunter (Note Anti Mage + Terroblade also actives all demons and deactivates Mars (Gods))

  1. Effective Starting Lineup for Gods (1-10 Rounds)
    1. Warriors – Axe + Tiny + Tusk
    2. 2 Mechs – Tinker, Timber, CW
      1. Warriors and Goblins provide defensive and offensive potential for a Mars lineup, Aim for early 2 ★ units while we decide a mid-late game unit comp for our Gods!
    3. Two Demons – Qop + CK/SF
      1. Qop is a demon that really excels with 3s cool down and 200/300 Aoe damage at 1/2 ★ , this is massive amount damage, the down side is that having 2 demons means Qop can not gain Mana fast from double dipping with Demon’s True Damage, and now needs Mana regeneration items to cast the first wave of spell early!
  2. Mid Game Choices For Gods (11-26 Rounds)
    1. 3/6 Warriors – Kunkka, Doom* Tiny/Jugg/Axe/Troll
      1. It is easier to find 3 warriors but with 6 warriors we have to decide between axe vs jugg, lycan vs kunkka vs tusk and Doom needs another demon on the board to disable the demon race synergy!
      2. Warriors excels in expanding existing leads but lacks damage, it is recommended using Qop, SF, Venomancer, Necromancer to provide the necessary range damage.
      3. A link to a video demonstrating this Warrior build will be attached at the end.
    2. Mages 3 – CM, Razor, Puck/Lich/Zeus (We Can not have Ogre or Gyro! Single unit that actives a Race)
      1. Having lower Cool Down is great, but not having the Mana to cast can be a painful experience, But that is why CM exists! Once she is on team, we can easily enjoy an early cast followed but a faster second round of spells to secure and dominate the mid game.
      2. We can still use 3 warriors as front line, or even some early 2★ Goblins, the key is to have the right transition from early game into the 2★ CM + Mars mage mid game.
      3. Units like SF and Razor are key for Aoe damage, same as the old mage lineup, but keep in mid we need another demon to have SF, This can be Qop or Doom.
      4. Be aware of the Human synergy, a lot of mages are Human, and CM is a must for the Mars + mage lineup, so no Kotl, Lina, Kunkka and Lycan
      5. Use Mars as your best Tank and Position the team correctly in the corner for the best chance of casting the second round of spells
      6. Remember That Zeus is a mage too, swap out Puck or Lich if we have Zeus, This allows us to use Necromancer and dominate the game!
      7. Transition into the late game with Gods + Magic using some great late game control units, Unit Choice listed below.
      8. A link to a video demonstrating this Mage build will be attached at the end.
  1. Some Suggested Unit Choices For Gods
    1. Early Game (1-10): 2★ Tinker, Timber, CW, BH (can only have 2 goblins), Witch Doctor, Treant Protector
      1. Early game units with limitations: Qop/CK (at least 2 demons) BM (cant have Jugg or Axe) Enchantress/Furion (need Mana Gain Items)
    2. Mid Game (11-21): 2★ Qop/SF + Doom, Timber, BM, Razor Venomancer, Ta, LD
    3. Late Game(22+): 2★ Kukka, Dusa, Disruptor, Necromancer
    4. Always Use the check list to avoid deactivation of GODs Synergy!

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