Rainbow Six Siege Jackal Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Jackal Guide by Robospartan0603

DLC Operators are generally going to be good in most situations. Whether you’re using real money to buy these guys, getting them through the season pass, or grinding for renown to get them to keep your free-2-play name, they’re going to be more fun to play than the regular cheap operators. While all operators have useful abilities in different situations, I’ve found through experience that the DLC operators are much more exciting to use.

Disclaimer: I realize that what I’m putting in this article has probably been mentioned before. This is my first post, and I wanted to talk about how great this operator is. This may be helpful to those of you wanting to know which operator you should get either with your hard-earned renown or your rainbow six credits. For those of you with the season pass, you don’t have to worry about these questions; just sit back, relax, and read on. Hopefully you enjoy this.

I’ve recently picked up Jackal with my renown. I’m a hard-core free-2-play, and I’m working on getting all of the operators with renown. I had thought long and hard about which operator I should get, and I had narrowed it down to Buck and Jackal. There were multiple upsides to both operators, as well as downfalls that I had to consider. I looked at it like this:

Buck: A well rounded operator suited to all play styles and conditions. He has the ability to engage enemies from all ranges, mainly because of his effectively deadly Skeleton Key under barrel shotgun. It’s raw killing power and blatant utility make Buck a good choice in any situation. His ability to open up murder holes in destructible surfaces and quickly switch to his primary weapon earns him high marks in terms of power. His weapon choices are good; the CAMRS marksman rifle and C8-SFW are both powerful primaries, but they are the only two weapons he can choose from. His sidearm choices are also very limited, as his only sidearm is his Mk1 9mm. In the end, his limited weapon choices made him a step down from Jackal’s expansive loadout.

Now onto the main event. Jackal is a beast of an operator. His loadout is stacked with top tier weapons, whether you pick the C7E, PDW9, or ITA12L. His sidearms are also a spectacle, consisting of a great pistol and the first ever shotgun sidearm in the ITA12S. His gadgets are complementary to his loadout; breach charges are always useful for opening up new lines of sight as well as entry points, and smoke grenades are perfect for providing cover when extracting a hostage. His ability is not only useful to you, but the whole team. The ability to identify targets for your team is indispensable in a game that is based on knowing the enemy’s position, and the Eyenox Model III does this job perfectly. This is just a brief overview of Jackal; lets dive into the details.

Jackal, as we know, is the attack operator featured alongside Mira in the Operation Velvet Shell update. He is a 2 speed, 2 armor operator, making him one of the more versatile operators in the game. He can fit any play style you want him to, as his weapons allow him to excel in any situation, whether it be a long range engagement against a pesky spawnpeeker or a close quarters engagement with a sneaky roamer.

Lets talk about his weapons:

C7E: Arguably the best AR in the game, the C7E is a very powerful, versatile, and rewarding weapon to use. It’s fire rate of 800 makes it a useful tool to spray and pray, as well as unleash multiple concentrated bursts of bullets towards enemies. It’s effective at every range because of its ability to have an ACOG attached, as well as a flash hider and vertical grip. The recoil on the gun is nearly non existent; even with an ACOG, new players could handle it very well. The reload time is just over a second, making it incredibly reliable. This weapon will win you gunfights even when you enter it at lower HP than your opponent. Overall, this should be your go-to weapon when playing Jackal, as its ability to kill enemies quickly and ease of use makes it a top-tier choice.

PDW9: Another very powerful weapon in Jackal’s arsenal, the PDW9 is a sub-machine gun that shares the same rate of fire as the C7E. While the bullets don’t inflict as much damage as Jackal’s AR, which it shouldn’t, it makes up for in ammo capacity. This weapon’s drum mag holds 51 rounds, making it very effective when facing multiple enemies at once. While effective with an ACOG sight, I have found that it is much easier to control and feels better to use with a holographic sight. I would suggest using similar attachments on the PDW9 as you would the C7E, as they play similarly to each other with slight differences. Personally. I prefer the C7E, as it provides more of a punch that I’m looking for when I’m hunting down an enemy.

ITA12L: A good shotgun choice, the 12L is not used often by players simply because they have the ability to equip a short barrel variant of it as their secondary. While it is overshadowed, their is no doubt that this shotgun is high-tier; however, the fact that the Assault Rifle and SMG are available to Jackal, paired with the fact that shotguns are not popular picks during attack, make this weapon a lesser-used, but still effective primary. Very rarely have I seen this weapon used, but it is useful if played correctly.

USP40: Another unpopular choice overshadowed by another option in Jackal’s arsenal, the USP is an average sidearm with decent power and magazine capacity. I don’t find myself using it all that often, but it stands in as a useful tool now and then as a quick, quiet way to pick off a headshot. I suggest using a silencer on it to make this possible. However, I would not suggest this weapon over its counterpart, the ITA12S, which we will talk about now.

ITA12S: The short barrel variant of Jackal’s primary shotgun, this weapon provides the same stats and utility as the primary long-barrel variant at reduced ammo capacity. The ability to excel in any combat situation is a great asset, and this weapon makes it possible. The AR, paired with the 12S, makes for a deadly combination when hunting enemies using the Eyenox. With a loadout that consists of Jackal’s AR or SMG paired with the 12S makes Jackal very adaptable. He has been nicknamed Buck Jr. by some because of his ability to open up murder holes in walls and quickly fire through them with his AR. Overall, this is your best choice as a sidearm, as it allows Jackal to move freely around with a viable solution to any problem that arises.

Now that we’ve talked about his weapons, his gadgets are viable tools that compliment his loadout by offering him different ways to hunt down enemies. He has the ability to equip breach charges or smoke grenades, both of which make the job going in much easier. Which one you use depends on your play style; breach charges are better for getting close to the objective and harassing campers inside with your firepower, and smoke grenades are better to make quick work of roamers tracked on your eyenox. Personally, I prefer breach charges, as their ability to open up passages and lines of sight into new locations is something I like to have available to me when I enter the building. However, smoke grenades are also useful tools, especially when hunting for roamers who are forced to move when they become tracked.

Jackal has an impressive loadout that is incredibly effective at doing its job. However, the most useful tool available to Jackal is his Eyenox Model III, his special operator ability.

The Eyenox Model III is a very powerful component of Jackal’s gameplay. It provides a great amount of intel about the enemy team, including where an enemy is, who they are, and how recently there were at the location their footsteps were scanned at. To use it, you must have the visor activated, which allows you to see enemy footsteps. Footprints will be visible for 90 seconds, before the trace is lost and the tracks disappear. When you find footprints, you need to scan them using the Eyenox to get the ping on their location and the identification. The color of the footsteps will also provide information as to where they are; cooler colors such as blue and green indicate that they are old tracks, and the enemy is likely to be a considerable distance away, while warmer shades such as orange and red indicate that the enemy had been there recently, and that they are probably close to those footprints. Once scanned, you will get five total pings that reveal the location of the enemy’s footprints you just scanned. A small box will appear on your HUD that tells you who you are tracking as long as your visor is activated. The biggest part of this ability is that the entire team is able to see the location of the enemy you are hunting down, which could possibly save a teammate from being killed by a roamer. Spawnpeekers and roamers often find themselves killed by Jackal because they produce large mounts of tracks in easily accessible spots, mostly by exterior entrances. You can scan footsteps from roughly up to 7-10 feet away from you; it may not seem like a long distance, but you’ll be surprised if you’ve ever used him how far away you can be from tracks and still scan them. Another bonus is the ability to scan them from odd angles, such as through a small hole in a wall or beneath a barricade. Overall, this ability is incredibly useful for weeding out toxic peekers and roamers, as well as winning a one on one simply because you have a general idea of where the enemy is when you enter a room or peek around a wall.

And that about covers it. Let me know what you think of the article in the comments and if it was any use, consolation, or otherwise help for you or a friend! Also, feel free to ask questions in the comments, and I hope you truly have an awesome day! Thanks for spending your time reading this!

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