Brawl Stars Piper Guide

Brawl Stars Piper Guide by WeeklyBrawler

In this post, we are gonna look at the shooting Queen, Piper.

“Piper de la Prim has always been the Belle of the Brawl. All class to begin with, she was also top of her class at sharpshooting.”


Piper has a slow reload speed and low health, but she compensates for these low stats by having the highest damage output in the game. While her bullets travel really fast, they are easy to miss for an inexperienced Piper. She is the best counter for other Long-Ranged Brawlers, as they try to stay away from enemy brawlers and subsequently allow Piper to deal a lot of damage due to her ranged damage boost. For her, try to shoot at where you think the enemy Brawlers will be and not where they are, same as any other Ranged Brawlers. Her super allows her to escape from enemies that are dangerous at close distance like El Primo or Shelly, but some people also use it to break walls. When you have your Super charged, don’t use it right away, save it for the best occasion. Piper is a hard brawler to master, so take your time to practice her shots and get to know better all maps.

Star Power – Ambush

Like a viper, Piper sets up an ambush whenever she is hidden in a bush, dealing +400 damage (at max range).

Stats and Upgrades:

Health: 2400 – 3240

Damage per Bullet: 1680 – 2268

Attack Range: 10.5 Tiles

Super’s damage per Grenade: 800 – 1080

Super’s Range: 8 tiles

Speed: 650 (2.5 tiles per second)

Reload Time: 3 seconds.

Rarity: Epic

Skins: Default, —, —

  • Each Health Pin increases her health by 60
  • Each Health Badge increases her health by 120
  • The Health Medal increases her health by 180
  • The Health Crest (available once all her medals are unlocked) increases her health by 240
  • Each Attack Pin increases her attack by 42
  • Each Attack Badge increases her attack by 84
  • The Attack Medal increases her attack by 126
  • The Attack Crest (available once all her pins are unlocked) increases her attack by 168
  • Each Super Pin increases her grenades’ damage by 20
  • Each Super Badge increases her grenades’ damage by 40
  • The Super Medal increases her grenades’ damage by 60
  • The Super Crest (available once all her badges are unlocked) increases her grenades’ damage by 80

Game Modes:


Piper is not that good at showdown because of her main attack’s mechanic: to quickly destroy a crate she needs to be very far away and someone may steal the elixir drop while she goes to pick it. In the late game, when everybody gets closer due to the poison gas, her damage reduces and the game becomes riskier. However, she’s fantastic in the early game, specially in open maps like Feast or Famine where she can 2-3 shot kill someone right after spawning. Piper is really good against brawlers with low health, like Crow, Spike, and Barley, and she can 2-shot almost every brawler. However, tanks should be avoided, although they are defeatable. Their recent speed buff alongside Piper’s horrible reload speed makes it a risky situation. You should save your super just in case somebody gets too close.

Smash & Grab

In this gamemode, Piper should play as a support character. A Piper should stay back and try to kill anybody who tries to get gems. Piper should help her teammates if they are on a rough situation or if they are trying to kill an important gem carrier, while trying to stay away from enemies. If somebody is going through a narrow pass, shoot at them, as they have very low chances of avoiding it. With her super, she can be a good emergency carrier (those who get the gems of a teammate that died).


Piper shines at defense, but struggles at offense. Piper specialises on Long Range combat, so the closer she is to her enemies, the weaker she is. On offense, you’re constantly trying to get to the enemy spawn and get closer to your enemies, which is not a good situation for Piper to be in. She can use her super to jump closer to the safe, but that leaves her extremely vulnerable, ending in anywhere from zero to two shots at the safe. She’s better at defense because the situation is now the other way around, you don’t want them to get close, but if they manage to get close, you’re dead weight In these cases, using your super is the only option left, but that leaves you vulnerable.


Piper was born for this gamemode: In a gamemode where other long-rangers are common, Piper thrives. She is the ultimate killing machine, and she can play well on every Bounty map. Her high damage can two-three shot most brawlers, and she can easily deplete a tank’s health. As always, try to stay away from your enemies but without getting out of range. Remember, never trust a bush, especially if you’re worth a big bounty. Because you can’t be close to your enemies and most tanks stay hidden in the bushes, only get in them if you’re sure there’s nobody in there. Piper’s reload time is the slowest in the game, which is why you should never miss any shot. You can use your Super to get rid of annoying walls, but be careful, her slow movement in the air can leave you vulnerable. That’s why you should try to land behind walls whenever possible when using her Super.

Brawl Ball

Piper is good when spawning or after a goal, since it means you’re right in front of the team and there aren’t enough walls to stop you. You can use your super to get rid of some walls, and make the hard work of scoring a goal easier, but you should do this only if you’re the only one in your team with the ability to break walls or if you’re the only one with their super charged at the moment. Piper isn’t the best character in Brawl Ball, because there are surely better options.

Boss Fight

Piper is terrible in Boss Fight. Her slow reload time is a big disadvantage for her. As the boss, you should try to charge your super as fast as possible and get away from all the people. If you’re not the boss, try to stay away as much as possible to deal the most possible damage, and use your super for destroying walls or get away from the boss. We recommend not using this Brawler in this gamemode.

Robo Rumble

There are a lot of walls in this gamemode which are detrimental for you, and this particular kind of wall is unbreakable, meaning that your super is nearly useless here. You should always try to stay close to the safe and never miss a shot. She really struggles against a robot boss. Just like in Boss Fight, Piper is terrible in this gamemode and should be avoided.

Best Team Comps

Hyper Offense

Piper, a tank (El Primo, Bull, Darryl) and Shelly/Tara/Spike: This team composition revolves around Piper, which means that if the Piper doesn’t play good, this team will probably lose. Piper must try to hit everybody, not necessarily kill them, and depending on the gamemode piper role changes (Gem Carrier, Goaler, Main Killer). The Tank will be Piper’s bodyguard, its role is to play attention to Piper and protect her just in case someone gets too close to her. The third member’s role (Shelly/Tara/Spike) is to finish off Piper’s victims. Piper must have her super charged every time she can. Do not attempt to use this team on Heist or Robo Rumble.

Support Piper (S&G, Brawl Ball)

Piper, a fast character (Mortis, Crow, Maxed Colt), healer/dps: Piper has the role to support her team: Kill/weaken enemies to avoid that the other team gets gems/the ball. The fast character has the role of being the gem carrier/Goaler. If the fast character is a maxed colt, then the remaining member must be a healer, if is not colt then it must be a brawler with high dps (Colt, Ricochet, etc.). The DPS character has basically the same role as piper, but also to protect the carrier/goaler, or be the emergency carrier/goaler if it dies.

Heist Combo

Piper, Barley/Dynamike, Colt: This team is better in defense than offense but it can work in both ways if pulled right. Piper should stay behind if defending, but if attacking she should try to charge her super as soon as possible, and jump into an upper corner to at least 3 shoot the safe, if not, then just try to protect your team. Barley’s role is to defend behind walls, or to use her super on the safe, the closer he is to the safe, the better. Colt’s role in defense is almost the same as Piper, trying to kill the attackers without dying, but in offense he has the most important role: make a breach in the wall that protect the safe, this allows him and Piper to shoot the safe without necesarily using their supers.

Universal Combo

Piper, Colt/Ricochet, A Tank: This team can work on any gamemode as each member’s role can drastically change across gamemodes and maps.

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