Fortnite Battle Royale Surviving Final 10 Players Phase

Fortnite Battle Royale Surviving Final 10 Players Phase by GambitRevolver

I saw a post earlier today asking for how to survive when you’re down to the last 10 people standing. I decided I would write down as in-depth as I could the steps I use in the final few circles to try to pull off the Victory Royale. Hopefully this will be helpful to players who are getting really close to getting that first place finish.

This is going to be written with the assumption you have moderate items and resources at the time you hit the last 10 players. You won’t need a bolt action or rocket launcher (although those do help). You should however, have at least 100-200 of each building resource. Also I’m on mobile right now so if the formatting is really funky I apologize.

10 players left/prior to circle closing:

1.) You need to get a good grip of all the terrain that is going to be in each successive circle from here on out. You can’t predict exactly where each new one will be, but you can get pretty close. The lay of the land will give you a pretty good indication of where the other 9 players are likely to be if they haven’t started building up forts yet. Use this information to make accurate guesses as to where people will likely be hiding, so you can plan your movements. Ideally you want to try to move along the edge of the current storm (not where the next circle will be) and try to clear a quarter of the outer edge to minimize people near you that could possibly shoot you in the side or back.

2.) Once you’ve cleared your quarter of the current circle, start moving inward while drawing as little attention to yourself as possible. If you can move while people are firing at each other, that’s perfect. You’re much less likely to be noticed by people in a gun fight or by people looking to see who is doing the firing. You want to aim to enter the next circle in an area with decent cover that does not already have a player sitting in a fort. If you happen to be stuck on a side with very little cover, it’s ok to build a mini fort just inside the area of the circle. I recommend building a simple 2X1 with a ramp up each side. Do not make this fort higher than 2 stories tall. It will just be a place holder till you’re safe to move for the next circle.

3.) Once you’re safely inside the circle with the mini fort or natural cover, don’t be afraid to shoot at players that are ALREADY in a gun fight. If you help knock one man out, that’s one less you have to worry about. The gun shots are also less likely to lead to you being pinpointed unless someone is deliberately following the traces of your rounds.

Less than 10 players/next circle identified

1.) Same principle applies here. By now you should be down to anywhere from 3-6 players left. If you notice there are more players than forts, again start thinking of where they could be hiding with natural cover. You again want to make sure you clear your immediate quarter of the circle but this time, just visually. With the circle size at this point, you’re going to be able to be shot from pretty much anywhere in front of you towards the next circle. When you’re pretty sure the only threats are ahead of you , you have 2 options. First, if you are just inside the circle edge, you’re ok to stay put. No need to burn any more resources yet, just watch. Other players will need to move while you won’t. There’s no need to peek your head up, just use your third person perspective to watch for people moving and fighting and keep mental notes of their locations. Option two, if you have to move for the next circle, you need to do it quick. You want to be set up in your fort ASAP. At this point in the game, it doesn’t matter if your fort gives away your position, high ground and sturdy walls are the ultimate advantage. Again try to move when players are engaging each other. You want to aim to get a fort set up just inside the edge of the next circle as soon as you can.

2.) Your final base doesn’t need to be anything super fancy. A 2×2, 3 stories tall works great. It’s simple and fast to build. Your bottom 2 floors need to be metal and your 3rd I prefer to use brick. The reason being is people tend to launch rockets and grenades at your base and you want it to withstand as much damage as it can. The top floor where you’re at, if you use brick you can actually peek through the gaps in some of the bricks to get vision of players you might not be able to see safely.

2-4 players left/final circles

1.) This is where it comes down to your gun skill and building. If you’re lucky enough your fort still stays in the circle, you’re golden. Just mop up the last guy or two with your height advantage when they have to move. If you’re going to have to move, the good news is it won’t be far. Make sure you try to make a door out of the back of your base (the side facing the storm) so you don’t get shot while trying to drop out of the top of your fort.

2.) When you go to make your move for the next circle, try to make sure you know exactly where the last opponent is. As soon as you get in the open chances are they are going to start shooting. If you have extra metal still, it will come in handy here. While moving towards the next circle you want to sporadically put up walls on your way. Once you get inside the new circle area, you do not want to build a new fort. Instead place walls at different points and facing different directions with separation in between them, with a set of stairs going to each one. This will allow you to have cover and different firing angles depending on which way the opponent moves.

These are the steps I’ve used to get multiple wins in solos and even win squads matches playing solo so they will help in most situations. I hope everyone can put these to good use and if anyone would like to add anything please feel free to.

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