Fortnite Battle Royale Weapons Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Battle Royale Weapons Tips and Tricks by Jebediah_Storm

Assault Rifles

1. Burst rifle: Underrated gun, imo. This thing shreds at medium to longer ranges, and has one of the fastest time-to-kill of any AR in the game. The trick is to take your time, line up the shots, and shoot from a crouched position. It gets wonky when trying to strafe with it, so use it more when picking off unsuspecting, or running in a straight line, players. Once they are aware of your position, and are moving more erratically, this gun will waste too much ammo to use. That’s when the M16 takes over. I nearly always keep one of these (green or blue) in my inventory, and it’s my preferred weapon
to have out when running across fields mid-game.

2. M16: the mid and semi-close range workhorse. Can be a fickle beast, so my advice it to tap-fire this gun, vs. spray, and I have the best results strafing side to side rapidly, clicking on their neck area. This will yield glitchy headshots. Going from doing this, into crouching and crouch-strafing side-to-side can re-tighten the shot-pattern a bit if it’s getting too wild. Really close, if it’s the only weapon you have, I suggest jumping around like a crack-head, and just spamming it. You will most likely get wrecked by a shotgun, but you might have a fighting chance if you make yourself a difficult target to hit. Against pick-axe zombies, the best stat is to run backwards and just hip-fire it.

3. SCAR. Slower firing, and more controllable, with a more predictable shot-pattern. Use about like the m16, though it will do more work at long ranges than the M16 will.

4. Scoped AR: Since the nerf, I don’t use it as much, but it’s still a pretty good alternative to a sniper rifle. I prefer the bolt, however, and the burst for mid-range work. My only tip with this weapon is that the chevron sight is kind of deceptive, and you need to place the point of that chevron over whatever you’re aiming for, because if you do what feels more natural, which is to place whatever you’re shooting at right on top of that point, you’ll miss high. So aim a little lower than what you might normally, and you’ll probably hit more shots. It still messes with me. This gun needs a red-dot sight.

The order in which I rank these weapons is based on personal preference, but I’ll list it anyways:

blue M16
blue burst
Legendary SCAR
green burst
green M16
grey burst
grey M16
scoped AR (a sniper alternative, not an AR)


1. The pump: Probably the most controversial weapon in Fortnite right now. Quite simply, it’s broken AF. I play on ps4, so it’s less exploited, but I’ve learned the terrible power of this thing, and worked at wielding it as irresponsibly as I can, for as long as it can. If you have good aim, (IF), this thing will drop fools at all kinds of ridiculous ranges. A headshot with it does stupendous damage (180 I think), and will leave even someone that had a shield with just a sliver of life. Even at longer ranges, it still hits for like 60, or 80 sometimes, and at ranges it shouldn’t even register, it still does like 20 or something preposterous. I line this gun up right after my AR, and before my auto-shotgun. It has a long delay after shooting, so just hit them for most of their life, and instantly switch to your auto or AR to finish them off. I nearly always ADS with this gun, as opposed to the auto, and like to corner or ledge peek with it. Early game, landing on one means: anyone foolish enough to try and cross me will typically get one-shot.

2. The Auto: Probably the only auto I’ll prioritize over a green pump is a purple Auto. I use this gun when my pump shot misses, or if my inventory calls for me to drop the pump (I found an RPG). It’s the up-close spam-cannon, and I hop like a crazy kangaroo when I fight with one. Hip fire, ADS, mix it up.


I don’t use them. Finding one ****** me off, and although the bigger one is not that bad, I still drop it like a bad habit as soon as I find just about any other gun. IF you’re stuck with one early game, and ting to fight someone with a better gun, good luck! I advice strafing like crazy and just hip-firing. Hopefully they miss… a lot.

Sniper Rifles

1. Bolt Sniper: I like the Epic, and Blue. Yellow and blue are a go, the purple not so much. It seems to me, and let me know in the comments if I’m way off here, that the difference is dmg, bullet speed, and drop. In other words, the yellow experiences the least amount of bullet drop, and seems to have a faster projectile speed. The blue has the lowest. Because it’s most common, the blue sniper is the one I’m most used to, and the yellow the one that feels the best. The Purple occupies an awkward in-between, so that’s why I don’t pick it up over a Blue. Bolts are the best, and I prefer a scoped AR over the auto-snipers.

2. Auto sniper: I only really like the yellow one, somewhat. Overall, I avoid this weapon.


RPG: Only a few tips here: Don’t overuse it. It’s a huge attention getter, and gives your position away like crazy. It’s best used at the end-game, to bust up bunkers/buildings/trees/cover. Some joker like to use it in lieu of a shotgun, at mid-range, and if you just want to send a message, and blast someone close-range with it, jump, aim at their feet, fire and hope for the best.

Launcher: A lot harder to use effectively than the RPG. I’d advise playing the PVE (Save the World) to get familiar with the range, trajectory, and timing of when the grenades explode. At medium range, jumping up in the air and shooting near your own feet can drastically shorten the trajectory and kill someone close. Lobbing it into bases is tricky, and a learned skill. If you can’t get it INTO a base, you might find that the grenades bounce off walls and don’t even detonate near enough to them to destroy anything. So keep this in mind. Waste not want not.


1. Basic M9: The oversized auto. Decent for a first fight. Drop it as soon as I find a shotty or AR.

2. Revolver: Love this gun. Kind of a troll pick, but if you take your time, are in the zone, and landing headshots, this thing drops people like nuts. If I find a blue one, the match turns into the Revolver Challenge nearly every time. Similar to the pump, you have to remain calm under fire, grit your teeth, plant you feet, visualize bein Clint Eastwood in the Unforgiven, and blast those strafing crack-monkeys in their fool heads. Watch them erupt into a colorful geyser of loot, and grin while chuckling evilly, and know: you’ve got ice in your veins…

I think that covers all the guns.

Hope this helped/entertained.

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