FIFA Mobile La Liga Rivalries Guide

FIFA Mobile La Liga Rivalries Guide by pdickens

Hey guys, so I know a lot of us are confused about the La Liga rivalries event, so I made this guide to clear things up!

So, to start off, there are (so far) 3 skill games that we play to earn the tokens know as “La Liga Points”. Every 24h, we earn 20 points from playing the 3 skill games, using a total of 9 energy.

Here are the requirements for the various players from Real Betis:

Player NamePositionRatingPoints Required
Cristian TelloLW80225

To play the Real Betis match, we have to build an 80 overall team of all Real Betis players, including the 4 Real Betis La Liga Rivalries players. The event requires 6 energy to play. After playing the event (and assuming you win), there are 3 rewards that can be unlocked with La Liga points. You are also given a Betis Victory Point (that you can only get once), used to claim one of the three rewards below, 10k coins and a Rivalry Trophy.

RewardPoints Required
1m coins500 La Liga Points/1 Betis Victory Point
88 CDM Javi Garcia500 La Liga Points/1 Betis Victory Point
125k Training XP500 La Liga Points/1 Betis Victory Point

Here are the requirements for the players from Atletico Madrid.

Player NamePositionRatingPoints Required

Similarly, to play the Atletico game for 6 stamina, you need to have an 80 overall team of all Atletico players, including the 4 La Liga Rivalries players. Winning the event gives 1 Atletico Victory Point (that can only be gotten once), used to claim one of the 3 rewards below, 10k coins and a rivalry trophy.

RewardPoints Required
1.25m coins600 La Liga Points/1 Atletico Victory Point
89 CB Godin600 La Liga Points/1 Atletico Victory Point
175k XP600 La Liga Points/1 Atletico Victory Point

As for now, considering the fact that the event resets once a day, and it is going to be there for 25 days, we can play the 3 skill games 25 times. That means we will get a total of 500 points from the BET vs ATM skill games alone.

Taking into account all the other rivalry events, there will tentatively be 1200 points that we can get as an F2P. amtamt57 has also specified that the exact value could be around 1400. I will update the post once he confirms!

As such, because the costs of the various players have not been revealed yet, theoretically, an F2P will be able to claim 1 master and 1 of the 3 rewards.

Alternatively, there is a 1k FP pack that can be purchased, that gives 50 rivalry points, 2 gold La Liga players and 25 skill boosts guaranteed. There is also a chance of getting 50-200 rivalry points, and players from the 2 teams (Atletico and Betis), in addition to a chance of getting an elite La Liga player.

For now, from what I see from this event alone, the strategy for F2Ps would be similar to TOTW. Just keep grinding the skill games and save up points, so you can eventually claim one master player at the end. I will update this guide again once the other rivalries are unlocked, as for now, we don’t know what the points/rewards are from the other ones.

TLDR; keep playing skill games, don’t spend your points, save them up till you see players you like.

Hope you guys find this useful, and please do let me know if there is anything I should add in. Thanks!

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3 Responses

  1. Albert says:

    Quick question! Can we keep rivalry points for using them later (not La Liga)? I feel like I have had all the good players of La Liga rivalries, but I still have points that are unused. Thanks!

  2. Arjun says:

    Hi I wanted to know about rivalries event. How do I make an overall of 80 rate using all ATM team including 4 la liga rivalries player. Here I’m confused should I have to use 4 player of rival team of the event or any player from other team who played in la liga

  3. Prasanth G says:

    Hey bro..Nice work..Also any predictions on clasico players that would be availabe?

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