Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide

Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide by MorpyMorp

Tigreal is one of the best tanks in the game, challenged only by Johnson and Lolita. He’s a CC overlord and can easily turn the tides of the battle even without flicker. After his nerf, he is still useful as ever, tho his effectiveness might have gone down due to enemies being able get away but that’s fine as long as you get to flicker bomb em.


So to start off, let’s see what items he shall use. Items are in order. Items that are in bold italic are core items

2 mana necklaces – this is very necessary since you’re a mana based hero and you are very reliant on your skills. You can sell it once you get your 2nd item done.

Warrior Boots -> Courage Bulwark– Warrior Boots is a great item for Tigreal. Cheap and has a very good passive that stacks with his own passive. Makes you way harder to kill than other tanks in early game. Late game, if the game goes long enough, replace it with Courage Bulwark. This gives your team a good upperhand when with you and makes you able to push faster.

Deadly Blade – weird right? But this is the core item for Tigreal. Sure you’d sacrifice tankiness but you’re already tanky enough with Warrior Boots alone because of the boot’s passive and Tig’s passive. Plus, this item is a deadly counter for Estes, and heroes that highly depend on lifesteal(seriously this works wonders on MM, Alucards, mages with CE). This halves their healing/lifesteal, so when you CC them, you’re not only stunning them, you’re basically making them unable to fight back. Estes or not this is a very effective item.

Blade Armor/Oracle – Blade Armor, plus your passive and boots, and Deadly Blade makes you a tank that no one would ever like to mess with in a 1 v 1. This effectively eliminates the lifesteal of anyone attacking you, and in addition to that, you’re unbeatable against marksmen in mid game in a 1v1 if you ever find yourself in that kind of situation. This gives you 90 armor and a passive that reflects damage back to attacking enemies. It’s dirt cheap, you can purchase it before Deadly Blade if you want but having Deadly Blade earlier means an early victory. If the other team has mages that hits pretty hard then Oracle’s your go to item. Has everything that you need against mages.

Demon’s Advent/Cursed Helmet – Choose Demon’s Advent for extra tankiness against ADCs and Fighters of the enemy. This is good to pair with Blade Armor or Oracle. Choose Cursed Helmet if you think Blade Armor’s enough and you need some magic resist or Oracle is not enough to tank hits from mages. This adds some decent DPS and allows you to push or clear lanes faster as a tank.

Immortality -> Heart of Steel – Immortality is extremely useful especially if you die while ulting and this gives you another shot at it. Also adds magic resist and decent HP. If your Immortality’s passive is on a cooldown, however, replace it with Heart of Steel. Decent item although kind of price-y.

Bloodthirsty King – Your last item that will make you able to survive against late game teams. Adds a ton of HP while having a nice passive that will give you a 20% regen of your health when you get assists/kills.


Okay, now that we got the items down, let’s move on how to use Tigreal and what do in early, mid, and late game.


  1. Pick flicker. This is a very valuable skill that will allow you to surprise the enemy. However, if you don’t have flicker, you can always choose Petrify so your ult does not get disturbed or interrupted and you won’t take damage for awhile, or use Purify, if you want to do the same, or use Assault/Sprint if you’re confident in being able to quickly close the gap between you and the enemy team and ult them. But if you already have Flicker, then always choose it, otherwise, try the alternatives I suggested.
  2. Always choose Skill 2 at the start of every game. It’s hilariously easy to hide in the bush and get behind the enemy in early game. Just let the enemy have their push, then push them to your tower. Unless the enemy has flicker, then you won’t have a problem, plus, you just made one of their escape tools unusable for 2 minutes.
  3. If the enemy has a Franco or Zhao, let them flip/hook you. It’s basically a free flicker. Get in the way of their hooks/flips and you basically just outplayed them.
  4. Never flicker bomb with 1/4 health left. Self explained, you’d die.Only flicker bomb if you have half of your health left and even then, it’s risky. It’s best to flicker bomb if you have most of your health.
  5. Never auto aim your 2nd skill. It will make you aim for the enemy’s territory instead of your allies.
  6. Never push an enemy to a low health teammate, push them away instead. It’s a dick move and not a nice thing to do since you’d just get you and your teammate killed. Just push them away, and try to run by yourself if you can. Most of the time, you’d die sacrificing yourself but it’s worth it. Better 4 v 5 than 3 v 5.
  7. Always get your teammates to be with you. Tigreal’s a great tank but like most tanks, he’s powerless without a teammate by his side. Even an Estes is enough for him to be formidable and able to protect a lane.
  8. Watch your mana. You’re a skill based tank that relies on mana unlike Johnson, Lolita, Balmond, and Chou. So be careful on your mana spending, try to steal blue buff if you ever have the opportunity to.


  1. Flicker bomb – a textbook strategy that involves flickering the midst of the enemy team and using your ult. Still effective after the nerf.
  2. Lure bomb – basically, this involves you luring the enemy team then flickering to them and ulting them then pushing them to or from your allies. It can be used offensively, or defensively. Really effective if an ally is split pushing and is close to destroying the base or you’re having a planned ambush.
  3. Surprise mothafucka – this one is effective in early game but not so much late game unless you have enemies piled up. This basically involves you hiding in the bush and your teammates letting the enemy get nearer to your tower then you either get behind or flicker behind them then push them towards your tower. This is also the reason why I advice getting the 2nd skill first.
  4. Free flicker – Basically what I said on the tips. Let an enemy Franco or Zhao hook/flip you then ult them. Best used when you want to save your flicker or your flicker is on cooldown.
  5. Food service – this one involves you sacrificing yourself and getting behind an enemy and pushing them out of the tower’s range, this makes your teammates able to kill the tower hugging enemy and push the lane. This one is the 2nd most important strategy since it can win you games. I call it food service because it’s like serving food for your teammates lmao.
  6. Top 10 anime deaths – this one basically has you slowing down, and pushing away the chasing enemy from your teammates, basically sacrificing yourself for the sake of the group. Unless your teammates believes in the power of friendship and comes back for you, then they’d escape just fine.

The End

That’s all I have to offer. Feel free to criticize since I don’t make guides too much lol. Next time, I’d try to make one about the King of Burst Damage, Clint.

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