Mobile Legends Moskov GL Guide

Mobile Legends Moskov Glorious Legend Guide by angrykoreabear

Hi all, a little bit bout me, So a friend kept pestering me to download this game, little bit back around 2 weeks ago,So i installed it. I started grinding Solo ranked games soon after and got Glorious Legend with Just Moskov. Im suprised actually, i thought i’d get legend and was shocked when they promoted me to Glorious Legend instantly. I’d like to share how i do it and i think anyone can do it, Moskov is a little OP right now. Abuse him before he gets nerfbat :) its abit long winded so please bear with me cause i’d like to give you all the detail i can.

So here goes. I’ll go into the build first before play style and game play.


Build: Tooth of Greed, Thor’s Sting, Swift Boots, Scarlet Phantom , Blade of Destruction , Immortality

Build for this game is very important, it can make or break a game just because of the sequence of the item.

The First item is very important , having tooth of greed as first item allows you to almost come up as a winner in any 1on1 situation with another marksman in the mid lane. it can also stack the heals with moskov bouncing glaives passive.

Immediately transition into thor’s sting for amazing attack speed and critical rate, allowing you the best early game DPS item that you can get. not to mention the magic damage it procs.

Scarlet phantom and blade of destruction is self explanatory. This two item goes hand in hand and is a core item on almost every Marksman.

Last item is actually optional, in higher tier games, marksman is a tasty target, shutting you down means game is lost. having an aegis can change the game drastically in most situation, using it to bait and play aggressively is the right way to play with moskov.

Laning Phase

You must have realized that almost every game you’ll meet the same hero in the middle, a freaking moskov. If you are queing with a friend, ask your friend to gank that moskov from level 1, they will almost always jump out and shoot the creeps in the middle while exchanging blows with you. Everyone’s doing the same thing, having a teamate to gank moskov is almost a sure kill in the middle.

However, if you are solo queing like me, dont worry. I will give you the best way to win a 1on1 moskov laning phase. Listen carefully here, i almost whined that this game was pay2win because i had low Embles and no skins, they do make a difference. im planning to get the skin soon. its +8 damage.

Use ability Fury, dont go for smite. Buy the +15 damage item instead of the jungle item. Now, go and exchange blow with that moskov and watch him cry and run away. This starting phase is the most important, it dictates who have the upperhand the whole game after, unless external factor like ganks come into play.

Always remember not to idle.

This is the sequence, Clear the first wave, Go for the red buff, Clear the 2nd wave, go for the Neutrals. rinse and repeat. If your enemy has no fury or damage item. Just exchange blow and he will lose.

You have the time to gank after clearing wave or to go for jungle, it is up to you. a good moskov knows when to gank the other lane.

Pro tip for your ult : Always use it while you see minimap that heroes are having a battle, dont just shoot it simply, try to visualize the 4 heroes that are fighting and who’s winning, if there 2 tank in that lane and an estee on an enemy team dont even bother. u can click on the minimap to check if u have time,if not just throw it towards them. it helps them alot, trust me ! :)

For the rest of the game, keeps your farm up. All my games until glorious legend, my GPM is almost always 1.5x atleast more than everyone in game. It is Crucial to know when to gank. do not have the mindset to let your teammates die while you farm, this is toxic and will just lead to defeat. Adapt to your team.

It is also important to go to options to open up advance Controls mode for last hit attack and hero lock mode.

Sometimes in the mid lane while exchanging blow, u can lure the enemy moskov to walk towards you while u hit the creeps infront of him by clicking on the hit creep button instead of normal attack button. Aim towers when there’s alot of enemy defending behind it.

War & Winning

I’d like to talk a little bit bout how to fight with moskov. A well placed double stun almost always means the fight is won. Thankfully for the passive, a moskov is rather easy to play. Its unlike miya, for moskov you can just hit the tank from behind while the damage spreads across to the other enemies. If its a messy battle, always find their Marksman and stun them to assassinate them.

If enemy team has an assassin like saber or karina/natalie. Try to keep it in mind, and bait the hell out of them. stay out of saber’s ulti range. For Natalie, try to keep moving around your teamates so u dont get smoked right in the middle.

Moskov is so great that he also plays the role of a better pusher than most marksman. He has escape, has good aoe damage, stuns, global ult. Quick attack speed. I am pretty sure this guy will get a nerfbat soon.

Ps: i don’t really know alot about this game, correct me if i’m wrong. i only Know how to win with moskov from the games that i played and adjusted my build to the optimum, destroying most moskovs in the enemy team.

Feel free to ask me any questions! :)

Im not really good at writing guide but i hope it helps you

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