Mobile Legends Ruby Tips

Mobile Legends Ruby Tips by xrri

Here are my top 10 tips for Ruby:-

  • Utilize her passive – probably the most basic yet overlooked ability. Ruby’s passive gives her high mobility, use this to your advantage by re-positioning in team fights), escaping ganks, dodging skillshots etc.
  • Her Stun (second skill) has a really short cooldown, you can probably pull off 3-4 stuns in a decent teamfight,so CC the enemy when you can, try and use her passive to reposition and CC the most amount of enemies or the carry.
  • Use her first ability to harass in lane, It doesn’t cost too much mana and you can zone the enemy this way. If you have blue buff, feel free to spam away.
  • if an enemy gets too close to tower, try and pull them in with either your ult or stun, especially if they already got hit by tower. This is especially effective when running away towards your turret, pull them when they turn back. I probably get the most kills this way.
  • You can try and bait the enemy to dive you under turret, pretend to recall and just hit them with your stun and ult when they dive.
  • You can get away with buying boots as 3rd or 4th item due to her high mobility. I buy boots 3rd.
  • Don’t worry too much about missing your ult as it has a relatively short cooldown.
  • You can stop engages, e.g enemy tigreal running towards your team to initiate, just stun and jump away. This can stop an enemy dead in its tracks and your team can follow up. Try and think how you can use your skills defensively as well.
  • After ulting you should (almost always) immediately follow up with your stun (unless its on cooldown) to CC the enemy(s) longer.
  • In teamfights, try and save your ult for these situations:-

-i. to catch an enemy carry out of position
-ii. to engage if you see a good opening and can get a lot of people or a carry.
-iii. to follow up after an engage, especially if you have a tigreal or aurora on your team, follow up their ultimates with your ultimate for a CC wombo combo.

oh, and manually aim your ult whenever you can plz.

I usually just build ruby full tank or semi tanky. It depends if my team has enough damage or not. Honestly, I’ve looked at the ruby builds and there’s just a lot of variety on how you can build her but probably never go full damage unless you’re trolling. Here are my builds, If you have any improvements to it, do tell.

In teamfights, you shouldn’t always be in the middle, after you engage you should immediately re-position, even with full tank items Ruby is really squishy and you will immediately die if your team doesn’t have a good follow up. Ruby excels in jumping around teamfights and causing mayhem with her CC. Don’t stay in any one position for too long, she needs to constantly hop around. I feel this is why she isn’t played much, her playstyle is not really straightforward. She’s an off-tank of sorts. The reason I play her (besides being a ton of fun to play) is because I really like the CC she contributes in teamfights.

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