Mobile Legends Zhao Yun Guide

Mobile Legends Zhao Yun Guide by butsekikekekek

Gear (in order): Swift Boots, Scarlet Phantom, Berserker’s Fury, Haas’ Claws, Blade of Despair. 6th item is situational. I usually get Windtalker for extra damage, Deadly Blade to counter healers, or a defense gear if I feel like I’m too squishy during team clash.

Emblem: Jungle

Battle Spell: Inspire, Purify, Weakened (? forgot the name, lol), Petrify

Start of the game, I usually clear lanes first. If I’m with somebody, I go aggressive and start poking the enemy. If I’m alone, I clear lanes, go kill one jungle monster (I usually leave the buffs to the team’s assassin and mages), then clear lanes again. If the enemy pokes, I tower hug and try to flip them over in the turret distance. There is a big chance when they are inside your turret, they panic and try to retreat and recall. If they do, clear lanes again let your creeps do damage to their turret. You can do damage as well, but be extra careful of the enemy’s backup.

I have a very expensive build. So I jungle/clear lanes until I get the first three items of it. After those, I can confidently do turret diving and start team clashes. I would say build Haas’ Claws before pushing alone and do 1v1’s.

I’m a bit lost on how to exactly play him in teamfights (who do I focus? do I ult immediately or wait? what is the best combo?)

This depends on what is your role on your team. Are you an initiator or a damage dealer? If an initiator, use your second skill to initiate, first skill the damage dealer to stun them– or whoever that needs to be stunned (make sure to put the stunned enemy near your teammates so they can attack and kill him first), third skill, then just aa. I usually attack the healers first for obvious reasons, then damage dealers, then tanks. If you have a tank that can initiate like Tigreal, Chou, Ruby, etc., wait for their initiate, then you can do the 2-1-3-aa combo.

Keep in mind though that combos are situational as well. Not many know of this (especially in Master ranks), but when you get trapped by Cyclops’ ulti, you can use your 3rd skill to get out of it. So the 2-1-3-aa combo might not work for this situation.

Don’t get too salty when you get killed, especially in early games. Just focus in building your gears. Once you get that going, outplay your enemies and I’m pretty sure you get gold/MVP at the end of it. Goodluck! :)

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