PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Solo Guide from Rank 500 Player

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Solo Guide from Rank 500 Player by iluvcheat

Hey guys,

My username is Tempest1 ( for those who want to look me up on PUBGtrackers because they don’t want advice from a noob ), I’ve been ranked 500-300 for the past 2 resets in solo queue and I often see lots of questions on ”how to get good” etc.

I figured, since I’m fairly good ( or I like to believe ) I would make a constructive guide to help out the community. I’ve played over 400 hours of PUBG since the game came out, I got more than enough for my money and I would like to give something back I guess ?

So here’s some general tips & pointers I use every games I think could help out a few people out there.


ALWAYS think about WHY you died and try to think about how you can make it so it doesn’t happen anymore. I know it’s frustrating to get outplayed, but you learn from mistakes, there’s always something you could’ve done better in the game, even if you won.


Contrary to popular beliefs, I don’t think clothes matter, sure the yellow track suit might not help you in SOME situations ( both of you crawling in grass for example ), but 99.99% of the time it’s not the clothes that are going to kill you, it’s you playing poorly.


Always land in the same 1-2 spots. Why ? Because you’ll eventually learn the corners you have to peak, where people will drop, what loot pattern is good … It doesn’t matter if 1 or 50 person went to your ”spot”, always go there. More often than not, because you know the layout you have a huge advantage and should be able to win most encounters as long as you don’t aim like a potato and find a gun.

Play both 1st person and 3rd person

It doesn’t matter which one you like the most, play both. 1st person will practice your reflexes and muscle memory a LOT more than 3rd person while 3rd person will make you think way more about your positioning, which angle to peak from, when can you peak, when can you run across the house next to you …

Both will help you improve different skills tremendously faster, and both game modes have their charm. Personally, I do not like 3rd person in squad because when a whole squad 3rd person peak you, you have no chances to respond, but duo and solo you usually can fire back and win most encounters if you’re fast enough.

Play style

Play what you enjoy the most. Personally I recommend you this :

Fight early, be a pussy mid game and fight late game. In the early game, clear out your landing spot and chase off / kill everyone in your vicinity, afterwards play the time and use good positioning to avoid fights, keep an advantageous position in the circle. When you’re in the 4th circle and going, go back to killing people and playing aggressively.

But be careful not to take dumb fights and make sure to watch your back and flanks, someone is always quick to creep up on you after you shoot, so don’t go loot and catch them off guard when they push you.


Personally, I never ”chase” airdrop, but if it lands near me I’ll fight for it, when you’re the first in position to contest the drop, you have too much of an advantage to let it go, and that’s why chasing airdrops is not something I recommend, you always want to keep an advantageous position.

Picking off people going for the airdrop / killing the people camping the drop is a lower risk and pad your stats fairly well because they’ll be focusing on the drop.

When the 3rd circle appear, play for the middle

It’s going to be slightly harder than playing the edge, but it’ll pay off because you’ll probably not have to move much to get inside the 4th circle ( which is the one that start hurting ), and you’ll be able to pick off the players that are late to the circle.


Always tap when firing, except at very close range, try and keep your gun on fully automatic ( if it’s available for the gun you’re using ), it’ll be easier to spray down someone pushing you.

Also, when using double AR or sniper / AR, NEVER use 2 scopes, one of your gun should always be dedicated to close quarter and thus have a red dot on, it’s going to be a lot faster to just change gun and have the red dot on than have to open your inventory ( and lose visibly ) to put the red dot on.

EDIT: Vehicles

Dacia is the best, it’s lower on the ground so it has better protection for you, it goes slightly slower than a motorcycle but it’s more stable. Motorcycle ( 2 places ) and buggy are close follower. The rest are pretty bad, try to avoid them.

So I think that’s about it … If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to try and help you out !

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