Mobile Legends Nana AD Carry Build

Mobile Legends Nana AD Carry Build by MorpyMorp

Note: I mainly play Nana as a marksman and she is way more effective, so this only contains Nana as a marksman


To start with, choose Fury as your spell. It will help you alot early game especially against marksmen.

Choose Physical emblem set.

Then, you need these following items:

Swift Boots – Decent attack speed bonus that can help you ward off enemies.

Fallen Sword/Tooth of Greed – Basically, if you want to sustain your squishy health, choose one of these items. You can choose Fallen Sword for the attack speed it gives, but keep in mind that it is slower to build than Tooth of Greed. Only choose it if you think that you are able to get a lot of gold. You can choose Tooth of Greed if you think you aren’t able to get much gold or you’re going for a fast build. I recommend Fallen Sword once you learn how to use her as a marksman, but if not, stick to Tooth of Greed.

Enchanted Talisman – Yeah it may seem odd but this is so that you can sustain yourself in mana and make your pokes a little bit more stingy. And also the cooldown reduction.

Wind Chaser – You’re gonna need this alot, especially against tanks. Mid game, you’re gonna be facing chargers like Yun Zhao and this helps to kill them or ward them off.

Scarlet Phantom – High attack speed + quite cheap for its price.

Blade of Destruction – High crit chance bonus, and the combination with Scarlet Phantom will pretty much make your attacks hurt even more. This + Scarlet Phantom is one of the best item combination in the game.

Blade of Despair – If the game goes on long enough, sell your boots, and buy this. Or if you’re impatient, sell your Enchanted Talisman after you complete the build.


So, the gameplay of this Nana is pretty much simple and somewhat complicated at times. Here’s how to play her:

  1. Buy 2 Magic Necklaces at the start – This is the first thing you want to do if you are playing Nana(or any mana dependent hero). This is very useful, and it doesn’t hurt the progress of your build, infact, it actually helps you since you get to stay on the lane as long as you do not get killed.
  2. Stay behind minions/heroes – This one is very obvious anyways but stay behind minions/other heroes when on lane. You can go forward to poke, but do not go infront of minions when you want to damage or chase an enemy. You’re only giving an advantage to them since you’re very squishy. Only attack them when they attack first in which you go back where you can reach them but they can’t reach you.
  3. Stay near turrets when there’s no minions – Never go away from turrets as you are very vulnerable. If you are attacked out of the turrets range, use your 2nd skill and your ult if necessary.
  4. Wait for your enemy to attack first – Wait for your enemy to attack first(unless that enemy ambushes you), once the enemy attacks first, use your 2nd skill, then observe the direction the enemy is going and use your ult ahead of them then start attacking them.
  5. Be aware of ambushes – Be very wary. Poke every bush if you think an enemy is going to ambush you. An enemy will usually come out of the bush thinking that you know they’re there. Use your 2nd skill ASAP if that happens, and fall back.
  6. Don’t go in jungles – you can jungle but you are very slow at jungling and the fact that any enemy can kill you there bcause you are at disadvantage. As much as possible, never go into jungles unless it’s for a team fight.
  7. Poke as much as possible – Poking gives you the advantage of wearing down the enemy enough to kill them when they attack you. But note that your poking is still limited by your mana so save your poke for disrupting the healing of the enemy sometimes.
  8. Never contest other marksmen – despite your role being a marksman, you still don’t want to contest other marksmen since you can be outmatched most of the times. Which is why you should wait for them to attack first after poking them dozens of times.
  9. Precisely use your ult in team fights – This helps the team so much, and with the damage you bring, it’s a guaranteed Ace.

Aaannddd that’s all I guess? That’s pretty much how I play her and I have a 90+ winrate with her.

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