Mobile Legends Cyclops Legend Guide

Mobile Legends Cyclops Legend Guide by arzheas

So lots of people said u have to git gud and carry yourself to legend instead of complaining about your teammates and I experimented with 1 cheap hero ( Cyclops 15k BP) and he can carry yourself to legend if u play him right. So here’s some tips to use him hope it helps u peeps for next season to climb with him to legend or until the little guy get nerf.

Spell: always retribution

Gear: (Lower Elo/ Warriors to GM)

(Arcane boots, Enchanted Talisman, C. Energy, Holy Crystal, 2x Blood Wing)

(Higher Elo/ Epics above) (Magic boots, Enchanted Talisman, C. Energy, Glowing Wand, Devil Tears and lastly Fleeting Time)

Some of u will be wondering why lots of magic power and 20% CDR only in Lower Elo, it’s because people in lower Elo tends not to make magic resistance and u can easily get blue buff from spinner everytime in lower Elo. For higher Elo I use CDR build to be safe in case ur teammates not giving u blue buff since they need it more ( Fanny/Haya) or it’s taken by enemies.

Strategies :

(Lower Elo/ Warrior to GM)

At the start of the game u have to try using “Gather” command at blue buff, see if ur teammates respond or keep on charging to lane by himself, if he respond then u can buy jungle knife and last hit blue buff with retribution. If he keep on laning u go with him and buy 2 mana regen first, after clearing lane u can start getting blue buff and use gather command, hopefully he will follow u this time, if not just take blue by urself, after that keep on clearing lane and jungling until u can get C. Energy (Core item for Cyclops) after getting this item u can start roaming and hunting heroes, (some of u will say “but the point is to destroy turrets not hunting heroes and trying to get MVP”) Well peeps, in lower Elo u have to depend on urself to crush heroes first and ask ur potatoes (teammates) to crush turrets, personally I keep on focusing on heroes from Warriors to Legend since Cyclops damage to turrets is kinda low, encourage ur teammates with “Destroy turrets first” and “Gather” spam it if it’s neccessary. By crushing enemies u can make sure those potatoes to destroy turrets since they have nothing to do now >:) unless they start jungling >:( , u can also try to turtle solo after getting C. Energy, since his Ult can be use on turtle but not lord. When in teamfights it’s really important to use potatoes (teammates) as meatshields, try to stand at the back of the most frontline heroes (e.g : Alucard starting teamfight then u stand behind him and spam ur skills, skill 2, ultimate, skill 1 rinse and repeat, for skill 1 and 2 if u can’t hit heroes make sure at least it hit minions so u can activate Cyclops passive to lower the CD of his ultimate, after that potato dies, go back behind and use other potatoes as next meatshield, rinse and repeat. Usually with this strategy at lower Elo the game will be over quite fast with u getting 10+ kills & MVP >:)

Next is higher Elo (Epics above)

Well peeps, we knew that draft pick is here so here’s the tip, u can try to get someone to tank for u preferably a friend who loves to play tank or at least melee hero, and doesn’t mind to hear ur every command and obey (Tips : I shouted in my local channel “I Need tank/Fighter main at GM, I’ll carry u my WR is 90%”) Usually some peeps gonna add u fast and u can see their past result and favourite heroes, u can try matching up with em few games and see if they have synergy with u or not >:). Btw did u peeps know that duo/ trio get priorities in draft pick? they always get the 1st/2nd/3rd place so they can choose heroes at the start that’s the strategy for getting Cyclops with this draft pick (unless enemies banned or pick him first >:( ), alwasy make sure that ur the one making the room before queue so u can get 1st place to pick hero.

Well, since u get tank/ fighter that will listen to ur commands by now >:) u have to start with jungle items and take blue first, (unless ur fighting those xxxx stars legend that will try to take ur blue buff first) u can ask him to scout the area first and retreat to top lane if they’re coming to u or use gather command to try counter killing em, well depend on the situation u have to make the decision >:). After that it’s the same keep on clearing lane and taking jungle creeps and play safe, after getting C. Energy u can start roaming again but this time be careful since in higher Elo, ur enemies will start targeting the damage dealers first just make sure u stay behind potatoes to spam ur skills and usually if u manage to stay alive and deal enough damages to kill enemies, the remaining potatoes gonna follow up with destroying turrets by themselves if they’re not doing it just start spamming “Destroy turrets first”.

That’s all folks if u got questions or anything just comment here and if u wanna see my smurf ID : Munyanyanya.

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