Mobile Legends Ruby Glorious Legends Guide

Mobile Legends Ruby Glorious Legends Guide by zested

Hey I’m a glorious Legend ruby player here, this is my first guide I’ve ever made for any game so any and all feedback would be much appreciated!! If you have any requests for future guides I’d be glad to help provided I play and have enough knowledge on the hero or subject to provide useful insight.


I’ll go ahead and explain what I build and why, and go into a little bit about how I play her.

This is what I do as far as build is concerned

Immortality->rapid boots->tooth of greed->Dominance Ice->Bloodthirsty King -> hunter strike

And here’s why

Rushing immortality gives you the survivability you need for the early / mid game team fight. It gives you enough hp to soak damage and the revive in case things go south when you engage or get caught.

Rapid boots are best because it gives you the movement speed for more map pressure and to close gap when engaging

I then build tooth of greed because it is the best item to synergize with her passive not to mention the little extra damage boost helps with securing kills

Dominance ice gives you some more much needed bulkyness and the armor stats you were lacking before, the additional 20% CD-R from this item is crucial to ruby because it allows you get your abilities off multiple times in skirmishes

At this point in the game you should be fairly hard to kill and it it only gets tougher for the enemy as blood thirsty king will provide you with much more bulk. The passive on bloodthirsty king is simply a must have for any engage champion like ruby because all you need is an assist or a kill and you instantly get back 20% hp allowing you to be more of a menace in these mid to late game teamfights

With your bulkyness and life steal on abilities from your passive it should be quite hard to kill you

Cool down reduction is the next logical step you want to cap this off at 40% So picking up hunter strike last is the way to go. This will give you the ability to spam your abilities just about non stop. You will be doing quite a bit of damage as well as have loads of sustain and tankiness with this build

Now for game play, you always want to take flicker on ruby for the potential flash ult engage. It is just so valuable

In the early game just focus on clearing the waves with A ability but max your stun first

You can win trades in the early game if they over extend trying to trade or cs. Just make sure you and your lamer are on the same page about trading

Once you get 4 you become a real threat. You should be able to pressure the lane quite a bit with the threat of an all in engage and burst. If you see the enemy leave the lane or only have one feel free to roam. Ruby is very effective at ganking with flash ult.

In late game if you’re ahead feel free to be aggressive and just engage as much as possible to push your advantage. If it’s a tight game or you’re behind you want to peel for and protect your carries. Your stun is long duration and applies a slow not to mention your ult is another effective way to cc. Ruby is great at protecting carries for this reason.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck and tell me how it goes !

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