Mobile Legends Miya Solo Q Carry Guide

Mobile Legends Miya Solo Q Carry Guide by Miyucks

Hey guys, today I’ll be discussing my general strategy when playing Miya in Solo Queue. You can use this strategy in Ranked 5’s as well, but because this strategy is heavily focused on farming and getting your core items before everyone else, you may not be present in teamfights.

Why this guide?

I’m currently Grandmaster II, not the highest rank in the world, sitting at 78.08% winrate. I’ve played 46 games with Miya, with an 82.6% winrate. I’ve realised that there is a lack of specific hero guides on this subreddit or anywhere else, and thus decided to write this up. For those who wish to queue with me, send me a message!


I follow the Damage, Durability default item set. I’ve tried the Damage, Dash item set, but I prefer the former. I think the default builds are reliable enough for use. You can consider other hypercarry items, such as Scarlet Phantom (for high crit rate) or Blade of Despair (heavy damage) to swap Thor’s Sting (Mobility + Synergy with Miya’s Fission Shot) and Wind Chaser (Shred Tanks) respectively.

Early Game

Always take at least one jungle camp before heading down to lane! This ensures that you will not be behind your opponents in experience, so that you don’t die when they become level 2 while you’re still level 1. As of version, the first non-buff jungle camp spawns at ~30s, which is later than the previous 25s on the top lane/28s on the bottom lane.

Purchase and complete boots as your first item. This is to ensure your ability to kite opponents properly, as well as escape lane fights/chase down enemies. With the assistance of a good partner in lane, you may be getting kills/assists. If so, push your advantage in lane, and hopefully get their turret down. If you are losing the lane, play passively and farm up. Allow your own turret to fall if that saves your life.

Farm, farm, farm constantly. Get a jungle camp after pushing the wave forward to the enemy turret. This allows you to pull ahead in terms of experience and gold.

Mid Game

This is the point in time when everyone starts roaming around for kills. You will do the same… for minion kills. Aim to destroy your opponent’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 turret during the mid game, while constantly farming. It will pay off big time. One wave of 3 enemy minions gives about 180 gold in a solo lane, comparable to a kill on an enemy hero (200 gold). It is better to farm safely using minions than engaging in teamfights without your core items (Tooth of Greed, Thor’s Sting, Wind Chaser).

When you’ve completed Tooth of Greed, you can solo Turtle. This helps your team by giving 150 gold as well as experience. I usually solo Turtle after completing Thor’s Sting as well, so that it doesn’t take a long time.

When you’ve completed Wind Chaser, you can take down Lord. Lord gives 300 gold to your entire team, which is great. Lord also helps you push a lane, but he is no better than a really big minion and won’t win you the game.

Note that when soloing these large monsters, your teammates should not be near you/baiting enemies to you. At this point you are still vulnerable!

Of course, when there is an opportunity for your team to take down an inhibitor turret, go for it with your team. But don’t blindly engage in 5 man poke wars in the mid lane unless you want to play Brawl mode.

Late Game

You will reach a point when you’ve completed your Saint’s Refuge, and will be tanky AND painful. This is the point where you stick with your team for teamfights, or try to pick off solo carries who are trying to catch up in farm. Hopefully you will be WAY richer than your opponents as well as your own teammates. Close out the game, enjoy your win after painstakingly farming.


Stay behind your team at all times. Turn on Fission Shot, throw down your Rain of Arrows, and auto attack them into oblivion. If an enemy is chasing you, kite them by holding your D-pad backwards while pressing on the Attack button. If an enemy caught you (eg. Yun Zhao dash), activate Turbo Stealth, your ultimate, immediately. Do not get further CC’d or targeted, you will die instantaneously. Re-position yourself behind your teammates, and shoot your enemies down.

Final Notes

Farming is a strategy that most ranged AD carries should follow. However, to really outfarm your opposition, you have to forgo sticking with your team in the midgame. There are, of course, exceptions:

  1. when the enemy team is threatening your Tier 2 turrets
  2. when you are near to a teamfight and your team is winning
  3. when you are near to a teamfight and you can turn it around
  4. when your opponents attempt Lord (They will take a long time compared to Turtle, long enough for your teammates to shred them)

I believe I have covered what I’ve wanted to say, so give this guide a go and leave some comments about itemisation/different play styles which I did not cover.

Good luck!

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