Mobile Legends Fanny Tips

Mobile Legends Fanny Tips by isssma

As a fanny user, I am very excited to see the release of the new skin. However, whenever I play matchup, and fanny is a free rotation hero, I’ve seen people playing her, without knowing how to play her properly. Due to this skin’s impending release, I’m sure that there would be more Fanny pickers, and I know that I will see people saying Fanny is trash, since they played poorly. I felt that way too before, when I was starting, and saw an annoying hero flying around, nearly impossible to kill, but when I used it, I went 0/7/1. I was inspired to play fanny when I saw a player playing her, manhandling our (admittably then inexperienced) team, and decided, I’ll learn to play this hero even if it kills me.

Now, I am not saying that I am a best Fanny player, I am just sitting on Epic 3, almost 79% winrate (having a higher winrate is very hard when playing solo ranked, since it’s basically a lottery), there are a lot more people better than me, and due to that, I would just give basic guidelines on playing fanny, not specific builds, or anything like that.

Fanny is actually not that hard to learn, but she definitely has a very high skill cap, and very hard to master. When I was learning fanny, four tips I can give that makes using her easier are as follows:

1) Practice double/triple chaining. It is when you chain on two different points, so that your chain will act like a sling, so that you could go farther or change your direction, or double chain on a single area so that you will go there faster, or double chain in opposite directions to stop the flight, etc. Multiple chains also deals 20% more damage for the first skill when triggered by the passive. Triple chaining is very situational. Double chaining is enough, but if you feel like you are, for example, headed to a tower, you can use another chain to change your direction.

2) When chaining, look at the map instead of the main screen. The map shows the obstacles fanny can latch on, and the trajectory of the chain.

3) Fanny is the hero with the fastest waveclear of all, and also the fastest jungler of all heroes in ML. Use that significant farming and item advantage by…..

4) Ganking. Fanny is the fastest hero to go from one end of the map to another. This, with her insane quick farming, teleporting ultimate and extremely high burst damage makes her one of the best ganker without a disable. Also, on teamfights, she is the one that can travel to the opponent’s side of the battle, and can absolutely melt marksment with her ult and first skill.

Additional info: When you have enough knowledge of the map, and has played enough games with fanny, you’ll have “muscle knowledge”. This enables you to estimate with increasing accuracy, where to target your chain.

Just practice double chaining on bots (custom mode, 1v1), and when you get the hang of it, practice fanny on matchup mode. You’ll get the hang of her in no time. It is timely, as fanny would be part of next week’s free hero rotation and you could use that week to practice her on bot and matchup mode.

Protip: You could also practice chaining by playing with bots 1v5 on a custom game. This makes you struggle to defend all three lanes, forcing you to chain all over the map. This develops your dual chaining, quicker, and since you are defending three lanes, you’ll explore the map a lot.

Fanny is undoubtedly a very fun hero to play, and in the right hands, and turn the battle in your team’s favor.

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