Mobile Legends Alice Guide

Mobile Legends Alice Guide by ecilaznr

So here is my Alice guide. I have around 220 ranked games where around 95percent is played as Alice. I mostly play solo ranked with around 63 percent win rate. I’m currently at Legend-1 and with the build I’m trying out, I’m currently 18-2 on my last 20 ranked games. Maybe I just got lucky with my teammates or maybe its the build making my hero more effective. The guide includes my mindset in games. Item build. Skill build. Skill usage. Preferred teammates. Disliked opponents. And anything I might find relevant while making the guide

I’ll begin the guide with my mindset in games. IMO, this goes a long way in solo. I mostly play solo ranked and most of the time I see teammates who go into the game with a negative attitude. I know people already know this but I think being conscious and actively applying being positive has a huge impact. (Atleast in my games) I noticed a huge improvement when I changed how I looked at things and react to them. An example would be during hero picks. Before I would keep suggesting heroes to balance our lineup and sometimes even talk trash if they didnt listen. (SEA server Dota player spotted. Lol) Which would end up either your ally isnt very familiar with their hero or a negative team attitude at the very start of the game. (ally waits for you to die so he can insult you on how retarded you are. You know.. those kind of things). So anyway, now I leave them to pick whatever hero they want to use and it results in them voluntarily balancing the team out or atleast being able to handle their hero better (I think a lot of different lineups could work as long as the team is willing to work together) Another example for me is the blue buff from the jungle mob in top lane. Most of the time I think it would be more effective for me as Alice but I let my teammate decide if he is willing to let me have it or if he thinks he would be more effective with the buff. At times this might be suboptimal but this works better for me in solo. I know my own capacity and capability in managing my hero but my teammates dont know that. So my giving way to them atleast opens them to working together. (If I forcefully take the blue buff I would have faster cooldowns and lower manacosts making me way more effective for possible clashes in the early laning phase but my teammate would resent me and would cooperate less throughout the game.)They cooperate more if you dont go against them. So rather than blaming my team when we are doing badly I try my best to go along with their style of play. I find it better to adapt to them than to try and control them. I guess this part isnt really just for alice but I wanted to include it.

So with my item build. I go with arcane boots, eternal scepter, flame of fury, cursed helmet, oracle, and dominance ice. The boots can be changed depending on what youre up against but the rest i think is best as it compliments the strengths of the hero and its role well. I think eternal scepter is one of the best items to start with as alice. One of its recipes, elegant gem, gives 20percent hp and mana regen which is really good for alice since she is an initiator(tend to take up some hits) and her skills with low cooldown can drain your mana quickly. So it will help sustain you in your lane until around lvl 7 where you will have enough gold to form your eternal scepter. The rest of the items I chose because they are relatively cheap compared to other magic and defense items and their stats and passives compliments alice really well.

The ability I use is stun. I think this fits best with the build up and my role in using alice. I prefer it over purify. The way I see it is the longer time the enemies are disabled, the less damage they are doing to our side. Also we are able to punish them more with the initiate while maximizing the dps I have with my skills and items.

For the skill build I think its pretty much the same for all alice players unless I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. Blood ode > Flowing Blood > Blood Awe

For the skill usage I dive with Flowing blood. If I see that it gets me in a good position and my team looks ready to fight i teleport in, I stun with Blood Awe. Cast Blood Ode. Cast stun if on cd (which should really be considered before diving specially if its a 5v5 clash or if your team is behind) Then try my best to get away from the fight so I can regen or find another good entry to do some damage and disable. Repeat until youre either dead or youve won/lost the clash. Also when using Flowing blood try to keep in mind the direction youre casting it as it can be your escape route. I guess this part comes with experience but it could mean the difference between life and death. Also when escaping with Flowing blood try to cast it in a different direction than where youre running to(around 90 percent of the time in my games they will continue to chase after the your hero after youve cast flowing blood which will give you more space when you teleport to where your orb is. Another tactic for escaping would be to find a bush so the enemy will need to get closer to see you which will give you some time to cast flowing blood and blood awe as they get near you as you teleport out.

For my preferred teammates it would probably be yi sun shin or bruno for marksman if they play well (I see these 2 as having higher potential if the user is skilled) but I would be happy with Layla or Clint as I see these 2 would atleast be of some use even if the user is not good. I’m okay with 1-2 marksman on a lineup. For fighters I like having Ruby, Freya or Alpha in the team. I think these heroes synergize with alice well. I prefer 2 fighter on the lineup but 1 is okay. For the assassin role I like hayabusa, karina or saber. I prefer only 1 assassin in a lineup. For tank if he can play well I like Tigreal, Minotaur or Franco. Franco if hes really really good but otherwise Tigreal or Minotaur. I think the role of tanker is underrated so I really hate when people pick tank just for the sake of having a tank. I think tankers are a core of a good clash so if the tanker is not good at utilizing and maximizing his role as the tanker, I would prefer having 2 semi tanky fighters instead.

So that being said my dream team ( if they were used by the good players or atleast at the level of how I perceive I use Alice) would be

Yi sun-shin (his 3rd skill is really good when I dive and disable the enemy plus he has the range and maneuverablity to catch up with my dive and also escape)

Freya (can initiate first or catch up fast if I go in first. Can deal a lot of damage and at the same time is semi tanky)

Alpha (can also follow up quickly and is semi tanky)

Saber (has high damage and good follow up)

And Alice.

My disliked opponents would probably be Nana, Kagura, Gord, Rafaela, and Akai.

Nana because her hex skill disables my Blood ode and opens me up to get hit and disabled so I usually resort to wait for her to cast her hex before I dive in.

Kagura purely based on how i see her potential as a hero but I’ve never been matched up with an opponent who could use her that way.

Gord is hell for me during laning phase and also if I dont catch him during a clash (with the way I see how this hero should be played he would be really hard to catch)

Rafaela sustains the enemy lane during the early phase of the game which makes it really hard for me to go aggressive. And also her heal that gives a bit of movement burst makes her really hard to deal with.

Akai for his rolling skill that pushes you back everytime it touches you makes it really hard for me to dive and go behind him as he can push me toward a tower all while interrupting whatever I try to cast.

So I guess my guide ends here. Hope someone out there is interested. If there are any questions leave them below and I will try to answer them.

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