Mobile Legends Johnson Guide

Mobile Legends Johnson Guide by Mindereak

Skills and Passive

1st Skill [Iron Sack]: Using this skill empowers your next basic attack: it will deal bonus magic damage, the damage scales off of your armor (1.5x your armor); the attack will lower the enemy’s movement speed by 60% for 1s; if you hit a target already slowed the target will be stunned for 1s (the same target can be stunned once every 6s)

2nd Skill [Missle Tackle]: Johnson fires missles hitting up to 3 targets in a big cone shaped area dealing magic damage to them, the damage scales off your magic power, and lowering their movement speed by 70% for 2s.

Ultimate Skill [Rapid Touchdown]: Johnson transforms into a car rushing to the enemies after a small acceleration period. During the acceleration period one of your teammates can enter the car. Both Johnson and his ally will come out of the car when they hit an enemy\obstacle. The impact causes an aoe stun\damage area, the stun ranges from 0.75-1.5s and the damage 600-1200 magic damage, scaling off of magic power, depending on the car’s speed upon impact.
Johnson’s Ultimate also provides him a passive 10\20\30% armor increase.

Passive [Electro-airbag]: When Johnson’s HP drop below 30% he will get a shield for 10s, the shield amount scales off of his armor. After you trigger it the passive will go on cooldown for 1m15s.

Item Build

1st item – Boots: Buy either Warrior Boots or Magic Shoes on him (build Tough Boots only if the enemies are extremely magic based). You need early boots so in the early game you catch up easily to slowed enemies to connect your stun combo. Warrior Boots are good because of the synergy with your skills, Magic Shoes are nice in general for that early 10% CDR.

2nd item – Dominance Ice: This gives you a lot of armor, extremely good passives and that sweet 20% CDR.

3rd item – Demon’s Advent: One of the best all around defense item, lowering enemy damage doesn’t only help you but your team aswell.

4th item – Situational Slot

5th item – Bloodthirsty King: When you get low and you are surviving off your shield you just need to get 1 kill\assist to proc a huge healing which will bring you back up.

6th item – Situational Slot

Situational Slot: Blade Armor (tons of armor and damage when they hit you, amazing physical counter) \ Saint’s Refuge (tons of magic resistance and Effective HP) \ Immortality (good magic resistance and hp plus a very good late game passive) \ Heart of Steel (to counter enemy crits) \ Courage Bulwark (buff allies close to you and get nice hp and 10% more armor\magic resistance). Fill your Situational Slots based on what you need to counter in that specfic situation. Bloodthirsty King can be replaced by a situational item too if needed.

Emblem Set: Tank

Battle Spell

Flicker: It’s very versatile, you can use it both in aggressive or defensive ways and to quickly put yourself in a better position.
Purify: In a meta full of stuns this could be a better pick.


1) If you want to be as effective as possible DON’T build magic power items on him. He benefits way more from armor items (his 1st skill, passive and ultimate all benefit from having high armor) so just build him like you build other tanks!

2) Your standard combo is: Missles\2nd Skill to slow the opponents and immediately hit them with your 1st Skill to stun them (you have 2s to hit them). Remember that the same target can be stunned by your 1st Skill only every 6 seconds but you can use it on other enemies while you wait for it.

3) Practice the Ultimate in a custom game so you get good piloting it. It marks the difference between.

4) Johnson doesn’t need mana so don’t be conservative when you use your skills, spam them on your enemies! :D

5) The shield from your passive goes on a long 1m15s CD after it procs, you can’t reduce this cooldown with CDR! Make sure to play around it and, if needed, make your allies aware of it.

6) Your first skill can stun any slowed enemies, it doesn’t have to be an enemy slowed by your Missles. If you are laning with another hero with a slow like Rafaela you can use her slow to proc your stun!

7) Your Ultimate can also be used effectively in close combat but you have to be quick! Quickly point your ultimate towards the enemy and click it again to immediately stop the accelaration, if you do this correctly you will charge almost instantly and you will get that AOE stun\damage to connect on the enemies.

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