Clash Royale Princess Ultimate Guide

Clash Royale Princess Ultimate Guide by tvaro

This is my first strategy guide, so I would appreciate it very much if you could read it and tell me what I could improve upon :)


My name is Tom, I’m from the clan ‘RK eSports’, and have played this game for a while now, getting various achievements, such as winning multiple gift card bracket tournaments, being in RPL Europa Top 8, and getting 20 wins. I have around 25000 cards won, so I’m not the best, nor am I that bad. My PB is 5070 as a level 11, having gotten to 4k with 10/7/4/2, 4.6k with 11/8/5/2, and 4.9k with 11/8/-/2. I have incorporated the Princess into very many of my decks since I first got it around December. Now, onto the guide.

Table of Contents

1. What does the princess do, and understanding its role in decks
2. Stats / Numbers
3. Decks
4. Where to place her
5. Substitutions
6. Fun facts
7. Conclusion

What Does the Princess do, and Understanding its Role in Decks

The Princess mainly fits into chip, control and cycle decks, as a long-range attacker which specialises in killing cheap swarm units such as goblin gang and skeleton army. She is also incredibly good at forcing your opponent to make a play; you must counter a princess. She can also help in baiting spells such as the log, or arrows, after which you can punish with card such as goblin barrel, or minion horde. Strictly speaking, she is a siege unit, but the difference between her and x-bow, or mortar, is that she can move. She is also extremely strong if you catch your opponent’s spells out of cycle, and protect her with a cheap tank, such as ice golem or knight. The princess is used as support, mainly (as of now) being used in hog rider and bait decks. However, her role in these two decks is slightly different, as in bait, she is being used to support / control, and (obviously) bait your opponent’s spells. In hog rider decks she is mainly used to kill cheap support such as bats, and force your opponent to go into whichever lane you want them to, and force them to respond to it. Here, she controls as well.
Between professional players, the most skilled card is undisputedly princess, as it involves predictions, timing, and a lot of thought to play her correctly. There is much more to her than just spamming her at the bridge as soon as you get her.

Stats / Numbers

  • The Princess is unlocked at Arena 7 (Royal Arena), or by getting her in a legendary chest.
  • She costs 3 elixir.
  • She is a long-range troop which does area damage.
  • She can shoot Princess towers from your side of the river.
  • At level 1, she has 216 hitpoints, does 140 damage per shot, and does 46 dps.
  • At level 2, she has 237 hitpoints, does 154 damage per shot, and does 51 dps.
  • At level 3, she has 261 hitpoints, does 169 damage per shot, and does 56 dps.
  • At level 4, she has 287 hitpoints, does 186 damage per shot, and does 62 dps.
  • At level 5, she has 315 hitpoints, does 204 damage per shot, and does 68 dps.

Her Strengths:

  • She is very effective against swarms, and most cheap cards, having the ability to take them all out in 1-2 hits (skeletons, ice spirit, goblins, bats, fire spirits, spear goblins, goblin gang, skeleton army, minions, minion horde)
  • She can kill these troops if assisted by the tower, taking little to no damage: ice golem, bomber, archers, dart goblin, mega minion, guards, night witch, musketeer, witch, barbarians, lava hound, three musketeers
  • She synergises very well with zap, and other splash cards, such as ice spirit, fire spirits, ice golem, bomber, tornado, arrows, ice wizard, valkyrie, poison, baby dragon, electro wizard, mortar, fireball, witch, bowler, executioner, bomb tower, wizard, sparky, and mega knight.

Her Weaknesses:

  • Most spells will kill her in one hit
  • If she is targeted onto something else, any troop (apart from those which only target buildings) will kill her with ease
  • She is vulnerable to most ranged / melee units as long as they’re in range


As I briefly discussed earlier, she mainly fits into hog and bait, though she is very strong in mortar cycle as well.
Hog: As of now she is seen in this hog deck:
– Hog
– Ice Golem
– Rocket / lightning
– Mini PEKKA
– Princess
– Ice Spirit
– Log / arrows / zap / tornado – Bats

Her role in this deck is mainly to chip, exert pressure, and to be a strong card on defence against decks such as bait, which this deck would normally struggle against.

Bait: The classic bait deck
– Goblin Barrel
– Princess
– Log
– Rocket
– Ice Spirit
– Goblin Gang
– Inferno Tower
– Knight

Her role in this deck is to bait spells, as well as chip.

Mortar: 2.9 / 3.0 mortar cycle
– Mortar
– Princess
– Skeletons / Goblins
– Ice Spirit
– Knight
– Archers / Electro Wizard
– Log
– Rocket

Her role in this deck is to be placed on defence and gain value. She is often replaced by arrows in this deck, but a well placed princess will do the same job as arrows, as well as still posing a threat on offence / something that you need to respond to.

*Where to place her: *

Generally, on defence her best place is a few tiles in front of the king tower, as that is where she will be closest to the enemies whilst being protected by the princess towers. She is also very good behind the king tower, to protect her from spells.

However, if your tower is going to be lost to a heavy beatdown push with support, it is much safer to place her near the back in the opposite lane.

When going on offence / pressuring, she should obviously be placed by the bridge. Against musketeer, it is good to place her one tile to the outside of the bridge, as that ensures that the musketeer can’t be placed in the other lane and still kill the princess.

Against miner + minion horde / other swarm support, it is imperative to vary your princess placements so that your opponent can’t predict the princess with a miner and take your tower.

You also need to remember that the princess is very fragile and that you should protect her at all costs. Having 2-3+ princesses stacked exerts huge amounts of pressure on your opponents, and they will more often that not have to overcommit in elixir to deal with them.

You always need to place her somewhere away from your other defensive troops, so that your opponent can’t get spell value.

Substitutions – What to Do if you don’t have her

Generally, Princess can be substituted by fire spirits, arrows, zap, tornado, archers and electro wizard. However, in bait, dart goblin is a much better substitution.
– Fire Spirits – same kind of AoE damage, and can be used offensively to chip
– Arrows, Zap, Tornado – Easy way to deal with swarms, can be used on offence and defence
– Electro Wizard – Similar to the spells above, just in troop form along with the spawning zap
– Archers – similar 3 elixir long range attacker

Fun Facts

  • She is the only troop which can shoot the princess towers from your side of the river
  • She has the joint highest splash radius, with sparky
  • She does half the damage of an equal level executioner
  • She does damage which is equal to a fire spirit 2 levels lower than her


Thanks so much for reading! If this does well then it definitely won’t be my final strategy post.

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