WoW Legion Classes Overview Which to Pick Guide

WoW Legion Classes Overview Which to Pick Guide by That_Kawaii_Kid

So it’s been well over a month since Legion launched and a lot of people are looking to reroll, or still haven’t decided a class to play. So I’m here to give you a no nonsense guide on which class will fit you best. This isn’t a guide that’s just going to tell you to “play whatever you like”. I’m going to give you the hard facts on how classes perform, why they do, and a brief overview of why you should or shouldn’t pick each one. I’d like to make this clear before we delve in however, that this is strictly a pve guide. If there is enough support over this kind of guide, I’ll definitely make a pvp one in the future.

Death Knight

Death Knight has two specs available for dps, one being Unholy, and the other being Frost.

Unholy Death Knight has a lot of ranged abilities, especially if specced for it, and has quite a few pets as well. At times they almost feel like a melee caster, and are quite decent in fights that require a lot of movement. I’d suggest this class to you if you want to wear plate, don’t mind being slow, and enjoy a fun but not overly complex rotation. This spec does rely on a bit of rng to play, but not as much as some classes. Currently they are the better of the Death Knight specs and are smack dab in the middle of the rankings in a raid situation. Their single target is leaps and bounds ahead of Frost, while their aoe is nothing to scoff at either.

Frost Death Knights are… well I’m just going to start off by saying are not in a good spot right now. Their dps is some of the worst in the game. However, in some situations they aren’t that bad. They have some of the strongest aoe in the game, and are okay in Mythic dungeons. Their rotation is a bit more hectic than Unholy, and at low gear levels it’s hard or impossible to keep their self buffs up at all times. There isn’t much downtime with the spec, you are going to constantly be mashing buttons, so if you like having a lot of things going on and love seeing your screen light up with procs, then this is the class for you. This being said, I really enjoy the spec, and it looks spectacular. The animations are amazing, and it just feels like you are a walking embodiment of pure frosty wrath. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, and pray for a bit of help from daddy blizzard, I think this spec will be great in the future, although currently I wouldn’t recommend playing them.

The tank spec for Death Knight is Blood. This spec is all about self healing. You have the best self heals out of all the tanks, but for this reason lack much of the other mitigation tools the other tanks have. Because of this, your health is going to go down in huge spikes, but you’ll pop back up again quickly with death strike. Because of this, and your lack of cooldowns, Blood DK can sometimes be very difficult to heal, and is definitely not on the top of the list when it comes to progression tanks. However, their specialty is making trivial content even more trivial. So if you are into running with guildies through content that you slightly outgear, or is just raid content on farm, you’ll love this spec.

Demon hunters

Demon Hunters have only a single dps spec, and this is Havoc. Havoc is a pretty straight forward class to play. Its rotation isn’t that difficult and therefore it’s pretty easy to not stutter when you play. It has really good mobility as well. On fights with a lot of movement you’re going to do really well compared to many other melee classes. It has some of the best aoe dps in the game even after the hotfix, and does really well in Mythic+ dungeons. Their single target damage isn’t anything to scoff at either, and is currently pulling overall around the upper mid tier in Heroic Emerald Nightmare. The only problem with some of their aoe is that it’s tied to cooldowns, but even then it’s really good. Honestly their isn’t a lot to say negatively about Demon Hunters other than the overabundance of them, and melee in general. If you are looking for a solid class but don’t mind being over played, I can definitely recommend the Havoc Demon Hunter.

As for the tank spec, we have Vengeance. Now this spec has also received a few nerfs recently, but is still really good. It, like havoc, also has some really good burst aoe and has pretty decent damage all around, probably some of the highest as a tank. Although they don’t self heal quite as much as death knights, they have way better short cooldown abilities to mitigate damage. This includes physical AND magical damage. Vengeance also has really good mobility, if not the best mobility of all the tank specs. This makes clearing dungeons super fast, and their double jump can make a stupid fall off an elevator just fine. If you’re looking for a good all around tank and really want to shine in Mythic+ dungeons, I don’t think you can go wrong with Vengeance. You get a little bit of everything, without anything being super weak or overly strong. Definitely a solid pick.


Next is Druid which is going to be running a bit long since they can do it all. Whether it be Heals, Deeps, or Tanking you want to do, this is a class that has everything in one package.

For their dps specs they have balance and feral. One being a ranged caster, and the other being melee dps.

Balance is in a pretty good spot right now. Dps-wise it’s smack dab in the middle. They have a lot for every situation, and have several dots. So even in fights with a lot of movement, you’re still going to be pulling some decent dps. Now although they do have dots, they also have one of, if not the hardest hitting spells in the game – Full Moon. If you like to see big, and I mean BIG numbers, then you’ll love this spec. As for Aoe goes, they do have a ton of aoe dps, the problem is that it has a lot of ramp up time. But if you are doing aoe that will actually live for a bit – it’s very solid. Balance’s rotation isn’t super difficult, and is pretty fun to play. It’s quite BALANCED in cooldowns, aoe, dots, single target, and cleave damage. Keep in mind however, if you play this spec – you will be stuck either playing a moon chicken, or a blue astral version of yourself.

Next is Feral. If you want a challenging class to play, this is it. Feral has one of the hardest rotations in the game, but on single target can do very well – coming in at the upper tiers of the dps charts. Their aoe isn’t spectacular, but their cleave is suberb, although difficult to perform. They definitely have their place in a raid environment, but aren’t all that good in Mythic+ dungeons when you really need strong aoe to progress. If you’re looking for a class that can push you mechanically, but will be rewarding when mastered, then this is the spec for you. Also you are a cat. Meow.

Now when it comes to playing healers, their really isn’t that many subpar specs in the game – and druid is pretty fantastic. Restoration Druids really shine in raid environments when they can heal a lot of classes at once, and can keep quite a few people up through large raid wide damage. Most of their heals are HoTs so they don’t deal with spiked damage as well as some of the healers, but have an easier time keeping multiple people up at once. Their mobility is top notch, and a lot of their spells can be cast while moving. If you want to have a more proactive approach to a healer rather than a reactive approach, I think a Resto Druid would be up your alley. A solid choice, and one of the best healers indeed.

Lastly we come to the Tank spec for Druids, Guardian. Oh man, where do we start with Guardian? They have extremely short cooldown abilities that can mitigate physical or magical damage. They have by far the highest health pools out of all the classes – making it hard for them to die from spiked damage, and they have increased healing by healers that is only outshined by a Death Knight using Vampiric Blood! Guardian gets about everything, lacking only in the self heals some of the other tanks get. Their only self heal is on a relatively long cooldown, and is pretty lack luster compared to Dks, Dhs, and Paladins. Their specialty is AoE tanking, and can put out quite a lot of damage doing it. Their single target is excellent as well, and you’ll often see progression guilds running a guardian. This class is great if you love to spam a lot of buttons, as you will be constantly be activating a lot of extremely short mitigation cooldowns as well as spamming your dps rotation, prepare your carpal tunnel. All in all, the Guardian Druid is a really good pick, and definitely one of the best tanks in the game.


Here we have our first class that has nothing but dps specs, and first off is the most iconic type of ranged bow weilder.

Marksmaship. This spec is great for not only single target, not only aoe, but also for cleave damage as well. Infact, your cleave and aoe is practically automatic! Currently this spec is one of the top three raiding specs in the game, and its damage shows that well. The spec has extremely high burst damage, and is great at sniping down adds quickly. I’d say the only downsides that I see to this spec at the moment are somewhat low damage numbers at low gear levels, sometimes prone to bad rng – thus limiting your dps, and sometimes movement can be a problem due to aimed shot. If you are looking to top the charts raiding as a ranged dps, this is an excellent choice.

Now we come to the only other Hunter spec that actually uses a bow – Beast Mastery. Let’s get this out of the way right now, Beast Mastery has one of – if not the easiest rotations in the game. I mean it – you can literally play your spec at your top game by pressing 4 buttons. I’m not sure if Blizzard put this in as an homage to “lol hunter”, but it definitely seems like it. You do have to pay for this in a raid environment however, as BM’s damage is pretty low. Towards the bottom of the list low. However, you make up for this by doing pretty well in Mythic+ dungeons, and outshining Marksmanship by quite a ways. If you are looking for an easy class to play that has high aoe damage and basically unfettered mobility, this is a great choice.

And now we come to the newly redesigned Survival spec. This spec is definitely one of the hardest ones to play in the game, and kind of feels like playing whack-a-mole as you press the correct buttons on the right cooldowns. Unlike some of the other difficult to play specs in the game however, mastering this rotation will not reap you the rewards you are looking for in dps as it is one of the 3 worst performing specs in the game currently. That being said, I can’t really recommend this spec at the moment because of how poorly it’s performing. But if you are really looking for a melee hunter, or to play one of the least played specs in the game, all the power to you.


Mage is another class that only has dps choices, so let’s list these off in order of performance.

First off we have Fire Mage, which you guessed it…uses fire spells! Let’s just get right down to it, and if you’re getting tired of this guide and just want an answer to what caster class you should play – this is it. Fire mage has it all. Excellent burst damage in not only aoe, not only in cleave, but in single target as well. Their sustained damage is through the roof, and is one of the top 3 performing dps specs in the game currently. They are excellent in fights that require a lot of movement as they have some of the highest mobility in the game, and even have a fair amount of spells they can use on the move. When it comes to Mythic+, they are one of the most sought after specs, and their damage top tier. If I had to give a mage any downsides, it might be that they are lacking in self heals, and there might be a lot of them? So I guess you can’t be a special snowflake, although that doesn’t really matter when you’ll still be able to join any guild you want, as most of them are always recruiting ranged dps.

And then we have Arcane Mage – the weird little brother of the mage specs. The spec is currently on the low end of damage, but played right it can do nearly middle of the ground dps. The spec has high burst damage, but they can’t sustain it for that long, and it’s reliant on cooldowns to work properly. It does very well on AoE, but nothing that a Fire Mage can’t do better. If you’re looking for a mage that still can work decently, and aren’t into the fiery balls over your head – this isn’t the worst spec you could pick.

Frost mages. I could just end this section here if I wanted to, and you’d get the idea. They are currently the worst performing spec in the game by a large margin, and are in dire need of improvements. I’m actually not going to go into this spec in any depth because of how poorly they perform. There is no reason to pick Frost Mage currently, unless you really want to shoot frozen peas at monsters.


Monks have three specs going for them. Melee dps, heals, and a tank spec.

When it comes to the Monk’s dps spec, Windwalker – they are in an excellent spot. They are amongst the top dps specs in the game, and are quite fun to play. They have great mobility, absurd aoe damage, and their single target is some of the best in the game. Although their rotation has quite a few buttons in it, everything flows very well and is smooth to play. In raid situations Monks are all around great to have, and especially shine in Mythic+ dungeons. Their self healing is even pretty decent for those clutch moments. I don’t have a lot of bad things to say about WW monk to be honest, they are in a great place right now and are an asset to any group.

Mistweaver is the healing spec for Monks, and you guessed it – they weave…mist. As I said for Restoration Druid – most healer specs are viable and MW is no exception. They have not only excellent single target, but great aoe heals as well. Although they can’t really do both at the same time due to mana constraints. Mistweaver is a great healer to have in most situations as they can adapt to what the group needs at the time. They have great ways to mitigate burst damage taken, and also have powerful heals to bring targets up quickly. I could definitely recommend Mistweaver as a great choice as a healer if you like to have a lot of options at your disposal.

The Monk’s tank spec is the Brewmaster. Brewmaster plays very differently from other specs, as it has a different way to deal with damage. So while other specs are focused on cooldowns like Paladin, absorbing damage like a Warrior, or healing the damage back like a DK – Brewmaster has an ability called stagger. What this does is…well it staggers 40% of the damage you take over 10 seconds. This equates to a very easy to heal tank…or it would be in theory. Unfortunetly in reality, Brewmaster is by far the squishiest of the tanks, and outside of a few strong cooldowns isn’t that effective at the role. The general consensus is that this is the worst tank, and I’ve have to say I agree. I don’t think I could reccomend this spec in its current iteration.


Paladin is another class that have 3 roles. A Tank spec, melee dps spec, and a healing spec.

Let’s start with the healing spec. Paladin’s healing spec is called Holy, and it’s been changed pretty drastically from the other expasions, although it mostly plays the same. The biggest change is that the spec now uses a 2 handed weapon, and can play as a melee healer. In addition it no longer uses holy power, and mastery now increases healing done the closer someone is to you. Now that being said, if you liked playing holy paladin in the past, you can still play it like you did – you don’t have to be a melee healer, and in fact it’s better than you don’t. Holy is excellent at dealing with burst heals, and is a great class to play if you like using a heal, and then seeing the targets health jump up rather than relying on hots and other mechanics. Holy doesn’t have that great of aoe healing, but with beacon of light they have strong “cleave” healing. Holy is one of the strongest healers at the moment, and do their job quite well.

Retribution are Paladin’s dps spec, and has received a buff recently that puts it solidly in the middle of the pack in dps. The playstyle revolves around a simple rotation of abilities that generate holy power, casting a debuff on the enemy, and then unloading your hard hitting spells. Their single target damage is solid, but they are definitely lacking in the aoe department. They can spec into talents that will increase their aoe significantly, but it can be a pain to do this often. They have quite a few defensive abilities, somewhat decent self healing, and a number of “oh shit buttons” that can get you through those close calls. They also have abilities that can be cast on other members of your groups that really save the day if you play it right. Right now Ret Paladins are in a solid spot and have an interesting way to play that is fun and benefits not only watching your own damage, but aiding those in your group. Other than being extremely overplayed, and yet another melee class to compete for spots, I can recommend this class.

Lastly we have Protection, the Paladin’s tank spec. Protection can be a very solid tank, but requires hitting everything precisely. And although their health pool is a bit lower than some other tanks, they have a ton of defensive cooldowns to make up for this in addition to a very well scaling heal that you can cast on other players. They have the best dps of all the tanks at the moment, and can also save other characters with defensive cooldowns in a pinch. They have decent mobility with steed charge as well, and can be immune to roots with blessing of freedom. If I could give the Prot paladin any downside, it’s that it is really reliant on you having a good rotation on your defensive cooldowns and enough haste to make this possible. Other than that, this spec feels and plays great! I have to say that out of all the Paladin specs this one really feels like what I think of when I think of a Paladin. In fact, it might feel the closest to its class fantasy than any other spec in the game! Highly recommended.


Priests are the only class in the game to have two healing specs, both which play quite differently. In addition it also has a unique styled range dps.

Let’s start with the most classic of Priest specs, the Holy Priest. I think Blizzard has tried to make Priest the ideal, basic healer. They have a bit of everything. Whether it be single target healing via casts, instants, hots, raid wide healing, to strong defensive cooldowns, they have it all. The problem being however, is that their healing is just not on par with other healers at the moment. They have a lot of useful tools in their kit, none of which work as well as many of the other healers. Although I don’t think you’ll have a problem playing one, I’d suggest another healer.

Discipline Priest is all about healing your allies by doing damage to enemies. Discipline dps is actually fairly good and this extra dps can make runs go even quicker than usual. To do this, Disc uses damage shields on players, or other healing abilities. This puts a buff on the ally which allows 40% of the damage done by the priest to be converted to healing for those with the buff. It takes quite a bit to get used to, but in my opinion is one of the most unique specs in the game. However, I would be wary of reccomending this spec at the moment if you are looking for a serious healer to play, as they are performing the worst statistically.

Now we get to the classic facemelter, the Shadow Priest. Shadow has been through a lot of changes every expansion, and this one isn’t any different. This time around the class is built around doing damage to gain a new resource called insanity. When you fill this bar you will will enter Voidform which will increase your damage significantly and give you access to different shadow spells. In raid situations Shadow is doing quite well, and is one of the best damage dealers in the game. They really excel on fights that last a long time, but conversely lack any significant damage on short fights. Their aoe is also some of the worst in the game, and they have trouble doing much in Mythic+. All in all I would definitely recommend the spec to those of you that are more just into raiding, and want a really interesting spec to play. It’s very unique, and I think the changing of forms is really fun.


This is another class with only 3 dps options, and they all bring something unique to the table.

Assasination Rogues have recently gotten a buff, and with this are now the best performing spec at a their arsenal. They are a top tier dps in raids, but their lack of aoe makes them very sub par in Mythics. Assassination plays somewhat similar to a Feral Druid in the way they deal damage with damage over time from poison and bleeds. This, in conjunction with high personal mobility makes them one of the most mobile melee classes. They also have many defensive cooldowns and a pretty potent heal on a shorter cooldown. This leads to less time dying, and more time stabbing. All together a very powerful spec that has a fairly simple rotation. Great to play if you like dots.

Outlaw Rogues on the other hand have just recently received a nerf that has made them fall from one of the top 3 performing dps specs, to a middle of the road one. They still are extremely viable, and a pretty interesting class to play. Their rotation isn’t overly complicated, but you must keep an eye on what buffs you have available, and when to properly use your cooldowns. Their spec is somewhat based on rng due to the way Roll the Bones works, but outside of that they are very predictable. Outlaw has strong damage in both single target and aoe, letting them be efficient in both raids and Mythic+. Although they were nerfed, outlaw rogues are still performing well, and are a good choice if you want a non dot oriented build.

Finally we get to Subtlety. Currently this build is sitting just a bit below Assasination, and at low gear levels suffers much more. The build is all about using short cooldowns effectively. There isn’t much to say for Sub as the spec isn’t that viable for anything comparatively to the other specs. It lacks aoe outside its burst cooldowns, and its single target is outshined by either spec. For how it is currently, I’d suggest another Rogue spec for both raid and Mythic+.


Shaman have both a Healing spec, caster spec, and melee dps spec.

Starting the weakest of the specs is Elemental, the caster dps spec. This is one of the easiest specs in the game to play, and is extremely visually interesting. I’ll never get tired of the sound effect as Lava Burst smacks into a target. Elemental is all about burst damage, and it does it well. In Mythic+ dungeons the spec really excels, bringing killer aoe damage, an aoe stun, Bloodlust, a self rez, emergency healing, and kiting potential. On the other side, the spec is very lack luster in raid situations due to much of an Elemental Shaman’s damage falling off on prolonged fight. In these situations, Ele is one of the worst dps specs in the game. As such, I can’t reccomend this class unless you are just in it for the fun, or for Mythic+. If this is the case, it’s been by far one of the funnest specs I’ve played so far this expansion.

Next is the melee dps spec, Enhancement. Enhancement brings most of what Elemental brings to the table in raid utility, but performs exceptionally. It is currently one of the top 3 dps specs in the game in raid conditions. Enhance has a fairly simple rotation, only needing to keep a few buffs up at a time, and otherwise using maelstrom dumps to do damage. Their single target is currently the highest in the game, and with a minor tweak to their rotation they can pull very good aoe numbers as well. Although they are relatively squishy, you can sacrifice dps for instant proc heals. If you are looking for a great melee dps that isn’t difficult to get into, Enhancement is a great pick.

Restoration is Shaman’s healing spec. Resto is a pretty versatile healer, but really shines in 5 mans due to how chain heal works. They have many abilities that make casting while moving easy, including a cooldown that will let you cast while moving for 15 seconds, making them only outshined in this regard by druids. Shaman’s specialty is their ability to deal with spike damage due to their mastery healing injured targets for more the lower their health is. I think Resto is a really great healer for Mythic+ due to their strong burst heals with chain heal, their utility from Bloodlust and Wind Rush Totem, and their ability to do decent damage when it’s needed. All around another great healing class that I could recommend to anyone.


Warlocks have 3 dps roles that all feel completely different than each other. However, being different doesn’t always mean good.

Affliction is the Warlock’s damage over time spec. It can dot multiple enemies at once for good cleave damage, and has the best mobility out of the three specs. Affliction really suffers due to ramp up times however, in most dungeons enemies will die long before the Warlock’s dots have had any time to do any significant damage. In addition, the Artifact keystones are bad, including the active ability as they all require enemies to die for any usage. At the moment Affliction is not only the worst performing Warlock spec, it also is one of the worst performing specs in both raiding and Mythic+ dungeons.

Destruction focuses on hard casting hard hitting spells, and really shines on cleave fights. Destruction is very good at killing a few enemies at a time, and can switch targets at will with no downsides. As most of their casts require them to be stationary at the moment however, they are hit pretty hard with any fights that require mobility. Currently they are sitting in the middle of the back in both raids and Mythic+, but it is definitely a solid spec. If you enjoy casting fire spells and don’t want to play a Fire Mage, Destruction just might be the class for you.

Finally we have Demonology which is the Warlock’s pet spec. Although the build is centered around summoning demons to aid you, it doesn’t feel like a traditional pet class like in other games. This is due to a spell called Demonic Empowerment which buffs your pets and must be cast after every summon. This at points makes you feel more like a slave to your pets rather than a master of Demons. Almost every spell a Demo Lock casts is hard cast, and the spec suffers more than any other dps spec in the game from movement fights. That being said, even with movement, Demonology is doing solid dps and is sitting at middle of the pack. In fights with no movement however, Demonology can pull very significant numbers and can top the charts. They are decent in Mythic+ as well if specced for aoe. I’d say that if you are looking for a pet class in the game, this would be the one and is currently a solid – although slightly annoying class to play.


Warriors have 2 dps specs and one tank spec, and are the quintessential no gimicks fighters.

Regarded for the first 2 expansions to be the only real tanks in the game, Protection has changed much since then. Until the recent hotfix, Protection Warriors were out performing all other tanks in the game by a large margin, however they are now more in line with the others – but are still in a great spot. Through their block chance, ignore pain ability, and other cooldowns, Prot has a very predictible and smooth way to tank – they are very easy for healers to heal, as their health doesn’t spike much. They are the only tank spec in the game currently that doesn’t have any significant self heals, opting for a damage shield instead. At the moment Warrior is still one of the best tanking specs in the game for raids, but falls off quite a bit for Mythic+. I can definitely recommend this spec if you are into a traditional sword and board type tank.

Fury is the first of the Warrior dps specs, one that dual weilds two handed swords to deal damage. At the moment, Fury is the second worst performing spec in the game, and I would not suggest that you play it. In addition to their low damage, their main mechanic Enrage also makes them take 30% increased damage and makes for a squishy character. In the future however, they have many tools to perform extremely well in Mythic+ and the damage potential to fare well in raids as well. Atm however, I would steer clear.

And finally we come to Arms Warrior, the classic big armored dude with a huge sword. Arms is a pretty straight forward class, and doesn’t use an overly complex rotation – although it can be made more so when you are using the ideal talents. Their single target dps has been nerfed recently, but is still very strong and sitting at the mid to upper tiers. The spec does have decent aoe, but only in burst – so they don’t perform very well in Mythic+ dungeons. There isn’t much to say about the class, it’s a solid pick if you enjoy swinging a giant sword and being decked out in huge armor.

Best in role breakdown

So there is the basic run down of how every class is performing at the moment, and a very brief description of what they do. This next section will be where I’m just going to get into it and state my choice for the “best” class in each role. Keep in mind, that these opinions are just mine – but have came from my experience of currently having 5 level 110s and hundreds of hours put into legion. I’ll be keeping in mind the performance and fun factor for each class, and its ability to not only do raids, but Mythic+ as well.


Let’s start with our ranged dps classes. My runner ups would be Demonology Warlock and Marksman Hunter. Demonology is performing quite well during non movement fights and has a very cool aesthetic. The problem being that almost every fight in the game has movement, and this really shuts down the class. In addition, having to buff your minions every single time you cast them can get exhausting. Marksman is doing very well right now, and can top the charts in raids easily. It’s a really fun spec to play, and it’s just super satisfying to see those numbers.

My honorably mention here will be Elemental Shaman. Although they are doing really bad in raids, they are one of the best classes to bring to Mythic+. My main reason to mention them however, is how satisfying they are to play. The smooth rotation, awesome visuals, and the satisfying thud to their Lava Burst has made them my favorite class to play in Legion so far.

And the winner for ranged dps by leaps in bounds is… Fire Mage! This spec has performed well since the launch of Legion, and has consistantly topped the charts in not only Raids, but Mythic+ as well. They have excellent aoe whether be burst or sustained, as well as burst and sustained single target dps. Combine this with excellent mobility, a rather simple rotation, and lots of tools to help them – it’s a clear winner in my book.


Next up is melee dps. My runner up here is Enhancement Shaman, and for good reason. They have a satisfying but non overly complex rotation, can do monstrous dps in burst, sustained, and aoe. In addition they offer a lot of utility to the raid. Currently they are one of the top dps specs in the game, and could definitely fit the role of my top pick.

The winner however is going to Assassination Rogues. Assassination has so many tools in its kit for just about every situation. Fights with lots of moment that can really inhibit other melee aren’t an issue for the spec, something that can be really frustrating with other classes. Their single target damage is some of the best in the game, and is extremely satisfying to play. Their aesthetics are awesome, and the new animations and sounds play amazingly in their hands. They are all around a great spec to play, and you won’t regret choosing the class if you are looking for some melee dps.


Healers were a hard choice because of how effective they all are in most situations. Therefor I’ll leave the runner up part for this section empty, as in my book – they all are second place. I’m going to give the first place spot to Restoration Druids. Resto has all the benefits in healing of all the other specs save for somewhat of a lack of burst healing – a detriment that isn’t a huge issue when you have so many hots rolling. Their ability to have near infinite mobility, a combat rez, and lots of other utility really bring them into the front in my opinion.


Finally we have tanks. This one was pretty straight forward for me as well, but I’m going to give the runner up to Warriors. I could place first and second place very close to each other – if not tied, however the performance of our first place winner vastly outshines the other. And this first place is Guardian Druid! Guardian has the most hp out of all the tanks, has self heals, has not only physical but also magical damage mitigation buffs with no cooldowns, and also comes with some of the best aoe threat in the game. They are the ideal tank for not only Raids, but Mythic+ as well – and get my top choice for tanks.

And now that we have all that over with, let’s do one “best class” for fun. Going over this list it’s fairly obvious who the choice will be, and that is the Druid. Druids are currently the best tank and healer in the game, and also have some of the best single target damage with Feral, along with Boomkins who are performing middle of the pack as well. You can have everything you need under one character, and if you play a Druid – I guarantee you won’t be let down.

Thank you all for reading my guide! Hopefully this helped some of you out in picking a main, or at least gave you a brief run down on how most of the classes are faring at the moment.

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