WoW WoD Dungeons Tips

WoW WoD Dungeons Tips by caughtus

–Bloodmaul Slag Mines–

Magmolatus and Forgemaster Gog’duh

Kill the adds quickly and then resume dealing damage to bosses.

Slave Watcher Crushto

Simple don’t stand in the fire type of fight. Kill adds.


Don’t stand in fire, get out of the way of the rolling boulders.


Group up. Move as a group when Magma Eruption is cast. Kill Unstable Slags immediately.

–Iron Docks–

Fleshrender Nok’gar

Kill his wolf mount first. DPS boss. Move when he calls for archers. Don’t stand in fire.

Grimrail Enforcers

Kill order is Ahri’ok Dugru, then Makogg Emberblade, and then Neesa Nox. Temporarily switch dps when Ahri’ok casts Sanguine Sphere.


Burst DPS on boss when he casts Feeding Frenzy. Kill adds immediately.


Kill Koramar initially, then focus damage on Skulloc, while avoiding Zoggosh’s Rapid Fire attacks. Before Cannon Barrage he will knock you back. Hide behind crate during Cannon Barrage and them move back toward boss.


Vigilant Kaathar

Move when Hallowed Ground spawns on you. When he casts Consecrated Light, hide behind the Holy Shield.

Soulbinder Nyami

Kill the adds quickly and then resume dealing damage to Nyami. When Nyami summons a Soul Vessel, move to its epicenter to avoid taking damage.


Phase one- Spread out. DPS boss. Phase 2- Kill adds. Focus fire on Pyromaniacs and interrupt Felblasts. Repeat till boss is dead


Spread out. Don’t stand in fire. His abilities change depending on which warlock soul he takes. Dispel the following effects: Drain Life, Corruption, Curse of Exhaustion, Immolate. Do not dispel Unstable Affliction. Interrupt the following spells: Drain Life, Rain of Fire, Chaos Bolt and Incinerate.



Move out of the way of the Windwall before it spawns. When he casts Four Winds, find a clear spot and move with it.


DPS race. Burn down as fast as possible. When Energize is cast, stand in beam so boss doesn’t heal. Person in beam will take extra damage.


Tank must stay on boss or heavy AOE will occur. Kill solar flares immediately. Don’t stand next to them when they die because they explode. Don’t let them get close to piles of ashes on ground.

High Sage Viryx

Tank boss at door. When you get Cast Down on you, run towards center of platform so DPS can burst down Solar Zealot. Run away from group if you get Lens Flare. Switch DPS to Skyreach Shield Construct when spawned.

–Shadowmoon Burial Grounds–

Sadana Bloodfury

Do not step on purple runes. You will die! Switch DPS to the Defiled Spirit while Sadana is channeling Dark Communion. Do not let it reach her. Obtain a Lunar Purity buff by standing on a Lunar Rune during Dark Eclipse. Avoid Daggerfall!


Nhallish is a repeating two-phase encounter, during which players will be transported to a void realm and must recapture their soul by defeating and looting a Possessed Soul. The rest of the fight just DPS the boss. Stay spread out and don’t stand in void pools.


Stand in the Necrotic Pitch pools during Inhale. Ranged DPS should stand near the boss so that Necrotic Pitch is dropped in a convenient location for the tank and melee DPS. Stay away from them during the rest of the fight. Avoid Body Slam. If you get knocked in water, take the waterjet back up.


Tanks must point Malevolence away from the party at all times, ranged DPS must move away from Omen of Death quickly, and melee DPS must be careful while attacking the Ritual of Bones to avoid taking fatal damage from the Ritual of Bones effect. Focus all DPS on one Ritual of Bones to create a clear spot to stand in. Ranged DPS stand on edges during rest of fight.

–Grimrail Depot–

Rocketspark and Borka

Rocketspark will occasionally fly up into the air and become untargetable, channeling X21-01A Missile Barrage; the tank must interrupt this by pointing Borka in Rocketspark’s direction so that Borka’s Mad Dash strikes Rocketspark and knocks him down. When one of the two bosses dies, the other boss becomes more powerful. Players should attempt to deal damage evenly to both bosses to shorten the duration of this final, dangerous phase.

Nitrogg Thundertower

Spread out in the beginning. At 60% he jumps in Assault Cannon. Kill and Quickly loot Grom’kar Boomer adds to gain a Blackrock Mortar Shell and use the Blackrock Turret to fire a Homing Shell at the Assault Cannon. Hit it 3 times to eject Nitrogg. Loot grenades off the Grom’kar Grenadier’s and use them on adds. DPS boss.

Skylord Tovra

This is a very straightforward fight. Players must move away from Freezing Snares, avoid standing in the path of Spinning Spears, and move out of the Diffused Energy pools created when Rakun flies overhead and casts Thunderous Breath. Just stay mobile.



Phase 1- Kite vines from Unchecked Growth away from tank towards rear of area. When Witherbark reaches 0 energy he enters Phase 2. Phase 2- Witherbark takes double damage. DPS him down. Ignore globules.

Ancient Protectors

Kill order is Gola, then Telu, then Dulhu. Use interrupts and stuns on Gola to prevent heals.When fighting Telu, after Gola is dead, use interrupts and stuns to prevent his spells. Move out of Bramble Patch if it spawns on you. Stop attacking an enemy if they receive the Briarskin buff. This fight requires lots of dispels and interrupts.

Xeri’tac (Optional)

Prioritize Gorged Bursters first, then Toxic Spiderlings, then Venom Sprayer. DPS Venom-Crazed Pale Ones down to 20% and wait for her to begin casting Consume before you kill them. Be careful not to be hit by her Descend. If fixated by a Gorged Burster, run away to avoid triggering its Burst.

Archmage Sol

Interrupt Fireball, Frostbolt, and Arcane Burst casts to help the tank move Sol away from dangerous effects. Move away from Fireblooms when they spawn near you. Jump over the expanding ring of flames from Firebloom to avoid taking damage from it. Move out of the area of effect of Frozen Rain. Interrupt Parasitic Growth in order to transition Sol to the next phase, if desired.


Quickly kill the Swift Sproutling packs when they spawn, and use AoE stuns on them if you can. Move out of Colossal Blow to avoid being stunned and heavily damaged. Trample the nearby unsprouted Feral Lashers during Genesis. Destroy Entanglement cast on mages.

–Upper Blackrock Spire–

Orebender Gor’ashan

During Power Conduit, jump down and disable the Rune Conduits.While deactivating Rune Conduits, players must also dodge the two Electric Pulses which rotate quickly around the perimeter of the room. Stay on platform during rest of fight.


Kill the two Drakonid Monstrosity adds first, then Kyrak. Interrupt Kyrak’s Debilitating Fixation when possible. Dispel Kyrak’s Rejuvenating Serum, if possible. Move out of Vileblood Serum puddles. Melee DPS should avoid being in front of the Drakonid Monstrosity, to avoid Monstrous Swipe.

Commander Tharbek

Dodge the Ironbarb Skyreaver’s Incinerating Breath and Noxious Spit, as well as Tharbek’s Iron Reaver charge and the Imbued Iron Axes that wander around the room. Tharbek will target random players with Iron Axe bleeds, which cannot be avoided and deals significant damage.

Ragewing the Untamed

During Ragewing Whelp phases, AoE the Whelps and stay out of Fire Storm. Run to the opposite side of the bridge for Engulfing Fire. Move away from Magma Spit pools. When Ragewing lands on the platform after the second Whelp phase, stay behind her Remove Ragewing’s Burning Rage (an Enrage effect) if possible

Warlord Zaela

Ranged DPS should stay spread out to minimize Rebounding Blade damage. If targeted by Black Iron Cyclone, kite Zaela away from allies. If targeted by Chain Pull, move away from the adds once you land, but be mindful of Burning Breath. Avoid standing in Burning Breath. Tank Pick up the Black Iron Wyrm Riders when they land, and drag them out of the Emberscale Ironflights’ Burning Breath

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