World of Tanks Grinding IS-7 and IS-4 Lines Guide

World of Tanks Grinding IS-7 and IS-4 Lines Guide by intellectual

Hello, my nickname on game is INTELLECTUAL_ and i play on NA server, and yep, im just a greenish player, and today i have some free time here, so i decide start make some guides to help anybody starting on this broken and unbalanced but addictive game called WoT, have a more easy life.

So… i generally have a lot of problems in the past, making BAD decisions grinding my tanks basically making choices by impulse. Because of this, i go try make a “guide” series of how grind tanks without waste a lot of free-xp and enjoy the grind’s with every tank. If you have some new friend have troubles with the grinds, maybe show this, can help.

Why IS-4 and IS-7 line togheter? Because both lines help each other immensily. I strongly recommend you, grind both lines at same time, because your life go be much less miserable and dont make your teams miserable with you sucking because your tank cant do shit.

ANYWAYS. If you are a new player and want all the russian bias of game in one package, or is just a purple who dont like russian bias and only play the m48 patton for 45k games, but now want feel dirty… welcome to the IS’s lines.

How grind a IS-7 and IS-4 from the completely zero with efficiency

1- MS-1 (tier I).

Yep, play some games on it. Buy the t26

2 – T26 (tier II)

  • Unlock all the guns and the motor (you go use them in a lot of other tanks). Grind the t46

3 – t46 (tier III).

  • Mount the Zis 19 from previous tank
  • You need unlock the 76mm L10 for the T-28. If you want, you can try grind everything with the Zis 19, and unlocking the turret, and the gun, without mount both, and go direct for the t28, because if you want mount the gun, you go need the tracks. Anyway, is your choice. The tracks costs 340xp and go allow you use the 76mm L10. Personally i recommend unlock the tracks.
  • (optional) keep the t46, and unlock the 45 mm VT-42, and grind the t50 too, so you have a way to t-34 (obj 140 etc lines).
  • Waste of XP: The 37 mm Automatic SH-37 can be grinded much more easily in other lines, and you dont go use it anywhere in the IS’s line, and the motor is only for this tank.
  • Make your way to t-28

4- t-28 (Tier IV)

  • Mount the 76mm L10.
  • Research ONLY the second motor (you go earn 50hp with for a low research price)
  • Research the Gun 57 mm ZiS-8.

(!) I know, the tank feels like a shit yet to pen things, but you have a good motor to flank things, keep working direct to the to the Gun 57 mm ZiS-4.

  • Research the Gun 57 mm ZiS-4. Is expensive (2100xp), but worth, because this is one of the top guns of the t34. This gun go be used in a lot of other tanks in the russian tech tree too.
  • (optional) If you have the top gun now, research the turret, you got more HP and more view range.
  • You dont need the tracks to anything
  • Make you way to the KV-1 researching the other motor (this motor go be shared with a lot of another tanks too)(strongly recommeded optional) – After research the KV-1, keep the t28, and research all the modules on the t-28, and keep the crew on it. Elite the tank, use the crew acceleration, and play it. This tank is one of the most good tanks at tier 4, and go make you learn use the speed to win games and prepare yourself to high tiers medium gameplay. As a bonus, you can grind a good crew on it, to use in future on the mediums line. So, keep this giant thing on your garage, and grind the crew with the double. Go worth in the future. And before you ask, grind sixth sense and camo in all the rest at first. This is the best choices for russian mediums. Snap shoot and smooth ride after this and whatever. This configuration is not ideal for the t28, but is good for the other mediums.

5- KV1 (tier V)

Yay. Your first heavy.

  • When you see the tech tree, your first desire is get the 85mm F-30 or the derp. But sorry to say, both go be the last things you go research, but this is happen because i want make the things more easy to you.
  • First of all, unlock the Gun 57 mm project 413. This gun have good penetration, fast rate of fire but low alpha. But dont worry, the gun handling on it is nice and you go pew pew everything. You can pen even a O-I with the gold and all tier 7 heavies if you need. 189 is a lot of pen dude!. 110 pen is enough to a lot of things in your tier and tier 6.
  • Research the cheap second motor for a boost of 50hp. Dont research the third yet.
    • Research the tracks, the turret and, if you want, the 85 mm F-30 (you need tracks for both). This gun have more alpha and pen, but less handling. If you like the 57 mm project 413 (pew pew), you can use it on the top turret without any problem. The main perk is the increase on HP (590 to 640). The problem about the 85 mm F-30, is because it is used only in KV-1 and KV-3. If you want more “punch” to grind the 3 tanks (kv-1s, t-150, and kv-2), you can grind and use this gun, but rememeber, you dont go use it in any other relevant tank

(not recommended optional because make the grind longer). If you like the derp’s, you can unlock the 122mm. But is not cheap, and the other options of the guns, are best to you learn pen things, because this is the way the things go work on high tiers. Anyway, is personal, but use a T-150 with derp is retarted, dont go work like in tier 5. So dont be addicted to the derps early on.

  • Anyway, now you have a workable KV-1 with a pew pew gun or with the 85mm . And we have a lot of choices of what do now. I go try show the way more easy to you. For me, the best choice is grind direct to the t-150 (6.2), because is the more “economic” way.
  • Before the walltext (tl:dr you go research the t-150), end the rest of t-150 grind. Research the tank.
  • DONT sell the KV-1, keep grind the KV-1S and KV-2. Dont have credits to buy the T150 or KV-2 and want sell the KV-1? Grind the KV-1S and KV-2 first and sell only after you research all the tanks.

——————–THIS IS WHEN THE GRIND START GOING IN 3 (2) WAYS———————————————-

The main thing here, is get the modules on one line (IS4), and use in other line (IS7), and vice-versa in effective way.

You have basically 3 options, after your work with the KV1:

Progression Via KV-2

Progression Via KV-1S

Progression Via T-150

I go talk only about the KV-2 and the T-150 options, because the KV-1S stock is really bad because of the stock gun.

6.1 KV-2 option tier VI

This option is by far the most easy option to grind the top gun on t-150 and the motors not only for the KV-1S and t-150 but for a lot of tanks. Just because the KV-2 is a powerful tank, with no problems with penetration, because it can use the derp 152mm, the grind generally is enjoyable. But is the most expensive option. You go need buy the KV-2, and after buy the KV-2, buy the t-150. And this means: more crews, equipments and whatever.

Anyway, if you choose this option:

  • Grind the 152mm.
  • Grind the turret
  • Grind all the motors (motors for t-150,, KV3’s and a lot of shits)
  • Grind the 107mm Zisssssss (top gun of t-150)
  • You dont need the tracks

6.2 T-150 option (tier VI) without pass by the KV-2

This is the fast way to go to kv-3 and more economic, but the start is hard, because you need grind the 107mm in the tank itself

  • Mount the 57mm project from the KV1.
  • Here, a advice. This is the second worst part of grind the 2 entire lines. Here, and the KV-4 stock, but first things first.
  • Lets talk about O-I’s and the start with the 57mm. Here is the deal, you need gold ammo to pen O-I’s. They go be the bane of your existence in this grind for some time, thanks to the great WG balance departament. But you have armor and rate of fire. Try support your O-I’s, and if alone against one, outdpm it (outdpm is basically, make damage more faster in side of enemy, if the O-I, shoot you for 450 dmg, and reload in 15 sec, you make 85 dmg every 2 sec, and in 15 seconds, you go do 630 dmg!). But you go need some gold ammo if you try frontally. Sorry to say. Anyway, the 57mm have 189 pen gold ammo and a giant ROF, use it. Is pen enough to pen every other heavy in our tier. Just to show some numbers to you, the DPM (damage per minute) with the 57mm is 2.3k, and the DPM of a IS-6 (yes, the mightly tier 8), is 2k. So, dont be fooled by the low alpha. And the 110 standart pen is enough to pen a lot of medium tanks in your tier and bully the low tier heavies. In this phase, try get a advantage and use the artys in your favor or flanking to deal with O-I’s whenever is possible without need gold ammo.
  • Grind the 85 mm S-31. This gun hit for 160 alpha, have worst handling, have more base pen (119), and worst gold in side of the 57mm (159 pen). The weakspots on O-I have 150~mm. Is your choose. If i need choose a gun, i go keeping using the 57mm.
  • In any case, is time to continue grind the t-150. Go for the tracks. After grind the tracks, go for turret and finally to the majestic 107mm zissss (you need the tracks). This gun have 300 alpha, 167 standart pen and 219 apcr pen. You can pen OI’s without gold ammo, and pen a lot of tier 8’s with your APCR. Is the first gun where you start feel how high tiers work.
  • After grinding the gun, just go for the motors and grind your way to the KV-3.

6.3 T-150 option (tier VI) with the KV-2

If you have played the KV-2, and have all modules:

  • Mount the 57mm.
  • Mount the second motor researched in KV-2
  • If you like the 85mm, research it first. If not, research the tracks to get some traverse boost first.
  • Research the turret and mount the 107mm zissssss.
  • Research the motors and make your way to research the KV-3.

————————— KV-3 Dilemma ——————————–

After you pass the t-150, you can try buy the KV-3 and play it. But here we have some problems.

This tank is slow, very slow, and with the 107mm Zisss, you go have bad trades against IS’s and t29’s. They go have 390 and 320 alpha, and you 300 for example. And your armor is not enough to hold the other tier 7 heavies.

Because of this, i recommend stop when the research of kv-3 is completed, and now, start the KV-1S line. Our intention here, is going direct to KV-85 get the 122mm and at same time, short the way to the IS-7.

7 KV-1s (tier V)

So here we go, back to the tier V.

The things are a lot more simple now.

  • Mount the 85mm researched from the t-150
  • Research and mount the turret
  • Research the top motor.
  • If you want, research the derp, but this gun is only used in this tank. It’s personal
  • Grind your way to the KV-85

8 KV-85 (Tier VI)

The KV-85 is a fast heavy. So you need take advantage on this to compensate the lack of armor.

  • Mount the top motor researched from KV-1S
  • Research and mount the turret
  • Now, you can choose between 100mm and 122mm to research. I strongly recommend you research the 100mm first, and use it to grind the entire tank. Is much more reliable, have better handling and a good pen.
  • But the 122mm? The 122mm is the treasure. After you mount the 100mm, start grind this gun.
  • SHOULD I USE THIS MAJESTIC 122mm BIG GUN TO DESTROY EVERYFHING???/. No! The 122mm is the main gun of tier 7’s. But is terrible on KV-85, principally on the hand of inexperienced players. The reload is giant, the handling is terrible. The best option by far is the 100mm. The KV-85 is useful to grind this weapon to enter in the tier 7 with a good gun, but not to use it by itself.
  • After grind the 122mm, start research the IS.
  • (optional) research the tracks and radios, generally is better research the radios later, just because they are expensive to low tiers. The tracks help on traverse.

——————————- IS AND KV3 —————————

The kv-85 is a landmark on any russian grinding, because it have access to the infamous 122mm.

Now, you have grinded this gun, is safe to start play the IS and the KV-3, and dont hurt your teams with stock configurations.

Well, so what do first? IS or KV3?

IMO, you should start with the KV3, but you can make both at same time, is all on you. But why the kv3? The armor on KV-3 is not the greatest, but is a more slow tank, and slow tanks generally have better bloom (the aim circle getting big). This go help you get familiar with the 122mm guns and the extra armor go give you some bounces too.

9.1 KV-3 Tier VII

  • Mount the 107mm Zisssss.
  • Research and mount the turret.
  • Mount the 122mm d-2-5t
  • Fell the power of the gun, hitting impossible shots guided by stalin itself.
  • Grind the 122mm d-25t for better reload (you can use this gun on IS too)
  • Grind the motors
  • Grind everything else, before go to KV-4. (all the guns on kv3 are used elsewhere)

9.2 IS Tier VII

Basically the grind is the same. You grind better “122mm’s”. For this, you need the turret’s. But dont need the tracks, like the KV3. You probably want grind the motor first, even before the better 122mm, just because the increase on mobility is great.

  • Remember, grind the motor before go to the IS-3, as the top motor of IS is the same on IS-3

———————————————– IS-3 and KV-4———————————–

So, after you research both lines, is time to get on tier 8. The main concern here, is get more penetration to your guns. The 122mm with the 175 base pen, and the 217 gold pen, is not enough to the tier 9’s and 10’s.


10.1 IS-3 Tier VIII

Your IS-3 stock, have armor enough to bully all the low tiers, but to make this tank really powerful, you need the BL-9.

  • Mount the top motor from the IS
  • Mount your gun of choice, i prefer the 122mm instead of 100mm.
  • You can choose grind the BL-9 gun ASAP. After you get the gun, your life go be a lot more easier. But you can research the turret first, for more HP, better gun handling and a little more view range. Is your choice. The turret research is 1/4 of the gun.
  • Research the tracks for better traverse and to mount equipment.
  • Make your way and research the T-10.

10.2 KV-4 Tier VIII

The majestic KV-4. This tank when top tier is probably the Maus of the tier. When Stock, you have a strong hull, but have a bad turret. So

  • Mount your researched gun of choice
  • Research the tracks
  • Research the turret and mount it
  • (optional, but strongly recommended) You can make all the grind to the ST-1, without grind the top gun. The top gun, is a 107 Zis-24 used ONLY in the kv-4. The research cost is 44k. But dont forget, the grind to the ST-1, is 166k. The gun have a decent handling, ideal for medium range engagements, and have a gold pen of 289! This is basically a tier 10 TD pen. This gun help a lot grind this tank.
  • After this, make your way for the ST-1

————————ST-I and T-10————————-

If you follow this entire guide, and have the important modules unlocked, now we have a situation where you need play one tank first. And the first is the ST-I. But why?

One of the biggest mistakes people do grinding the russian heavies (IMO), are not grind 122mm M62 via ST-I before play the T-10.


Just because the ST-1, can use the BL-9 of IS-3 with the top turret, and the turret of this tank is just one of the best turrets in the game. Trades with 390 instead 440 in a tank like t10, without decent armor, dont worth. So is best go for the ST-I first, where you can grind the m62 using the stallium turret at same time.

11.1 ST-I

VERY IMPORTANT: Dont buy or play the ST-1 without grind the IS-3 BL-9 first. NEVER play this tank with the d25t’s because you go hurt your teams. The ST-I is probably the main reason why i grind this 2 lines together, and the BL9 is the cause. But the ST-I as a gentleman, help you a lot, making the grind of the 122mm m62 much more easier.

  • Your main concern is get the top turret. The ST-I is the top turret.
  • Mount the BL-9 and start grind the tracks
  • After grind the tracks, go for the turret
  • With the turret, start grinding the 122mm m62.
  • Finally, research the motor.
  • Make your way to the IS-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

11.2 T-10

Now you have the 122mm M62, you just go reckt everything with this 440 alpha.

  • Mount the 122mm M62
  • Go for the turret
  • Go for the Motor
  • Go for the tracks
  • Maybe radios?
  • Make your way to IS-7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

IS4 and IS7, what buy first?

If you dont have much crews, maybe this can be important to you

  • The entire IS-4 line basically use 2 loaders, with exception of the… IS4. And the entire IS-7 line, use one loader, with exception of the IS-7 (use 2).

So, if you want a better crew management, just buy the IS-4 first. After this, buy the IS-7 and put the extra loader from the ST-1, on it. With this, you dont go have to grind a new loader to the IS-7.

So its done. I really expect this helping someome. Feel free to correct my english and anything. If you want post this in another place, feel free.

My free time here on this fucking airplane is done, and maybe i go do another guide like this one another day, using the chinese line or the medium russian line. As a veteran player, i remember how bad for me, are choose what grind on the start, and how grind, and maybe this go help.

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