Pokemon Go Training Guide

Pokemon Go Training Guide by trainerscruffmcgruff

This is a how to guide from a beta tester and current level 13 trainer. I will cover basics, questions asked provide some screen shots, and random details.

Lets start off with character creation. You will be asked to choose a male or female avatar and there will be several options to accessorize them. CHOOSE CAREFULLY, YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT AT A LATER TIME.


You will then be asked to pick a trainer name. CHOOSE WISELY YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT AT A LATER DATE. Also there cannot be duplicate names.

You will then be given the chance to complete a small tutorial, and capture you first starter pokemon. CHOOSE WISELY, YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE. They all exist in the wild though, so do not panic.


You will then be asked to check out a Pokestop.https://i.imgur.com/1YInUI6.png The blue floating box is a pokestop. You approach it, click on it Spin the image, and click the items that spawn. You can revisit a pokestop every 5 minutes. No limit on how many times.

This is truly the meat and potatoes basics of the game, go to pokestops, capture pokemon on the way.

As seen in the screen shot above, pokemon will just appear on your screenonce you get close to them. Click on them and a capture scene will engage.

You have options to engage in ar encounters https://i.imgur.com/A2ySHbY.png which IMO are harder to capture because of added variables, or to use a static background to capture them https://i.imgur.com/Oonky5Z.png . This can be changed with ease using the ar toggle in the top right during any encounter. Now lets talk about leveling. There are 4 ways to get exp. Capturing pokemon, hatching eggs, visiting pokestops, and evolving.

Capturing a pokemon is worth 100 exp, 500 bonus exp for capturing the first of that type, and 10-100 bonus exp for nice great excellent throws. Pokestops are worth 50 exp. I am not sure what the exp for evolving and hatching is, but it is significant. If you are going to purchase lucky eggs (double exp) and incense (draw random pokemon to you) I would do it early rather than later to capitalize on doubling the 500 bonus exp.

To hatch an egg, you must put it in an incubator. This is straight forward. Click your pokemon button, swipe the screen and see your eggs. click on one, and select what incubator you want to use. Walk the stated distance 2km 5km 10km and it will hatch eventually. You can hold/incubate up to 9 eggs at a time.

You will get items every time you level. A special note, great balls become unlocked at level 12. Here are a few screen shots of items gained at some levels. Note, you can get store items as rewards for leveling.

Nothing changes until level 5. At this point you will get to choose a team when you get to a gym. Red Blue or Yellow. There is some flavor text difference in teams, but nothing of subsequent at this point. PICK CAREFULLY YOU CANNOT CHANGE TEAMS.

Now gym battles, are the attempt at pvp for the game. You can battle any gym enemy or team. https://i.imgur.com/UTFFqmH.png This is a gym. Gyms gain prestige for being fought by your own team, and lose it if an enemy team fights it. Lose all your gyms prestige and you lose ownership of it and your pokemon are returned to you.

The closer your cp is to the cp of the pokemon in the gym, the more exp and prestiege you will get for winning. 100 seems to be the minimum you can gain.

This is a gym battle. https://i.imgur.com/rIfST0x.png Type differences matter for effectiveness. To battle you simply tap on the screen. Once a bar below your health bar is filled you long press the screen to activate your secondary attack. This consumes the bar. You can dodge attacks by swiping your pokemon left or right, but honestly I suck at this, and I cannot tell if it is me or the game.

You cannot use upgrade evolve or give to professor oak any pokemon in a gym, and a pokemon must be at full hp to be placed in the gym.

Besides pvp there is a valuable bonus for controlling gyms. This is called the defender bonus. You gain 10 coins every 21 hours per gym, up to 100 coins for having pokemon placed on gyms. You also recieve up to 5000 Stardust, which is used to increase the cp of pokemon.

Now lets talk about cp. Cp stands for combat power. It is a measure of a pokemons strength. It varies from pokemon to pokemon, and you can increase it by using candies and stardust. I personally would advise you not to use any in the begining, and to save your candies for evolves.

If you evolve a pokemon, the cp will increase, but it will stay relative on the cp curve.


The cp curve for all your pokemon grows as you level as a player. Since we are talking about leveling pokemon and cp here, I will note, you get 3 candies per capture, you also get candies and dust for hatching(those are randomized) and 1 candy for giving your pokemon to professor oak.

I have seen candy values to evolve as low as 12 on weedle, and as high as 400 on magicarp. Most are 50 or 100.

Some random notes. It seems after level 10, the exp to level stays flat at 10k. I advise you capture 10 gyms as soon as possible so you can cash in on the defender bonus. I also highly recommend you upgrade your backpack if you live in an area with lots of pokestops. (edit exp does not stay flat, it is 20k to level 17)

https://imgur.com/a/dOFsz Here is a gallery of more screen shots if you care to take a look.

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