Clash Royale Legendary Hog Beatdown Deck

Clash Royale Legendary Hog Beatdown Deck by fishnooodlesoup


Greetings friends,

It’s ya boy, fishnoodlesoup bringing you another deck to help you guys get into Legendary Arena!!! This one is a bit long but, it is currently my favourite deck to play at the moment. Currently I’m sitting around 3100 trophies at level 8 and have steadied out. Anyways as the title suggests it is a hog beatdown deck that I have found much success with. So lets hop right into it shall we?!

Deck Composition:

Zap: One of the best spells in the game IMO. A well placed zap can change the odds of a fight almost instantly, which catches your opponent off guard. Great on defence (getting that stun on the backline DPS, or stopping prince charges), and great on offence as well (minion horde vs minion horde, or getting extra hits with your hog+goblins). Additionally use this to stop other hog+goblin combos!

Goblins: I feel in Legendary Arena many choose goblins over skeles. These suckers for 2 elixir pack a huge punch! (stab in this case). Send them in behind your hog, or use them as defence for any threatening pushes. Additionally, these guys are great for pulling and distracting pekkas/prince/etc. Or dropping on musks/wizards (make sure you surround properly!).

Cannon: The cheapest defensive structure and personally one of my favourites. The cannon trades well against other hog riders, if they have anything backed up behind the hog just use zap! Also a great standard defence against pretty much EVERY ground troop.

Minion Horde: You’ll need these pesky mosquitoes to take down Pekkas, Golems, Double Prince. They are your go to source of FAST and HIGH DPS. By the time the arrows come in these suckers will already have proven their worth.

Hog Rider: Everyones favourite! Send this guy in with or without the goblins. I sometimes also like aggressively sending him in with minion horde in rare occasions such as, the enemy places elixir collector as a first move or when I know I have the elixir advantage.

Fireball: Fireball is where the skill ceiling is placed on this deck. As you will see in my replays a well placed fireball will win you the game. I will send gamble fireballs in a lot with my hog, but make sure you place them properly covering as much open space as you can while still hitting the tire. More detail below.

Elixir Collector: Standard. Generate elixir to keep sending the hog combos in. Also GREAT as a defensive structure because this thing has INSANE HP. I generally place it behind my cannon / inferno tower.

Inferno Tower: Place down to melt away, Pekkas, Golems, Baby Dragons, Valks, Musket, Princes, etc. If the enemy has freeze Pekka make sure you place it correctly so they cant freeze all your buildings!

Main Strategy:

Alright. So the main strategy is to pretty much send in your attack combo, while it being hog goblins, or hog minion horde, or just the hog, as many times as possible. It is a beatdown deck after all. Depending on what you have in your hands the spell cards work in conjunction with your hog attacks. I personally send premature fireballs and around 80% of the time I will hit something. SEE VID Most of the time you will be able to hit, tower+defence structure of their choice or whatever troop they plop down to defend. This is why it is very important to keep track of what cards they have in their hand and say to yourself “How will they defend my hog attack this time?” “His cannon isn’t in cycle so he’ll probably drop barbs, I’ll shoot the fireball right at his tower (the usual barb placement to stop hog)”.

Other stuff is pretty standard:

Pekka / Golem / Giant: Attack opposite lane with hog+goblins. This forces the enemy to defend making their “deathball” push a lot less scary. Set up inferno tower and cannon if necessary. Use minion horde and a well timed zap to shred through those tanks or any high dps backline, but watch out for baby dragons, princesses, and arrows!

Mortar: Most of the time I draw these match-ups unless the enemy makes a misplay. You have great counters to the mortar such as, hog, zap, fireball, minion horde, cannon, elixir collect, inferno tower, and cannon. Mortar players ONLY attack one lane. So always have a cannon ready or inferno tower to melt it (i literally hover my cannon where he is going to place his mortar in anticipation). If he drops barbs to protect his mortar FIREBALL! For huge value. If he drops minion horde to protect it drop your own minion horde and use zap to stun his mortar and his horde. And most important use the elixir collector to tank mortar hits!

Other Hog Decks: Set up cannon to pull the hog. Zap the backline (goblins / spear goblins). Additionally you can use minion horde to stop the hog+goblins then turn it into a strong counter push. These match-ups are sometimes tuff because against another experienced hog player you’ll both know each others counters very well. I tend to find the more patient player will win, I will always play for the 2x elixir and try to out play my opponent then, rather than before the 2x kicks in.

Spawner Decks: Send in your hog, as well as a fireball and try to get as much value as possible. Try to time it correctly so barbs spawn and your fireball will hit the spawner, barbs, (whatever they use to defend), and their arena tower if possible. Set up cannon to defend against the chip damage, and attack the other lane.

Good Openers: – Hog + Goblins, have the zap or fireball ready to go. If they play elixir collect behind their towers, going in with this combo can do HUGE damage since they only have 5 elixir to defend, and if they defend with barbs/minion horde, and you do a huge prediction fireball you can instantly win the game. – Aggressive elixir collector – Inferno tower (because it last longer than cannon). Never open with cannon. – Goblins just to get small poke or just to see how the enemy reacts. – Backline minion horde delta split. This splits the minions into a small group of 2 and 4. This is rare, but sometime I will split my minions and split push my lanes. Whichever lane I think is more favourable of course.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read my post! If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything from strategy to deck builds feel free to leave a reply! Thanks all! Peace!

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