Black Desert Online Warrior End Game Gear Guide

Black Desert Online Warrior End Game Gear Guide by Wynta11


  • 5 Attack Speed: The biggest increase to DPS outside straight AP. This is the only stat worth a dedicated effort to cap (outside of Luck for Grinding). This is most easily capped with a combination of Crystals (Carmae + Gloves), Set Bonuses (Agerian or Boss 4pc), or through weapons (Yuria of Destruction, Ultimate Yuria, Kzarka).
  • Grapple Resist: My previous guides mention Grapple resistance, but I don’t really elaborate on it. When in Guard (and Shield Charge, Charging Thrust, Scars of Dusk, and Upper Shield Strike) you gain resistance to every CC but Grapple. Capping Grapple Resistance ensures that when you Block, you will be very difficult to be forced out of it. You get a default of 20%, and there are two craftable necklaces, Corrupt Ruby Necklace (30% Grapple Resistance) and Diamond Necklace of Fortitude (10% to All Resistances), a Gloves Crystal for 10%, and Talis Helmet for 15%. My suggestion for just PvP: Ruby Necklace + Gloves Crystal
  • Health: Not only does it give defense, but damage in the form of HP scalings on Ground Smash and Spinning Slash, this makes Grunil Chest/Boots Combo very appealing, and to those wanting to fully tank, mixing that 2pc with 2pc Heve Helm/Gloves. In addtion to this, you should get HP Crystals for the Helm and Chest (Harphia/Cobelious)
  • Knockdown Resist: This mostly comes from Boot Crystals (25% Knockdown Resistance or 150 Stamina) but also the Zereth Helm/Boot Combo. Most people say, both in the comments and PM’s that Knockback Resistance is useless because we have our Block Immunity. And that is true, while on Guard, any Knockdown taken from the front will be resisted. Knockback is good for multiple reasons. First it allows your Block to be broken and for you to have some resistance to enable escaping. Second, in a GvG, you charge into and engage on 10-20 people they will throw knockdown at you for peels; now when you are in any of your charges you are immune. But the second you land you will be hit, and the Knockdown Resistance is for that, it is there to allow you to land out of a charge and then Ground Smash, Grab, or Scars of Dusk. Getting between 45-60% is worth it, including double socketing your boots.
  • Stamina: Forward Slash canceling is our best for of mobility that we can use whenever (I save my Guarded Charges for engaging). It can be gotten from a lot of things, but to name the good sources, +150 Energy from Boot Crystal, Zereth Boots + 2pc, Outlaw Ring, and Stamina Levels.
  • Crit: The lowest priority, and can simple be ignored without much of a negative impact. And for most people, it is worth ignoring. Crit should only really be looked out if you have a Liverto Longsword. Mainly because you can get +4/+5 Crit with almost no changes to Crystals. Crit only affects two abilities in a meaningful way, Ground Smash and Forward Slash, and while either of those critting in PvP is useful its bonus is mostly seen in PvE.
  • Movement Speed: Useless, 95% of the time when you are moving in combat you are using an ability.

The above is a rough priority of how you should gear in PvP. Now instead of doing multiple Gear Sets for various playstyle, I will just leave people to read my post. I will however discuss how to focus your progression.

The Beginning: Full Grunil

  • Grunil Helmet: 50HP x2
  • Grunil Gloves: 2AS + 10% Grapple
  • Grunil Armor: 100HP x2
  • Grunil Boots: 25% Knockdown x2, 25% Knockdown + 150 Stamina, 150 Stamina x2 (If you feel comfortable on your engages then ditch the KD res.)
  • Yuria Longsword of Destruction: +2AS/-1Crit
  • Vangertz Shield of Destruction: 100HP/5AP (+1 Crit Damage for the Poor, or if you plan of farming World Bosses)
  • Corrupt Ruby Necklace (Ogre Ring or Ancient Guardian Seal for PvE)
  • Mark of Shadows, Outlaw Ring, or Shrine Guardian x2 (How tanky do you want to be, would suggestion Shrine Guardian in your bags for when the 20+ person fights happen.)
  • Mesto Earrings, Witch Earrings, Tokens of Friendship (Get a set of Tokens for Sieges and Zergs, just like Shrine Guardians, but asside from that Mesto gives you less AP, but more flexibility in where you get ACC.)
  • Tree Spirit, Rhutum Elite, Ancient Weapon Core. (When wearing Corrupt Ruby, I would say Tree Spirit unless it is a Siege or Zerg, but if you have and are wearing Ancient Guardian Seal, then finish the set.)
  • At +15 Armor, Upgrade to Blue, your choice of bonus, I do Long Range as it cover most damage dealers beside the one I am on.

Liverto or Ultimate Yuria

You can argue what is better all you want, I am going Ultimate Yuria because getting a Liverto to Drop or trying to buy one became to frustrating. Every Night when I AFK, I take my Yuria off, and through it on a 5-6 cycle Ultimate Upgrade in Keplan.

If you go Liverto you need to socket it Carmae + Temptation to max AS.

Boss Set

Ok, you are full Grunil and either have a Ultimate Yuria or a Liverto.

  • Bheg Gloves: This is your #1-3 Priority. It allows you, at +15, to drop your Vangertz Shield when you have a PRI/DUO Mesto and a Tree Spirit Belt. When you drop Vangertz, pick up a +15 Axion or +15 Krea. IMO, Krea with two 100HP/5AP gems is better as it gives you the DP and EVA of Vangertz, a slightly smaller bit of AP than Axion, and 100 extra HP. But it is more expensive due to the Crystal. Keep your Vangertz for World Bosses as those 5 mil (as of now) will break.
  • Giath Helmet: After Bheg Gloves, or before if you random happen on it, this Helmet should be your Priority as it allows you to keep your Grunil Health 2pc and replace a now useless helm. Bheg Gloves + Giath Helmet + Grunil Chest + Grunil Boots is the current setup. Crystals remain the same.
  • Hebetate Tree Spirit Armor: HP or WP are the options that the boss sets give up, and HP is better. Enough Said.
  • Musken Books: The low priority. Its bonuses aren’t as sexy but the +1 AS from the 4pc is, as it allows you mess with some shit.


One of the reason why I don’t want the headache of Liverto is because I don’t want that headache twice. Kzarka is best. More ACC, better Enchantments, Same headache. But with Kzarka, there is no better item even in KR, so the headache is as final as one is in an MMO. It allows the capping of AS through just one AS glove Crystal, leaving both weapon sockets open to 5AP x2. With 4pc boss set there are some variations. As you can drop one 5AP for Carmae and open up both glove sockets, but I think the only good reason to do this would be when 2Crit, 5Grap Res gems come out because it would be 5AP for 5Crit, which with the huge AP levels you would be at, 5AP isn’t much.

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