Black Desert Online Cooking for Fun and Profit Guide

Black Desert Online Cooking for Fun and Profit Guide by Great-Pyrenees

Hi my name is Oldboy and my wife is Jenalite. PM me if you have any questions =).

I am #1 on the cooking rankings and if I am not the #1 cook in NA I would hate to live off of the difference haha =). My wife is typically in the top 5 even though she plays way less. We will teach you our fun and profitable secrets! We are on the Uno Server on Serendia U2. We are part of the Grand Expedition Guild.

The great thing about Black Desert is there are MANY ways to cook, succeed and have a ton of fun. For the purposes of this guide I will mention 4 methods of cooking some of which will be very indpeth while others will be simplified. You can cook beer to skilled 1 then cook any dish after that if I am not mistaken =).

Method 1: Candyland!

Step 1 Spend all of your energy and never lose energy when it can be avoided. This includes the potential energy of your alts, if you did not roll your alts to level 5 you are way behind. Your alts give you at least 48 points of energy per alt per day. I suggest giving all of your energy from 1 alt per day to node development. You do eventually want all level 10 nodes for your farms. The rest of your alts can worry about the “Gating” humps for cooks. Such as meat, flour and milk.

Step 2 Spend all of your contribution points asap! Decide what you want to cook and heavily invest in it. Since this whole “Candyland” method involves workers I daresay you must invest in beer making farming nodes. Velia has 3 Potato and 2 Corn farm nodes, invest in those ASAP. Heidel has 2 Wheat farms, invest in those next. Calpheon has 1 Wheat and 1 Barley node, invest in those next. You will not only be able to produce enough beer to feed your workers but you will make a nice profit off of the remainder. Or you can be like me and donate a portion to your guildies who need beer but work in other areas. Beer is made with a cooking instrument in your residence, you need 5 starch (Grain), 6 Mineral Water, 2 Fermentation Agents and 1 Sugar.

Step 3 Hiring and maintaining your workforce the proper way. Do you play 2 hours a day? Buy all Giant workers with a minimum of 30 stamina and 25 work speed. Do you play as much as you want? Buy all goblins with a minimum of 8 stamina and 65 work speed. Do you want a balanced appraoch? Buy Giants for close nodes, Humans (17 sta, 50 ws) for medium distance and Goblins for long distance nodes. Do not under any circumstances settle for a worker with lesser stats than these. If it takes you several days to “fish” for better workers with energy then please do so. When your first worker hits level 10 send them to a promotion test! Workers only get 3 chances to pass a promotion test (lvl 10, 20, 30) if they fail all 3 fire them! Why? Because when you have all golden workers you will (In a upcoming patch) be able to sell them to other players for millions of silver! Also you want golden workers because they are awesome in your farms. I personally tell people to avoid buying artisan workers, grow your own they usually end up with better stats. Selling workers and keeping your worker growing process going is the clear advantage of the Candyland method of cooking success!

Step 4 Never EVER buy materials from the auction house! This is the most important step of all if you want to make tons of silver. Be 100% self sustained. Accept the fact that you will at some point be gated by time and energy and be ok with that!

Step 5 Decide what secondary cooking item you want to specialize in for fun. What is your idea of fun in the game? There are so many good choices of product to produce. Pick a dish that makes you happy and stick to it and beer =).

Method 2: Jenalite’s Daily Dash

The second path to cooking success is Jenalite’s Daily Dash, this is the path for people who love dailies! Jenalite is my wife and she has limited time to play every day. And yet she is on the cooking rankings (Usually top five) and this is her method.

Simple Guide to the Daily Dash. Follow all of the necessary steps in the Candland section to answer questions you may have in this section. Invest a worker on the grape node in Olvia and a worker on the olive node. Invest wokers in the three potato nodes in Velia and also invest workers in both chicken farms. Invest workers off the coat of Epheria, you want to invest in 1 shellfish node and 2 regular fish nodes. Invest a worker in Heidel for honey production. Once a day you will collect all your gatherings and dry your fish. You will spen Alts energy collecting Milk in Olvia, pounding flour and butchering wolves for wolf meat at the Western Guard Camp. Finally you need to purchase 2 strong fences costing 10 contribution each. You need to raise onions and pepper through farming. If you do all of these things you will be able to do these awesome daily quests once per day. They pay off huge Cooking Exp rewards and huge silver payouts in the Auction House (All of the dishes, especially the last).

There are 5 dailies in Olivia that are super easy to complete. Quest 1 is given by a boy on the fence of the cow pen. Collect milk your done. Then the cook in the Inn has 4 Daily quests. One quest you have to unlock through the conversation game. It is really easy to win this game with her. The first quest she gives (Quest 2) is make cheese. Well you just got milk, make 2 cheese by pressing L and drying milk. Quest 3 you need to make 5 beer. 6 Mineral water, 5 grain (Example potato), 2 leavening agent, 1 sugar per combine until you hit 5 beer. Quest 4 you make 3 Boiled Bird Eggs. Combine 6 Mineral Water, 3 eggs, 1 salt, 1 cooking wine until you get 3 of the dishes. Quest 5 you make fried bird. 7 Chicken meat, 4 flour, 3 pepper, 2 eggs. There you are done in Olivia!

Next there is a chef in Velia and his helper. Do all of their quests and then his helper will give you 4 dailies. This is a step by step cooking guide to completing those dailies. NOTE: The higher level your cooking is, the less combines you will have to make. Example it might only take you two combines of a recipe to make 5 of the necessary dishes!

Daily #1: Live Fish Salad x5 Turn 10 milk into 10 cheese. 10 eggs, 10 olive oil, 20 salt, 10 mineral water. Cook 1 egg, 1 olive oil, 2 salt and 1 mineral water into 10 Dressing. 20 Dried Fish, 15 Onions. Cook 4 Dried fish, 3 Onion, 2 Dressing and 2 Cheese Into 5 live fish salad.

Daily #2: Fruit Wine x5 Turn 24 grain into 24 flour. 24 Fruit, 24 leavening Agent. Combine 1 flour, 1 fruit and 1 LA into 24 batches of Essence of Liquor. Turn 18 grain into 18 flour. 18 mineral water. Combine 1 flour and 1 mineral water into 18 batches of Dough. 12 Leavening Agent, 30 Mineral Water. Combine 3 Dough, 1 Essence of Liquor, 2 Leavening Agent and 5 mineral water into 6 Exotic Herbal wine. 30 Fruit, 12 Mineral Water. Combine 3 Essence of Liquor, 1 Exotic Herbal wine, 5 Fruit and 2 mineral water into 6 Fruit wine.

Daily #3: Ham Sandwich. Turn 60 grain into 60 flour. 60 Mineral Water. Combine 1 flour and 1 Mineral Water into 60 Dough. 30 Milk, 20 Eggs, 20 Leavening Agent. Combine 3 milk, 2 eggs, 2 leavening agent and 6 Dough into 10 batches of soft bread. 60 Red Meat, 10 Onions, 20 Pepper, 20 Salt. Combine 6 red meat, 1 onion, 2 black pepper, 2 salt into 10 batches of Grilled Sausages. 20 Eggs, 25 Vegetables (Olives). Combine 2 soft bread, 2 grilled sausages, 4 eggs and 5 vegetables into 5 Ham Sandwiches.

Daily #4: Serendia Special x3 6 Fruit wine (Previously made) 3 Ham Sandwich (Previously made). Turn 12 grain into 12 Flour. 12 Mineral Water. Combine 1 flour and 1 mineral water into 12 batches of Dough. 18 Honey, 6 Eggs, 12 Milk. Combine 4 Dough, 6 Honey, 2 eggs and 4 milk into 3 Beehive cookies. 18 Eggs, 36 Mineral Water, 6 Salt, 6 Cooking Wine. Combine 3 eggs, 6 mineral water, 1 salt and 1 cooking wine into 6 batches of Boiled Bird Eggs. Turn 18 grain into 18 Flour. 18 Mineral Water. Combine 1 flour and 1 mineral water into 18 batches of Dough. 12 Red Meat, 9 Sugar, 6 Olive Oil. Combine 6 Dough, 4 red meat, 3 sugar and 2 olive oil into 3 Meat pie’s. Combine 1 Meat Pie, 1 Ham Sandwich, 1 Beehive cookie, 2 Boiled Bird Eggs and 2 Fruit Wine into 3 Serendina Specials.

Method 3: The Path of the Righteous Man

This method is for people who LOVE to farm =). Just like in the previous two guides you need to have some workers doing Potato’s, Wheat, Corn and Barley. The reason for this is you need grains in order to create good fertilizer. But I have seen people get by with as few as two nodes and two workers =). Invest most of your contribution points into Strong Fences and place them in appropriate locations on the map. Choose 3-4 dishes you want to specialize in and plant your crops accordingly. At a bare minimum you should have 10 farms going to be a highly successful Farmer/Cook. This path offers a lot of freedom! You can 100% ignore your crops until it is time to seed them by pressing F1 at 120% growth. Start off with the cheapest seeds and slowly grow your crops from grey’s to greens to blues. The reason you want Blue ingredients is they count as 5 in your cooking recipes (Greens count as 3, Grey’s as 1). You can sell excess blue seeds in the Auction House for good money. Another bonus of farming for yourself is you can harvest almost 4-5 times a day and get HIGH numbers of crops. Much higher than if you gather it using a tool, and did I mention you do not need tools to farm! My friends do not even use scarecrows they just tend them once per hour and typically harvest in 5 hours. Here is the recipe for Fertilizer. Inorganic Fertilizer is so simple to make. Get 5 grain press L dry it and presto! For Fertilizer Byproduct get 3 Inorganic Fertilizer, 2 Leavening Agent and press L to shake them! For Organic Fertilizer take some empty bottles to a river. Fill them. Press L, Heat them. This makes Distilled Water. 1 Fertilizer Byproduct and 2 Distilled Water if you press L and shake them will make 1 Organic Fertilizer! I typically Water my crops with Distilled Water and use only Organic Fertilizer.

Method 4: Give a man a rod …

Ok this is going to be my shortest guide by far. Because I have already covered everything you need to know for cooking in the other 3 methods. You simply Fish, sell the expensive ones, dry the cheap ones. Build the beer making nodes. Then cook your fish into awesome fish recipes (Use cheap live ones for less energy). I have observed that Fish dishes sell really well and you could do the first Velia Daily each day for some extra cooking Exp.

Tips. The great thing about Black desert is it offers so many paths to success. Make sure you are having fun while cooking so you do not get burned out. Pick a few dishes to specialize in and realize that you will never have the energy to do everything and be fine with that. When you cook you make 5 dishes as by products. They give Cooking exp, Contribution exp, Silver, Milk and Beer. I suggest waiting until you have stacks of 200 then turning them in! I personally do not connect all of my nodes to all of the major cities until I have way more contribution than I need.

Some useful links I use constantly.

And here is my guild’s Website =)

Ps. Please forgive any errors, grammar errors or opinions you disagree with. Honestly we just wanted to post a guide to help everyone experience the joys of cooking for fun and profit. Feel free to comment below and God Bless! =)

Edit #1: I just hit Artisan 6 =) Update #1: Added 5 Olivia Dailies

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