Black Desert Online Kunoichi PvP Guide

Black Desert Online Kunoichi PvP Guide by A1D3M

Hello everyone, people have been asking for a pvp guide for kunoichi, so I thought I’d write down what i learned in my past week of fighting/testing/watching other kunos. Overall Kunoichi is the most fun class i played so far, and feels almost completely unbeatable in 1v1 scenarios against any other class, while still having decent assassination potential in larger scale because of her stealth., but can be quite tricky to learn, and even more so to master. I’m not claiming to be the most expert on the class, but this should at least cover the basics.

Shadow Stomp

This one is probably my favourite skill at our disposition-a super fast medium range skillshot dash+aoe knock up+burst-, but it’s only actually good when cancelling its charge up animation. I’m aware of two skills capable of doing that: Kunai throw (only the standing one, lateral kunai throw doesn’t work) and Floor sweeping. All you have to do is use one of those skills then press s+e immediately (hotkey bar doesn’t work for this) and you will just dash forward right away. Kunai throw>shadow stomp is faster and easier for me to input (hold S, then click rmb, then E), Floor Sweeping>shadow stomp lets you do more damage because of the Down attack damage increase(hold S, then press F, then E).

Gap closing

To land any of our skills we need to be close to our enemy, and thankfully we have a vast amount of ways to do that. Ghost step is our most used skill, but it alone is not enough. Ghost greeting and concealment both teleport us forward, block jump lands us directly behind our enemy while also stunning him, and shadow stomp is another medium range dash which also knocks down and does a ton of damage. Typically you would do something like Ghost step>ghost greeting>ghost step>block jump/shadow stomp to almost immediately close in to a far away target and open your combo.

Doing concealment fast is also going to be crucial, i do it by using shadow slash (a or s+lmb), then cancelling that with smoekescreen>conceal by holding space bar. This can put you behind your enemy if you’re close enough, where you can then stab him with Heart Aiming right away and almost definitely guarantee a kill; it’s also just as good for disengaging (ghost step, ghost greet,ghost step to create enough distance, then quick conceal to definitely GTFO of just about any situation), and with the cd on it being so low for our class, it’s easily possible to open in stealth, kill your target, then get out in stealth again.

Finally, one last skill I didn’t even consider as a gap closer at first is Tendon Cutter. The skill is basically three dashes, first going top left, then right, then back left. If you don’t move your camera you will end up back in the same spot you first used it in, but by quickly moving your camera to the right and left to match the dashes you can zig-zag straight ahead really fast, in superarmor. This is basically a better Ninja Step if done correctly.


So you can close in on your targets and stick to them. Now you need to kill them and to do that you will need to first land a cc. My favourite openers when sneaking up isn’t an option are block jump, ghost greeting, black moonlight, and shadow stomp.

An example of a one-shot combo would be something like: Block jump/ghost greet/heart aim>Fatal blow combo>floor sweep>shadow stomp>Black moonlight>grab>fox claw>shadow clone>tendon cutter>kunai>shadow stomp.


You can’t do any combo if you can’t input your moves and Kuno has more skills she needs on the hotkey bar than usual, so i figured I’d add my configuration to this guide. The skills you want on your hotkey bar are Tendon cutter, I assiged to 1, Shadow Clone, I assigned to 2, conceal, I assigned to C (just for when i fuck up the smokescreen), Block Jump, I assigned to caps lock because i find it easier to use than shift q, and Black Moonlight i assigned to mouse middle click.(The way you assign custom keys to skills in you hotkey bar is by going to the input tab of the settings menu, then scrolling til you find hotkey x, and assigning whatever key you want there rather than the default number, so for example assign black moonlight to hotkey 10, then reassign hotkey 10 to middle click rather than 0)

Skill build/addons This is my skill build. Flash slash is just there for pve and I like Target Chase for travelling/moving from camp to camp while farming, and occasionally for chasing down fleeing targets in pvp. I’d like to also quickly talk about kunai block- it actually blocks all frontal damage whenever you’re moving backwards, including the backflip from SS, so you can do backwards ghost step into backflips into more ghost steps to safely disengage from aoes like wizard ult.

As for the addons, i took pain damage+crit increase on Fatal blow, pvp ap+ poison damage on Black Moonlight, Burn+DP increase on Tendon Cutter. All 3 DoTs stacking on top of each other do a huge amount of damage and are there to guarantee the kill when they survive your combo with 700ish hp or less.

I hope this write up will be useful/comprehensible enough to you.

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