CS:GO KZ Beginner’s Guide

CS:GO KZ Beginner’s Guide by Gamertroid

Hi guys, I’m FrenzyCS and today I’m going to give you guys a KZ Guide mainly aimed for beginners. I’m in the top 120 players on HoC EU and consider myself a pretty experienced KZ player and with all the attention it has been getting lately I thought I would type this guide up to help newcomers out.


Longjumping is one of the most common ideas and a fundamental for any players looking to begin KZ. A longjump is a jump around 235-240 units+ which you achieve while strafing mid air while moving your crosshair with the side you are strafing with (This is known as syncing within KZ). These strafes will give you extra speed which will give you extra distance in turn.


This is a more advanced idea in KZ and is quite difficult and perhaps not needed for newcomers but it goes hand in hand with Longjumping so I thought I would include it anyway. The idea is that you look to the side of your block and use W+D or W+A while slowly moving your crosshair so by the time you reach 275u/s (max speed you can get off a prestrafe) you are facing in the direction of where you want to go and at the edge of your block, you will then jump and then use longjumping for extra speed and distance. Prestrafe gives you a bunch of free distance as it gives you 25 more units before your jump (pre) then normal moving speed.

If you still do not understand this concept or want to learn more check out this prestrafe guide by Launders


Bunnyhopping is when you strafe and sync while jumping consecutively to gain more speed then you could off a strafe jump or a normal jump. The basic idea of this is to do what you do when LJing and strafe and sync your crosshair but when you hit the ground you want to jump again as soon as you can and repeat the strafing and syncing. This is far easier if you have jump binded to mouse wheel and I highly recommend that you do this.

If you still do not understand what I mean feel free to watch this Bunnyhopping tutorial by BananaGaming.


Ladderstrafes seem like something a lot of KZ players hate, including myself for a long time but I watched this video by Aggressive Gaming and it helped me a whole lot. The idea of the ladder strafe is to get forward and horizontal speed so you do not just fly up in the air and get no horizontal distance, which I see a lot of players do. The best plan is to line yourself up in a corner, then hold W+A or W+D depending if you are on the left or right side. Once you are off the ladder you want to face the way you want to go and strafe and sync while in mid air to gain the distance needed.

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