CS:GO Becoming A Smarter Player Guide

CS:GO Becoming A Smarter Player Guide by DemDim1


This is sooo important to becoming more than just an “all aim no brain” player, for the maps that you enjoy go out and learn some easy to remember smokes (T-side) that are useful on their own. What I mean with this is a smoke that you can throw without any of your teammates having to throw one aswell to make it function properly.

Some good examples of easy and useful smokes are:

  • Dust 2: Long cross, X-box and Mid to B smokes
  • Dust 3 (Mirage): Catwalk smoke, CT, Jungle, Stairs, and the smoke that lands between Triple box and Default box
  • Cache: CT/tree room smoke, A-cross smoke, Z-connector smoke
  • Cobble: A-doors smoke, B-site (between statue and tree), Sidewalk
  • Overpass: A-site between Default and Optimus/truck, Bank, Bridge and B-site
  • Train: Connector smoke, Lower and Upper smoke, that SK smoke that lands between red and green train
  • Nuke: Catwalk and Garage smokes
  • Inferno: CT smoke and Coffins/Spools smoke

There are a lot more grenades to learn, but I recommend starting with 2 or 3, if you start out with too many at once you will forget them all.

Besides set grenades there are a lot of simple grenades that you can improvise during a match, for doing this is highly recommend you get familiar with the grenade trajectories and detonation times, just go into an offline server and just run around and throw grenades (underhand, overhand an jumping), try jumps and explore the map, it’s a lot of fun and it will improve your game.


Having good movement will significantly improve you as a player and help you in any situation, now with good movement I don’t mean that you have to learn how to bhop and learn all the sick self-boosts. I mean that you should learn how to shoulderpeek and counter-strafe correctly, also learning how to do some basic jumps will help. There are plenty of tutorials on how to learn these skills so I won’t be explaining them, I will however tell you why these skills are important:

  • Shoulder peeking: being able to bait shots and quickly get information in a safe way is crucial when playing against good players, especially awpers, since you’re dead in 1 shot.
  • Counter-strafing: when you encounter an enemy holding an off angle you want to be able to take an accurate shot as fast as possible, counter strafing helps you stop faster than when you just release your keys.
  • Simple jumps and ladder movement: these will make you less predictable in your positioning and help you access place where people won’t expect you, exaples are: Mirage window jumps, especially short into window, Train ladder strafing, Overpass long self-boost and the self boost on B-site mirage. There are a lot more jumps that are much harder and less useful, so I recommend only learning them if you enjoy it.
  • Bunny hopping: yes I will adress it, but I will say that it is often not very useful, I only recommend doing it when trying to escape a situation where you are caught with your pants down.


Arguably the most important skill in CS, knowing common angles and being able to use good off-angles will win you games, there is no guide to learning this, you will learn by experience, a tip I will give is to watch other people, got rekt by an enemy playing a certain position? try it out! same goes for positions that pros play, watch out that you don’t hold angles that are too tight though, since you are likely not able to kill someone as fast as they can.

Another good thing to do is to peek an angle after waiting a while to catch the enemy team with a nade in their hand or checking other angles, it is important to get this timing down, which you will learn as you get rekt.

Play with your team

I can’t say this enough, I don’t give a damn wether rushing B is a good idea or not, if we are rushing we will go together, you are so much stronger when going in groups and trade kills, don’t go too close together or you will risk getting sprayed down.

On CT side setting up crossfires will win you clutches and make sure you have the advantage when retaking, BACK UP YOUR TEAMMATES.

Don’t be afraid

Like I said, play with your team, that also means that you can’t let them do all the work, get aggressive, take those duels and open up the site, somebody has to do it.

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