MapleStory Reboot Meso Making Guide

MapleStory Reboot Meso Making Guide by Applepies2

I haven’t seen an official meso farming guide for reboot yet so I decided to try to make my own to help everyone. I will not have the rates for a lot of these because I have not personally tried these most of them are from what I’ve collected. The rates that are listed is the rate I get per hour as an aran so those with better mobility and mobbing will most likely make ALOT more.

Farming Maps

  • Mysterious Path 3 – By far the fastest map to farm on, I’ve never farmed here myself because of how retardedly crowded it is but I’ve heard some people going 60m an hour here.
  • Any of the Ghost Ship Maps- A pretty good alternative to MP3
  • Blackgate City: Northern Heights- IMO the second best map so far, saw someone go 120m+ an hour here earlier on reddit.
  • Entrance to the sP0o0oky World:** Galoperas- a decent farming map for those who can get a map to themselves, (don’t bother sharing)
  • Wolf Spide Caver: Wolf Spider- Very weird map layout making it unsuitable for some classes but they drop two meso bags instead of one and it has decent spawn, 15m per hour.
  • Ulu Estate II: Slygy- Good spawn and it is slowly getting very popular, 20m per hour
  • Along Ulu City/Ulu City Center: Petrifighters- Very large map with decent spawn and decent meso rates. Made 15m per hour.
  • Suburban Area 2: Truckers- A very large map with great spawn rate and decent rates. 17m per hour.
  • Shadow Veil Forest 4: Trees- Apparently this map is glitched or something but the spawn rates of the trees is very high at the moment, they spawn as soon as you kill them, and its even faster with a kanna. You literally sit in one spot killing 2-3 trees and have your pet pick it up. Good rate for very minimal effort. 20m an hour here.

Alternative to Farming

  • Zakum everyday pick up everything and sell them. The Zakum Poison weapons sell for 100k each.
  • Hilla Everyday again pick up everything and sell, the Necromancer weapons sell for almost 200k each.
  • DIPQ: Do your dipqs everyday and have your pet pick up all the pensalir equips and extract them for a chance of getting philosopher stones which sell for 300k each.
  • Creating a MPE mule: create a character thats good at clearing MPE, have them be at 140 exact and when they’re about to level kill them a couple of times. This method lets you get a lot of pensalir equips to extract.
  • Sell your Reindeer Milk and Sunset Dews
  • Sell Twisted Times for 50k each and Spell Traces for 5k each

Things to help with farming

  • Drop 5 dollars for a pet or farm hard hilla for blackheart (I dont know if normal drops).
  • Get some familiars to help with farming, the ones I recommend is Big Spiders and Leprechauns.

Alright these are all the ones I know, if you guys have any that I don’t have here feel free to put them in the comments and I will add them in.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Pham says:

    Arans are not good at meso farming. It’s best to meso farm on a suicide kanna mule or farm mesos on your main using a kish mule to help out. Along Ulu City is the best meso farming spot in Ulu City for kannas because it has the highest rates there, and I’ve tested this myself on my 183 kanna in Reboot.

    Your meso rates are very off because they are extremely low.

  2. Anonymous says:

    normal Hilla does drop Blackheart

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