MapleStory Leveling Guide

MapleStory Leveling Guide by Artillius

Hey everyone, I’ve had a few people asking me for my preferred training guide, so I’m going to post it here. It might look familiar for the most part, but that’s because most of the areas are the prime spots. The only big differences will probably be the levels at which i start/leave each area. Anyways, without further ado:

Level 1-10: Automagically get these through starter quest lines

Level 10-30: Mixed golems.

Level 30-35: Ellinia Fairy Academy

Level 35-50: Gold Beach

50-75: Drakes in sleepywood. This is where things start to get interesting. Most guides have you here until 70, then jumping straight into RnJ PQ. I however, believe that waiting 3-5 levels (Basically however long it takes you to spawn 1 more elite boss) makes it totally worth staying at drakes. You’ll miss less at RnJ, you’ll have less trouble finding a party since your a little higher level, you’ll have a few more skill points, and you will most likely be richer thanks to an extra elite boss.

TIP: When you are at drakes, you’ll spawn 1-3 elite bosses. What I always do is CC right after I kill an elite boss. Lets say Elite bosses are spawned after you kill 20 Elite mobs. if you CC after killing one, theres a chance somone has already killed 1-19 Elite mobs, and will ALWAYS be a better choice then restarting the counter in your old channel. Ive hit 6 elite bosses from 50-75 on my bishop. Thats really good luck, and it was all thanks to CCing after killing a boss. Ill be making a video on elite bosses soon, so look out for that if you need more info.

Level 75-120/140: RnJ PQ (Romeo and Juliet PQ). Find the letter, give it to the NPC on the 4th stage, kill kill kill. This has a 120-140 level range because you will most likely end up falling back to it between 120 and 140. it gives amazing EXP. If only it could summon Elite bosses….

ALTERNATE level 75-100: Sand Rats. Again, only for the Elite bosses, man do i love those things.

Level 100-140: Monster Park Extreme if you need level 100-120 gear but cant find anyone to run you through Hilla and Zak.

Level 120-140: Pirates in Mu Lung for the elite boss spawning. Noticing a trend?

Level 140-165: DI PQ (dimentional Invasion PQ) when you can. Theres a limit of 10 times a day though.

Level 140-165/170: MP3. When you run out of DIPQ runs for the day, head over to MP3. Amazing map, with the best spawn rates in all of maplestory. Its an amazing map.

Level 165-250: KSH (knights stronghold). Pretty much the best place to level from 165 to 250.

level 190-220: Twilight Golems in Twilight Perion. My god. So many golems, on a flat, 2 platform map. MMMM delicious. After 192 you dont spawn elites at KSH anymore, so to golems i go usually :D

Anyways, theres my training recommendations. It wont get you to 200 at the fastest speeds, but it will probably get you the most mesos through elite bosses.

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