Brave Frontier Elgif Dungeon Guide

Brave Frontier Elgif Dungeon Guide by wewechoo

Since the upcoming maintenance will finally include the Elgif Dungeon, I’ll be making a guide to explain which units to bring and why you should bring them. Before I start, I’ll explain a bit on the Elgif Dungeon itself.

DISCLAIMER: This guide contains many of my opinions, which may be subjected to criticisms.

DISCLAIMER 2: This guide will not go through levels 3 and 5 of the Dungeon, as they are pretty dealt in the same way as level 7.

Information about Guardians of Lore: Level 7

  • 60 EN, 15400 XP, 256.67 XP ratio
  • Has 3 stages
  • 1st stage: Contains random mobs. Use Stage 1 and 2 to fill up your OD gauge .
  • 2nd stage: Contains 1 set of imps (Pakpak, Ganju, Molin and Fwahl). Rare chance of Artons appearing on that stage as well. Guaranteed chance of capturing normal imps, and a chance of capturing the Arton. Treat this as a mini Imp Dungeon for you.
  • 3rd stage: Elgif. Skills will be listed below. Elgif only have a chance of being captured (and after the dungeon being insanely difficult, you would thought the capture rate is 100%……).
  • You get one gem for completing this.

Elgif skills:

  • Can be inflicted with Poison, Injury and Weakness (credits to reylee.) Injury is extremely recommended for this, you’ll see why later on.
  • Has an extremely high BC/HC drop rate resistance, should be somewhere around RC6 levels of BC/HC droprate resistance.
  • Casts 1 turn of Damage Reflect every 3 turns.
  • It will cast an ATK buff and a normal hitcount buff on itself after its HP goes below 50%. Reducing its HP in 3 turns will prevent it from casting it – thanks for the info ATC007.
  • When the Elgif gains the ATK + hitcount buff, it starts hitting extremely hard at about 20k per hit with mitigation on. Inflicting Injury on the Elgif will ensure that your units are able to survive its attacks.
  • Able to cast DoT as well. Selena or any other HoT buffers will deal with this well.
  • More information about it can be found here. Credits to Xerte for the datamined info.

There are 2 methods to beat this dungeon: Normal attack nuking, or going in with a Trial squad. I’ll explain on the 2 different methods now.

Method 1: Normal attack nuking:

The general idea of this method is to nuke the Elgif quickly using UBBs + BB/SBB that can raise normal hitcount.

** Recommended team + explanation:**

  • Lucius – Lead (Lucius LS can increase ATK by 140% and Spark damage by 100% after dealing 20000 damage and 15 Sparks respectively. Why is this extremely recommended in this content? On the very first turn, you would be using the unit that can raise normal hitcount on its UBB immediately and all your other units SBB. On the second turn and so on, you would be using normal attacks purely. This ensures that you can receive Lucius’ LS buffs on the second turn so that your normal attacks will become even stronger, as the first turn isn’t used to deal damage, but to create the buffs that will be needed for the subsequent turns)
  • Krantz (He is used as a mitigator here. His Light/Dark element buffs are extremely useful against the Elgif, which is a Light element mob.)
  • Selena (Her SBB offers HoT to counter against the Elgif’s DoT. Lexida also grants her double hitcount on her, which makes her more effective than the other HoT buffers for this method).
  • Zenia (She is used mainly for her UBB, which is one of the strongest, if not the strongest normal hitcount UBB around.)
  • Ark (His SBB increases ATK by 140%, and his BB increases normal hitcount too. Note that BB/SBB stack with UBB, making this method even more effective.)
  • Chrome – Friend (He is used for his LS, which can provide bulk in the form of 30% boost to HP, and offense in the form of 100% Spark damage. His BB/SBB, which boosts damage dealt to Light types by Dark types, is extremely useful here as well.)

Alternate setups:

Lucius > Hadaron > Krantz > Michele > Nadore

Krantz > Shera > Gazia > all other mitigators > Elimo

Selena > Alyut > Quartz > all other HoT buffers.

Zenia > Rahgan > Ruby > all other unit that can increase normal hitcount on UBB.

Ark > Rahgan > Charis

Recommended spheres

  • Primary spheres: Essentially any spheres that can boost a considerable amount of ATK. In this case, Sky Harbinger is an example of a good sphere to bring here. Other spheres could include Guardian Shard (50% increased ATK when BB gauge is full), or just even plain Occults. Godly Flower is also useful here because it increases both ATK and spark damage.
  • Secondary spheres: Halloween spheres/Shiny Anklet/Lexida works very well here. Another alternative is to bring Spark spheres (Steeple Rose/Heavenly Bud/Revelation Book).

Method 2: Trial aka turtling out method

Recommended squad + Explanation:

  • Grahdens/Reviora – Lead. (Old Grah’s back in the spotlight now as he can mitigate damage from Dark/Light types by 15%. His Light/Dark buffs are also useful against the Elgif, though this is only true if you don’t have a Krantz. Reviora, the new Dark dragon from the latest batch, is also able to mitigate 15% damage and provide a 40% Ares buff, which can be quite useful in maintaining your BB/SBB gauges. The other part of his LS “Enormous boost to BB gauge when damage exceeds a certain amount” could be useful as well as the Elgif hits really hard)
  • Krantz (Explained above. Additionally his Burst heal is useful for the Damage Reflect attacks.)
  • Selena/Quartz (Bringing Selena would be safer as she is able to withstand the Elgif attacks if she gets hit by it due to the Angel Idol effect on her ES. Meanwhile Quartz have a chance-based Angel Idol effect, but has more damage on his SBB + DoT + 10% boost to max HP on his BB, so bringing Quartz could work as well.)
  • Nadore (Her role here is to increase BB gauge when attacked on her SBB. Her 120% ATK DEF REC boost on her SBB is great for this content as well. This ensures that you are able to have a decent DEF up buff, and is able to pseudo-heal your units through the 120% REC buff.)
  • Semira/any other Injury buffers (Semira is brought here for the 35% BC/HC droprate, and also has a chance of inflicting Poison on the Elgif, making killing it easier. I don’t think the Elgif inflicts status ailments though – can someone confirm this? In that case, another unit that could inflict Injury can be brought, like Balgran.)
  • Grahdens/Reviora – Friend

Alternate setups:

Everyone should have a Grahdens by the time they face this dungeon.

Krantz > Elimo > Edea > Gazia > Shera > all other mitigators

Selena/Quartz > Alyut > Will > all other HoT buffers

Nadore > Medina > Bestie > Libera

(The fourth spot is basically a filler spot that covers what your squad is missing. For example, you could use Aurelia for the burst heal if you are lacking Krantz/Elimo. Or you could slot in Tridon if you are not using Nadore for the DEF + BC/HC buff + Shield buff)

Recommended spheres:

  • Primary spheres: Normal stats up spheres would work (Malice, Buffer, Occult). Additionally the special spheres in the AS shop (Adaption Jewel, Perseverance Jewel, Existence Jewel etc) could also be used. For Dark element units, element negation spheres are absolutely required, if not the Elgif will nuke them into oblivion. Examples of these spheres are: Prized Light, Impiety Orb, White Armor, Lafdranya, Flower Mirror (extremely high AS point sphere), Four Bonds etc.
  • Secondary spheres: The EX sphere series are highly recommended for this because of the sheer damage that the Elgif inflicts. Cosmic Dust is also another good choice (not because of the status negating part, but because it increases 20% HP).

This concludes the end of this guide. Please understand that as this is my first time making a guide, mistakes are unavoidable, so please bear with that. Feel free to ask any questions on squad building below.

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