Brave Frontier Reed Guide

Brave Frontier Reed Guide by AtroJP

We’ll be going over how to take on six of the hardest F2P dungeons in the game.

For today, any discussion below will be about Reed. Prepare your squads now!

We’ll be brushing over two specific teams that can be used to easily win against:

Reed, Rhein, Aneil, Lucana, Nevsky, Eru

  • Maxwell team
  • Non Maxwell team

Maxwell Team

To be brutally honest, this isn’t the team I would immediately go for. There’s a possibility that Gumi will make these dungeons CRIT resistant, in which you would have to rely solely on Maxwell’s “Elemental Weakness” part of her leader skill. Play at your own risk if deciding with this team.

It seems that Reed’s dungeon is not crit resistant, which means that this method is perfectly fine to use; it maybe even be recommended.

NOTE: Nevsky already comes with CRIT resistance. To create a team for his dungeon, refer to the Non Maxwell Team guide below.

With only 4 slots to fill in because 2 are already taken by Maxwells, you should be looking at certain units to aid in dealing the most amount of damage possible for you in one turn. Note that if you do not win within the first turn, the odds of you surviving until the next turn are VERY slim.

Here are the types of units that you should be looking at:

DPSer – The “hard hitter”, this is the most important unit to ensure you kill the enemies in one turn. They normally have high multipliers and you especially want ones that have an AoE SBB that is fully maxed at Lvl 10.

  • Mariudeth makes an excellent choice for Reed’s dungeon.

Crit Buffer – If you don’t have a full set of Amanohabaken’s, you’re going to want a unit with a crit buff that’s at least more stable than Maxwell’s. Since the main goal is to make use of Maxwell’s LS for gamebreaking damage, the next most important unit to have is a Crit Buffer.

  • Though not a water type, SGX wins here (for those without Amanohabaken) as he provides the best chance for your team to crit against Reed.

Spark Buffer – Spark damage is one of the most important components in a max-damage team. Unlike an ATK buff, a spark buff will directly affect total damage, which is essential for these dungeons.

  • Raydn is DEFINITELY the better choice when going up against Reed.

ATK Buffer – Although an ATK buff will boost damage, it doesn’t provide much for a Maxwell team. You’re better off bringing another DPSer for the fight. This is entirely optional and there are actually a couple alternatives that can replace this slot.

  • Signas as a water element unit, proves to boost the whole team’s total damage rather than any other buffer.

ALTERNATE 1Mitigator – Although this is for a team that is meant to destroy everything in one turn, some may feel unsure about if it would be possible for them. A mitigator is the only unit to counteract this, though there are no guarantees if it will save you. But who knows! A mitigator just might save the team for another turn.

  • It really doesn’t matter which mitigator you bring, as long as it will last your team for another turn.

ALTERNATE 2Anything – There are some boundaries to this. First of all, the unit must be able to take advantage of Maxwell’s “Elemental Weakness” LS. Any unit that doesn’t follow this is considered useless at this point. Second of all, the unit has to be at least a decent attacker. You can’t bring an Elimo along in attempt to defeat Reed and expect the healer to actually carry you in the fight.

  • Ex. Just. About. Anything.
  • Anything that works, really.

Maxwell Team Tips

When picking units

  • Above all, choose the units whose elements will correspond to the dungeon you’re facing. For example, if I were to fight against Reed my units would be Maxwell (leader), Lucina, Mariudeth, Radyn, Signas, Maxwell (friend). The team already has a better chance of winning because I’ve filled it with plenty of water units. No one falls under the same situation though. Those without Amanohabaken’s would find it more suitable to switch out Mariudeth for Duel-SGX. Duel-SGX can also replace one of the ATK buffers as Mariudeth is also in the party to provide raw damage. I chose Lucina over Michele because Lucina would probably provide more overall damage than Michele could for this dungeon. Lastly, if I still don’t feel safe about my team winning, I could always take out one of my ATK buffers and replace with any mitigator for chance at a 2nd turn kill.

When picking spheres

Here is a list of some of the best spheres to use for this dungeon, they are all to help raise your total damage.

When picking items

This team only requires a combination of these items:

  • Revives, Angel Idols, Fujins

Non Maxwell Team

For the players that don’t want to risk their Maxwell teams or for those that have not beaten and captured Maxwell yet, there is a more stable, yet still dangerous method for beating these dungeons. Half of it is having certain types of units, while the other half is the strategy involved for keeping the dungeon easy or semi-difficult.

Here are the types of units that you will need:

. Mitigator – A mitigator is required here as you will need to effectively fight the boss for a long period of time. Make sure that the mitigator has it’s BB ready every turn. If there is a moment where your mitigator isn’t prepared to BB, the safest route is to use a fujin on it.

  • It is recommended to use Oulu here rather than Darvanshel as much of the damage to Oulu will be significantly reduced from Elemental Weakness and Mitigation.

. ST DPSer – The main key is to kill the main boss before the one on the side, eg. killing Lucana before Ziz. If you don’t do it this way, you’re in for a bad time. Any ST DPSer has a fun time in these dungeons, because picking off one enemy at a time seems to be a lot easier than trying to kill all at once.

. Healer – You can’t win this fight if you never heal. Healers are essential in most if not all prolonged fights. BB with your healer when necessary. Otherwise, just guard them as they are pretty important units that must be kept alive for the worst of situations

  • Without a doubt, Elimo outshines any other healer against Reed.

. BC Producer – This is self explanatory. You need at least one unit to effectively set you up to have consistent BBing, especially for your mitigator. This unit is often the most susceptible along with the mitigator because they usually don’t even have the time in a fight to guard or protect themselves.

  • Felneus and Lilly Matah are both very good choices against Reed. Either one can be used, but make sure that Matah is safe enough to take the hit.

Non Maxwell Team Tips
When picking units

  • Always try and go for the units that will increase your survivability. In this case, ATK is not everything. Take it slow, and you’ll be much closer to earning that victory. I MUST REPEAT to kill the main boss rather than the one on the side. If you decide not to kill Reed first, he will go crazy when he’s the only one left on his end. Go for the easier fight first. Good luck to all~

When picking spheres

Here is a list of some of the best spheres to use for this dungeon, they are all to help raise your rate of survivability.

When picking items

This team only requires a combination of these items:

  • Revives, Fujins, Cures

Want to know more about the units you’re trying to capture?

Check here to learn more about the LS and BB of each of these units.

Raw Data

=> Reed

=> Rhein

=> Aneil

=> Lucana

=> Nevsky

=> Eru

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