CS:GO Aim Training and Warm-up Guide

CS:GO Aim Training and Warm-up Guide by Narratiive

Hi, I have seen many players ask about how to warmup, and practice, and I figured I would share what I do, and what I recommend, with you people of reddit. I am a smfc that doesn’t play mm anymore (esea) if that gives any weight to my advice. This guide will benefit any player. I urge you to read this whole thing, and refer back to parts of it if you need to, but if you don’t have the time, just skim it and read the parts you find you need help with.


This map is the best I have found yet for warmup. Here is the map in action. You can practice pretty much everything aim related on this map, and it is very useful.

  • Head tracking
  • Tapping
  • Spray (moving targets, and spray transfer)

Head Tracking

Similar to what you can do in deathmatch, you can track the bot’s head. First thing to do is type “give weapon_deagle” into the console, now you have a deagle. Practice just tracking the head for about 3-5 seconds, then shoot them. You want to always be on the head, your sensitivity might be a bit too low if you cannot do this. Keep doing this until you feel ready to move onto the next thing.


Pretty straight forward, pull out your ak & tap away. One thing to mention is to take your time, mindlessly trying to tap as fast as you can won’t do you much good. Slowly up your speed as you feel comfortable.


I suggest taking about 5 minutes to focus on spraying down moving targets.


Now, there will be a few sections to this part of the guide.

  • Reaction time
  • Aim training
  • Mindset for learning

Reaction Time

I figured I would start with this, cause this is the most simple one to train. Check out this reddit post. This is the only thing I can recommend for reaction time training.

Aim Training

Keep in mind that some of these will overlap with the warmup.

  • Snapping
  • Tracking
  • Crosshair Placement
  • Spraying
  • Tapping

I’m going to cover all the different ways to train these things, then I will have a summary of them all.


There are a few different ways to train this.

  • training_aim_csgo_2 yes yes, I know, very common map, but it is very useful nonetheless.
  • Bot Aim V4B This map will give a slightly more realistic feel to the snapping training.
  • Deathmatch. This will translate what you learn from training_aim_csgo_2 into a realistic scenario.


This one is pretty obvious, it builds up muscle memory very well, and it is a great map overall. Here are all of the settings I recommend.

This is all for snapping, I will be covering how to use this map for spray control in that section of this guide.

Bot AimV4B

This map will transfer over what you have learned from aimtraincsgoblahblahblah to a slightly more realistic setting. What you want to do is, start your crosshair at head level a certain ways away from the bot, then try to snap to his head. Here are the settings:

  • Don’t shoot ON
  • Infinite ammo ON
  • 6 Bots
  • Bots only spawn on the floor
  • Armor ON

You can practice this as much as you want, it’s a pretty nice way to practice your muscle memory.


The two best ways to train this are:

  • Deathmatch
  • The warmup map


Pull out your knife, unbind TAB, and track your enemy’s head. It’s a great way to practice tracking the head, and will help all around. If you do this for say, 10 minutes a day, you will become gradually better, and it will help a lot, especially with pistols.

Warmup map

Whip out your deagle/knife, and track the moving bots around. Pretty straight forward, and similar to DM. It’s really up to you which one to do, and both help the same things.


As most of you know, you always want to aim at headlevel, with the only exception being if you have an AWP, or you know your opponent is low health. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never actually “practiced” this, I think the best way to improve is go into a match with crosshair placement in mind, and catch yourself when you’re looking at the knees, or body. Keep correcting yourself until you’re always at head level. If anyone has a way to actually train this that you think is better than doing what I just said, feel free to share, and I will add it to the guide if you so please.


  • Learning the pattern
  • Stationary targets
  • Moving targets
  • Spray transfer

Learning the pattern

Recoil Master is imho the best way to learn the spray pattern. This video by adreN_tvshowcases the map very well, I suggest you check it out. One thing that you should keep in mind during all this, is that a big part of spray transfer is knowing where you need to aim for your bullets to get to a certain place, ie. mid AK spray you aim to the lower left of an opponents head to hit the head. So try and memorize that as best you can, it will mostly come from experience with that weapon, but just keep it in mind when you’re practicing the spray.

Stationary Targets

You will encounter a few different situations when you’re spraying down an opponent, and a stationary target is one of them. I think the best way to practice this is probably a bot map, since if you’re only trying to spray down a target that’s standing still, it won’t really matter if it’s a bot or a human. Aim_botz, and Bot Aim V4B are the obvious picks.

Moving Targets

Three ways to practice spraying moving targets.


Feel free to copy these settings. The bots are adading constantly, which makes them somewhat harder to hit. I’ve found this probably helps the most on pistol rounds, or anti-eco’s where those annoying pistols adad around you.

The warmup map

I think you can probably tell how much I like this map by now. This is imho the best for moving targets. Straight forward again, just practice the spray.


Deathmatch is again, a great way to translate things you have practiced the bot maps, into a realistic scenario. What I suggest is aiming neck level so as not to get a headshot right away, and going from there.

Spray transfer

From my experience the best way to practice this is:

Here are the settings you will be using. As time goes on, change the target size to 12R, then 8R etc. What you do is you start your spray in the middle of the board, then when the target pops up, shift your spray to the target. You will have to get 4 hits on the target in order to switch to the next one. After you hit the target 4 times, it disappears, your recoil resets, and you repeat. There is enough time in-between targets to compensate for that. Keep this up and you’ll greatly improve your spray transfer, and general knowledge of the recoil in general.


This is also a good way to warmup, so if you despise the warmup map for whatever reason, try this out. Go into a community DM, regular, and take your time to tap your enemy’s. Don’t try and be scream, just take your time, be calm, and go for the headshots. This video by voocsgoexplains the different kinds of deathmatching, and how to utilize them.


Warmup Routine

  • 5 Minutes tapping on warmup map
  • 5 minutes spraying on warmup map
  • 5 minutes tracking on warmup map


  • 5 minutes pistol DM

Training Routine

  • Reaction time spreadsheet every day
  • Aim_training_csgo_2, This is an edited version of the reaction time spreadsheet for you to use if you so choose.
  • 10-15 minutes of training_aim_csgo_2 spray transfer
  • And then of course, playing the game.

This is a good base that you can change to fit your needs!

How to improve

There are two tips that I would like to share with you guys, it’s not really about training aim, but they are incredibly useful for self-improvement.

First thing is: look back at every single round you play, and ask yourself these questions.

  • What did I do right?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • What could I have done better?

I guarantee you, if you do that on every single round you play, you will improve FAST. Remember, even if your teammate screwed up the whole round for all of you, focus on what you could have done better, even if it is nit-picky.

Second thing is: Ego. This is incredibly important. If you want to improve, lay your ego aside as best you can. If you derank, don’t have the mindset of “I’m better than this rank, let’s just brush off what I did wrong because I’m better than these noobs”. If you ignore your rank, and try to set aside your ego, it will help you so much. Some people get held back due to them just thinking they are better than they are, and having the wrong mindset about learning, and improving. You never want that to happen. One piece of advice that a wise man cough me cough once said is

Don’t compare yourself to others. It will either inflate your ego to an unhealthy size, or it will diminish your will to play, and your enthusiasm for the game. Neither of which are good.




Fast Aim/Reflex Training Map



Recoil Master

Bot Aim V4B

Reddit post about reaction time

And myself of course

Last Words

If you have any helpful information to share, please do.

If you think I said something is wrong, tell me instead of downvoting so I can fix it.

If this helped you, share it with your friends!

I am sorry if the formatting is a bit….messy with my sections, subsections, and subsubsections, but I tried my best. If you have any suggestions on how to make it easier to read, please share.

I am making this to help everyone I can, so if anyone has something to add to this guide, I will happily add it.


I refer to the Fast aim/reflex training map, as “the warmup map” throughout this guide

The word “spray” was used 17 times within this guide ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

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