Brave Frontier Palmyna Grand Quest Guide

Brave Frontier Palmyna Grand Quest Guide by mellowkappa

Mission 1: Gathering Hope

Gold #1- Sealed Cardes (beat Cardes)

Silver #1- Beat Zebra in 8 turns

Silver #2- Beat Luther and Phee in 9 turns


  • 1 gem (first clear)
  • Eshuon (100% completion) *30% boost to Atk and Def & reduces amount of BB gauge consumed during BB
  • Burst Emperor (80% completion)
  • Refined Gem (30% completion) *Invalidates all status ailments
  • Tech Gizmo 2 (beat Zebra in 8 turns) *Greatly increases drop rate of BC when attacking
  • Cure Gizmo 2 (beat Luther and Phee in 9 turns) *Greatly increases drop rate of HC when attacking

Mission 2: Four Heroes of Palmyna

Gold #1- Beat Cardes (beat Zebra beforehand)

Gold #2- Sealed Cardes anew (only move squad 1)

Silver #1- Beat Cardes in 25 turns

Silver #2- Noera Battleground: Beat Zebra

Bronze #1- Arlind Seminary: no one is sacrificed (keep everyone alive at Arlind Seminary [the fight against Lorand])


  • 1 gem (first clear)
  • Four Bonds (100% completion) *50% boost to Spark damage, reduces BB gauge amount needed for BB, negates stronger element damage & recovers HP each turn
  • Sphere Frog (70% completion)
  • Burst Emperor (30% completion)
  • 2 Almighty Imp Alton (beat Cardes in 25 turns)
  • Phoenix Orb (Noera Battleground: Beat Zebra) *Largely boosts HP every turn & adds chance of HP recovery when damaged

Now some tips on this Grand Quest:

  • When fighting Lorand, guard all after the turn he says “I won’t forgive the gods”. The next turn, he does 8 strong single target hits then 1 fairly weak AoE right after.
  • When fighting the first Cardes, it’s fairly simple, just make sure you try to keep mitigation up each turn since he does a massive single target called “deadly end”. He does a strong (but not massive) endless somewhere from 20%-40% hp, just be weary.
  • The first turn after Cardes revives, he will immediately do a powerful endless like in the trial so have mitigation. This can be survived without guard as long as units have over 7000 hp.
  • A pattern I noticed is after he does the first endless, he will do endless every 5 turns starting from the first endless (which you can count as turn 0, not 1)

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