Brave Frontier Item Guide

Brave Frontier Item Guide by MonkeyPunch

Feather:Green, blue, brown
Nut:None (99 ea except red and blue)
Drop:None (99 ea blue silver pink pink)
Claw:All except honor, hades, red, blue, greeen (Sol Creator Spheres)
Fang:All except Gold and Sky, Green, red (Stack of 25 each for Sol Creator Sphere)
Eyes:All after 99 seal each
Pelt:All except Blood Honor Silver
Bone:All except hard and honor
Stone:See list (lol)

It’s a question I see asked all the time. What items can I get rid of to save me room on inventory space? Inevitably, we all receive hundreds of items that we may not have an immediate use for, but we hang onto just in case we need them in the future. I was running into the problem of constant space limitations, even with having expanded my item capacity to 190. I finally just had to go through item by item and look up what they were used for and whether or not I needed to hang onto them or if they were easily farmable again when I needed them. What follows is a concise list of all the items currently in my inventory, sorted by type, what they are used for, where they drop and if they are worth keeping or not. I also included some notes as some items are worth way more by synthesizing them into something else, then selling the final product. Given that these items are strictly pulled from my current active inventory, I am sure to have missed some items (Especially some of the rare drops that I don’t have at the moment) so please feel free to comment and I can add them into the tables. Also, as a warning, I will probably be editing the formatting on this post a few times so it is easier to read. Enjoy!

Item Type: GrassUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Green GrassCure PotionSlimes/Orthos/Town ForestKEEPEasily Farmable from stage 1, level 1 off of the slimes.
Blue GrassHigh Cure PotionOrthos/Ramia/Minotaur/MayKEEPFarm from Shrine of Lystia – Sword of Lightning Speed
Yellow GrassMega Cure PotionPalmyna Quests and above/Friday Vortex Level 3+KEEP (99)Not needed after making 99 Mega Cures
Red GrassATK Potion/DEF PotionSkeletons – Greyska Caves – Inferno GateKEEPNeeded for both ATK and DEF pots and indirectly, brute and titan elixirs.
Item Type: FeathersUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Theo FeatherPoison, Faint, Growth, Broken and Numb Light SpheresMistral and Lv 1 Friday VortexDISCARDYou can safely sell Theo Feathers
Lynn FeatherPoison Shiv, Demon Rifle, Vine Lance, Beast Spear, Cursed Saver and Thunder Bow SpheresMorgon and St. Lamia, random MobsDISCARDEasily farmable and not needed except for maybe Thunder Bow spheres for Arena
Rhau FeatherRoyal Shield, Wise Mask, Muramasa SpheresMorgan – Breeze Beach – Princess of the Icy Blade off Merith and Cordelica – Greyska Caves – Inferno Gate off Sorceress Lily and Dancer MayKEEPFairly common and needed for shield and Muramasa spheres
Yomi FeatherRoyal Shield, Gilded Pearl, Muramasa SpheresMorgan – Nocturnal Forest – Hunter of Time off Geomancer ClarisKEEPUsed for Muramasa, Pearl and Royal Shield Spheres.
Heth FeatherVenom, Weak, Ill, Weary, Curse and Stupor Shard SpheresAnywhere in AmdahlDISCARDYou can safely sell all Heth Feathers
Musa FeatherDeath Cannon, Venom Knives, Ogre Lance, Phantom Pike, Cursed Sword, Zeus’ Bow, Dragon Ring SpheresEncervis – Thunder Stage – Noble War Hero or Friday Vortex level 4KEEP SOMEUsed for the upgraded Thunder Bow Sphere, Venom Knives for Slime Boss and as a niche for Dragon Ring Sphere
Rhoa FeatherBeast Bracer, Royal Bud SpheresEncervis – Land of the Dead – Wicked HostilityKEEPUsed for Royal Bud Sphere (Spark DMG +25%)
Riff FeatherSol Creator SphereMirvana – Marleg Ocean of Trees – Showdown Under the Flowers, Bog of Eternal Rain – Terminal Thunderstorm, Cape Narasta – Daylight Behind Her, Mirvana Ruins – Broken Days, Tower of Gods – Prayer at Dawn, Drenched in Crimson, The Golden Halo, The Rainbow Battlefield, Burning HeroKEEPUsed for Sol Creator Sphere (BC Drop rate +15%)
Seph FeatherSummoner’s Hat Sphere (reduces BB needed for use)Agnia/Mirvana off final bosses of each stageKEEP (20 for sphere)Decently rare and used for 1 sphere
Item Type: NutsUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Don NutAntidote and Poison Light SphereCave of Flames or Magutagal Wetlands in MistralKEEP (until 99)— DISCARD after 99 Antidotes madeDiscard after you stockpile 99 antidotes.
Koka NutAttack Potion, Brute ElixirCordelica – Greyska Caves – Inferno Gate off Medusas/Town FarmKEEPExtremely useful for ATK pots and Brute Elixirs. Keep all you get.
Buru NutTonic, Faint, Growth and Broken Light SpheresEgor Snowfield – Manipulator of Water off MermanKeep (until 99)DISCARD after 99 TonicsDiscard after you stockpile 99 tonics
Hoku NutDEF Potion, Titan ElixirCordelica – Greyska Caves – Inferno Gate off Harpy and Medusa/Town FarmKEEPHighly useful for DEF potions and Titan Elixirs. Keep all you get
Suzu NutHoly Water and Cursed Light SphereCordelica – Greyska Caves – Inferno Gate off Skeletons/Town FarmKeep (Until 99)DISCARD after 99 Holy WatersDiscard after stockpiling 99 Holy Water
Bara NutStimulant, Numb Light SphereMistral – Remains of MirzaKeep (Until 99)DISCARD after 99 StimulantsDiscard after stockpiling 99 Stimulants
Item Type: DropsUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Green DropCuresMistral – Adventurer’s Prairie – Start of Adventure off Slimes/Town RiverKEEPEasily farmable from 1st stage, use to make cures to sell versus selling drops by themselves (after 99 cures)
Red DropHigh Cure PotionMorgan – Destroyed Cathedral – Peculiar Black Knight off Minotaurs and Fairies/Town RiverKEEPUsed in conjunction with cures and blue grass to make high cures. Very useful
Blue DropAntidote, Tonic, Holy Water, StimulantCordelica – Greyska Caves – Inferno Gate off GoblinsKEEP (until 99 of each)DISCARD after 99 of eachCan safely discard after stockpiling 99 of stimulants, tonics, holy waters and antidotes
Gold DropMega Cure, Brute Elixir, Titan ElixirTown River (Lv. 11+), Friday Vortex Level 3+ and Palmyna onwardKEEPI Keep 1 stack of 99 and sell the rest
Purple DropDivine Light PotionSt. Lamia/ Friday Vortex Lvl 1+KEEPUsually don’t have many of these due to divine light synthesis
Silver DropHoly Light PotionPalmyna – Arlind Cemetary and Friday Vortex level 3+KEEP (99)Holy lights are inefficient and costly to make. Better to stick with Divine Light and sell silver drops, but you can keep some on you if you want to craft another group heal potion. (Useful in later content)
Honor DropRevive, Revive Light, Holy Flute, Sky Staff, Shiny Armor, Limbo Stone, Exyl Shield, Angelic Foil, Demon Shard, Bright Shard, Royal ShardFriend GiftingKEEP to 99DISCARD after 99Easily obtained via friend gifting, it’s best to not keep more than a stack at a time
Angel TearAngel IdolSt Lamia – St. Lamia Palace – Phony Paradise and Volcano Eldent – Banished Fire Dragon/Town RiverKEEP (Until 99)DISCARD After 99Use to craft Angel idols and sell those versus selling just the Tear.
Item Type: ClawsUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Green ClawFamous Blade Sphere/Sol Creator SphereMistralKEEP (Stack of 25 for Sol Creator)Easily farmable, only 5 needed per Famous Blade Sphere OR Sol Creator Sphere. Safe to sell after a short stack of 25 or 50.
Blue ClawHoly Blade Sphere/Sol Creator SphereCordelica – Greyska Caves – Inferno Gate off Orthos and Morgan – Kagan Desert – Power Seeking Swordsman off OrthosKEEP (Stack of 50 for Sol Creator Sphere)Easily Farmable and only 10 needed per Sphere. Safe to sell after a stack of 50
Red ClawBeast Blade Sphere/Sol Creator SphereSt. Lamia – Volcano Edent off of Thief LeonKEEP (Stack of 50 for Sol Creator)Easily farmable and only need 10 for Sphere. Safe to sell after stack of 50.
Honor ClawFujin Tonic, Skill Bracer, Cure Bracer, Light Helm, Cursed Robe, Vampire Spear, Alter Blade, Tech Gizmo 2, Cure Gizmo 2, Venom Knives, Phantom Pike, Dragon Blade, Dragon Ring, Demon Lance, Divine Gem, Thief Guards, Divine Sword spheresFriend GiftingKEEPKeep a stack of 99, discard the rest as it is easily obtainable with friend gifting
Giant ClawVampire Spear, Cordelicite spheresCordelica – Tower of Light – Roar from Darkness/ Lizeria onward questsDISCARDOnly keep if you want to test out vampire spear sphere.
Demon ClawDragon Blade SphereAmdahl questsDISCARDOnly keep if you want to make the 20% ATK Sphere, easily farmable
Hades ClawDemon Lance, Exyl Shield, Angelic FoilPalmyna – Arlind Seminary and Spirit World Palmyna and Friday Vortex Level 4KEEPUsed for Angelic Foils and Exyl Shields primarily. Don’t sell
Brute ClawDivine Sword Sphere (25% ATK)Ryvern QuestsKEEP (10)Used for the 25% ATK Sphere. Useful to have, but safe to discard if you don’t want the sphere.
Item Type: FangsUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Green FangChampion Axe Sphere, Sol Creator SphereMistral quests and Friday Vortex Level 1+KEEP (Stack of 25 for Sol Creator Sphere)Easily farmable, only used for the crit sphere and Sol Creator Sphere. Sell after stack of 25.
Red FangMagical AxeSt. Lamia QuestsDISCARDEasily Farmable, only used for the level 2 crit sphere
Worn FangLight HelmSt. Lamia – Fourfold PillarDISCARDonly used for a very situational sphere. Farm these when you want them, sell otherwise
Honor FangHoly Flute, Ares’ Crest, Lizeria Gem, God Armor SpheresFriend GiftingDISCARDeasily obtainable via gifting, can sell until you need them for these spheres and for Holy Flutes.
Golden FangBeast Bracer, Royal Bud, Havoc Axe, Dragon RingPalmyna and Encervis from Great Thief Leon, Sea Prince Verica, Wild Bandit Zaza and Sky Emporer Grafl/Friday Vortex Level 3+KEEPUsed for Royal Bud and Havox Axe Spheres. Valuable
Crypt FangDragon RingAll Boss battles in Encervis except Zebra/Friday Vortex Level 3+DISCARDOnly used for the Dragon Ring Sphere which is situational at best.
Sky FangHealth Charm, Divine Gem, Lizeria Gem SpheresBoss battles in Lizeria onwardKEEPUsed in a few decent spheres, very rare so worth keeping
Purple FangGod Sword (30% ATK) and Order Staff (30% REC) spheresBoss battles in Agni onwardKEEPUsed in a few decent spheres, very rare so worth keeping
Item Type: EyesUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Fire EyeFire Ore, Fire SealSt Lamia – Volcano Edent – Levels 1-4 off salamandersKEEP (Until 99 of Ore and Seal)DISCARD after 99 of eachDiscard after 99 seals and ores. Easily farmable from any fire stage
Water EyeWater Ore, Water SealMistral – Egor Snowfield, St Lamia Mountains, any water stageKEEP (Until 99 of Ore and Seal)DISCARD after 99 of eachDiscard after 99 seals and ores. Easily Farmable from any water stage
Earth EyeEarth Ore, Earth SealMistral – Forest of the Beasts/Town Mountain, any Earth stageKEEP (Until 99 of Ore and Seal)DISCARD after 99 of eachDiscard after 99 seals and ores. Easily Farmable from any earth stage
Thunder EyeThunder Ore, Thunder SealSt Lamia Mount Wistoria – Tarnished Peaks off Sylphs, any thunder stageKEEP (Until 99 of Ore and Seal)DISCARD after 99 of eachDiscard after 99 seals and ores. Easily Farmable from any thunder stage
Light EyeLight Ore, Light SealSt Lamia- Goddess of War off Priestess Maria, any light stageKEEP (Until 99 of Ore and Seal)DISCARD after 99 of eachDiscard after 99 seals and ores. Easily Farmable from any light stage
Dark EyeDark Ore, Dark SealCave of Malice – The Midnight Aristocrat off of Lilin, any dark stageKEEP (Until 99 of Ore and Seal)DISCARD after 99 of eachDiscard after 99 seals and ores. Easily Farmable from any dark stage
Fujin’s EyeFujin PotionLizeria – Erinecht Plains, – Grove of SuspicionKEEP (Until 99)Plentiful drops in Lizeria, only need to keep 1-2 stacks (as needed)
Guardian EyeRoyal Shield, MuramasaFriday Vortex Level 2, Nocturnal Forest – The Earth Shattering Spear (Lance), Asekutt Wastelands – A Flash of Lightning (Eze)KEEPFarmed easiest on level 2 Friday Vortex dungeon. Bring a thief bracer otherwise
Tidal EyeAlter Blade SphereCordelica – Giant’s Ruins – Spoiled Fresco and Giant God Awakes/Friday Vortex Level 3 +DISCARDRare item, but only used for one sphere. Keep 3 if you need the sphere, sell the rest
Demon EyeDemon Lance SpherePalmyna onward/Friday Vortex Level 3+DISCARDOnly used for one sub-par sphere. Safe to sell
Grief EyeGod Sword (30% ATK), Dogma Shield (30% DEF), Ember Armor (30% HP) and Order Staff (30% REC) SpheresAgni Boss BattlesKEEPVery Rare. Keep for crafting the 30/35% spheres


Item Type: PeltsUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Green PeltGiant Shield SphereMistral QuestsDISCARDEasily farmed, only for the DEF increasing spheres. farm as needed, sell the rest
Blue PeltDragon Seal, Clear Cloak SpheresMorgan – Kagan Desert and Breeze BeachDISCARDEasily farmable, only keep if you are crafting the 2 spheres listed
Red PeltGoddess SealSt. Lamia – Mt. Craylia/Friday Vortex Level 3DISCARDEasily farmable, only needed for one sphere. sell unless crafting said sphere
Blood PeltAres’ Crest, Divine Crest, Royal Shield, MurumasaMorgan – Shrine of Lystia -Sword of Lightning Speed or Destroyed Cathedral – Peculiar Black Knight/Friday Vortex Level 2 is best drop rateKEEPEasiest location to farm is Friday Vortex Level 2, bring a thief bracer
Azure PeltRoyal Crest SphereSt. Lamia – Fourfold Pillar/ Riotous Thunderbird/Friday Vortex Level 3DISCARDOnly used for a situational sphere. Sell unless crafting
Honor PeltClear Cloak, Soul Bracer, Zelnite Ring, Royal Light, Alter Blade, Zel Ring, Death Cannon, Star Shield, Ogre Lance, Beast Bracer, Cursed Sword, Zeus’ Bow, Health Charm, King ShieldFriend GiftingKEEP (Until 99)Only 1 stack is needed as these are easily gained from friend gifting
Giant PeltCordelicite SphereFinal Stage of Cordelica/Friday Vortex Level 3/Lizeria Onward questsDISCARDUnless crafting the Cordelicite and Lizeria Gem Spheres, this is safe to discard
Yellow PeltStar Shield SphereFriday Vortex Level 3+/Palymna Onward QuestsDISCARDOnly used for the 20% DEF sphere. Discard unless crafting, easily farmed on Friday Vortex level 3
Silver PeltExyl Shield, Angelic FoilPalmyna – Arlind Seminary – A familiar Opponent and Spirit World Palmyna – Light and Darkness IntersectKEEPNeeded for Exyl Shield and Angelic Foil Spheres. Highly valuable for Arena
Brute PeltKing Shield, God Armor SpheresRyvern – Glomore Hollow/Friday Vortex Level 4DISCARDUnless you are creating the 25% DEF or HP spheres, you can discard these. 10 pelts needed for each sphere
Beryl PeltDark Armor, Worship Cane Spheres (35% HP and 35% REC)Mirvana, Hollow/Friday Vortex Level 4DISCARDUnless you are creating the 35% HP or REC spheres, you can discard these. 10 pelts needed for each sphere
Item Type: BonesUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Green BoneSpirit Armor SphereMistral and Friday Vortex Level 1DISCARDOnly used for the 5% HP Sphere, easily farmable
Blue BoneBeast Armor, Wise Mask SpheresCordelica Quests and onwardDISCARDUnless creating the 10% HP sphere or wise mask this is safe to discard. easily farmable
Red BoneHoly Robe SphereSt Lamia quests/Friday Vortex Level 3DISCARDOnly used for the 15% HP sphere. Easily farmable
Honor BoneGoddess Idol, Monster Robe, Wise Mask, Soul Bracer, Zelnite Ring, Light Helm, Crown Light, Cordelicite, Zel Ring, Royal Bud, Havoc AxeFriend GiftingKEEP (Until 99)Discard after a stack of 99 as they are easily gained from friend gifting
Blood BoneVampire SpearCordelica – Giant Ruins – The Giant God AwakesDISCARDOnly keep if crafting the vampire spear (3 needed)
Yellow BoneShiny Armor SphereAmdahlDISCARDOnly keep if making the 20% HP Sphere (10 needed)
Forever BoneDemon Shard, Lizeria GemLizeria – Golzo MountainsDISCARDOnly used for these 2 spheres, situational only
Hard BoneAres’ FluteSpirits and idols in St. Lamia /Friday Vortex Level 2+KEEPOnce you have a stack of 99 Ares’ Flutes, use these bones to craft flutes and sell those for profit.
Purple BoneEmber Armor (30% HP), Dogma Shield (30% DEF) SpheresAgni Boss BattlesKEEPKeep for crafting the 30% (And then the 35%) spheres. Discard after or if you do not need/want the spheres.
Item Type: BugsUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Green BugWhite Cane SphereMistral and Friday Vortex Level 1DISCARDEasily farmable, only used for REC boosting sphere
Blue BugSentry Cane SphereMorgon – Nocturnal Forest/Friday Vortex Level 1DISCARDOnly used for the 10% REC Sphere
Red BugHoly CaneSt. Lamia – Blood Forest/Friday Vortex Level 1 and 2DISCARDOnly used for the 15% REC Sphere
Golden BugSky Staff SpherePalmyna and Friday Vortex Level 3DISCARDOnly used for the 20% REC Sphere
Comet BugPhoenix Eye SpherePalmyna -Obselion Castle – The Path ForwardDISCARDOnly used for the Phoenix Eye Sphere
Glowing BugBright Shard, Royal Shard SpheresLizeria Onward/Friday Vortex Level 4DISCARDOnly keep if crafting Bright Shard or Royal Shard, Fairly rare but not used
Item Type: StonesUsed ForDrops FromKeepDiscardNotes
Fate StoneAll ores and seals and Ares’ ElixirCordelica – Cordelica Mines, Lizeria Quests, Town Mountain, Friday Vortex Level 2KEEPUsed for Ares’ Elixirs and ores and seals. Safe to sell after 99 of all
Paladin StoneAll ores and seals and Ares’ ElixirCordelica – Cordelica Mines, Lizeria Quests, Town Mountain, Friday Vortex Level 2KEEPUsed for Ares’ Elixirs and ores and seals. Safe to sell after 99 of all
Wicked StoneCrown Light, Royal Light SpheresCordelica Final boss, final light boss and final dark boss, Lizeria onward boss fights and Friday Vortex Level 3DISCARDonly used for those 2 spheres.
Spirit StoneAres’ FluteSpirits in Morgon, Idols in St. Lamia, Town Mountain, Friday Vortex Level 2KEEP (until 99)Make Ares’ Flutes to sell instead of just the spirit stones after you have 1 stack
Blue StoneSkill Bracer Sphere/Sol Creator SphereMistral – Tower of Mistral – Monsters of the Corridor, Stairs of Trial and Forged Gigantor/Friday Vortex Level 2KEEP (Stack of 15 for Sol Creator)Only used for the Skill Bracer Sphere/Sol Creator Sphere (Valuable for FH but once you craft the spheres, sell the blue stones)
Red StoneCure Bracer SphereMorgan – Kagan Desert – Power Seeking Swordsman, Breeze Beach – Princess of the Icy Blade, Cordelica – Greyska Caves – Before the Flame Princess and Ignia Falls – Behind the Waterfall/Friday Vortex Level 2DISCARDOnly used for the HC rate up Sphere
Karma StoneSoul BracerSt Lamia – Fourfold Pillar and Volcano Edent – Banished Fire Dragon/Town Mountain/Friday Vortex Level 2DISCARDKarma increasing sphere only (lol)
Prized StoneZelnite RingSacred Mt. Craylia – Ruler of the Water and Mountain-Dwelling Devil and St. Lamia Palace – Fourfold Pillar/Friday Vortex Level 3DISCARDOnly keep to craft Zelnite rings for Jewel Parades and weekend dungeons
Hollow RockCursed Robe SphereSt. Lamia final, Friday Vortex Level 3, Town MountainDISCARDSituational Sphere only
Spring StoneTech Gizmo 2 Sphere/Sol Creator Sphere (15% BC drop rate up)Amdahl – Julep Village – Of Thunder and Flames: Agni, Amdahl – Julep Village – In Comes a Fire God: Vargas, Amdahl – Ghost Ship Legnia – Frozen Blades: Sergio, Amdahl – Ghost Ship Legnia – A Water God Appears: Selena, Vortex (Friday) – Hostile Relics – The Wandering Spirit Lv. 4KEEPUsed for the Tech Gizmo 2 Sphere/Sol Creator Sphere, Great for FH. Discard if you have these crafted
Forge StoneCure Gizmo 2 SphereFriday Vortex Level 4, Amdahl – Earth – The Gallant Earth God, Princess of the Pond and Amdahl – Thunder – A Thunder God StrikesDISCARDOnly good for HC increase sphere
Memory StoneZel RingAmdahl – Dark, Light and Final boss stagesKEEP (15 max)Discard after 1515 needed to craft 5 zel ring spheres. After crafted, sell the rest
Dream StoneHealth Charm and Demon Shard SpheresLizeria – Tower of Destruction – Corpse Producing MachineKeep (Max 30)Userful spheres and rare stone. Keep if producing either demon shard or health charm
Rouge StoneKing Shield, Thief Guards, Godly Staff, Bright Shard, Royal Shard, God Armor, Divine SwordRyvern – Glomore Hollow – last boss in RyvernKEEPUsed for 25% spheres and very rare. Hang onto these.
God StoneFujin PotionSt. Lamia – Volcano Eldent – Wings of the Flaming Skies, Sacred Mt. Craylia – The Spring of Power and Cordelica – Lomass Forest – Master of Lomass and Labyrinth of Trees/ Very plentiful in Lizeria Quests.KEEPVery useful item, never sell these.
Gospel StoneAngel IdolSt. Lamia – Volcano Eldent – Watchdog From Hell/Town MountainKEEP (99)craft angel idols to sell once you reach a stack of 99 idols.
Abyss StonePhoenix Eye SphereFriday Vortex Level 4, Lizeria Quests onwardDISCARDUnless you want to make a Phoenix Eye Sphere, these are safe to sell for now.
Jade StoneSol Creator SphereMirvana – Tower of the Gods – The Rainbow BattlefieldKEEPStack of 50 required for Sol Creator spheres(15% BC drop rate) (x5)

I hope these tables help everyone when deciding on what to keep and what not to keep. Once I craft the spheres I want to test out, I can safely sell off the materials, leaving me with tons of room in my item store. I also only keep a max of 1 stack of any material as a general rule of thumb. I also keep all spheres I make and collect, because I am a hoarder of spheres for some reason!

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