RotMG Rogue Guide

RotMG Rogue Guide by Patriarch

1. Reach Level 20

This is quite easy. Go onto a crowded server and jump into a crowded realm. There will usually be huge god lands train wherein you will be able to reach the maximum level in around 5 minutes. Just stay at the back of the group and try to hit the gods with your shots to gain Exp. Without getting hurt.

2. Rolling:

Once you reach Level 20, check your stats. Your stats for rogue should be above 620 HP/195 HP to be a great roll. The better the roll, the easier it will be to max Life/Mana in the end-game content. If you have a bad roll, suicide and start over. *Be sure not to suicide with your tops on.

3. No Man’s Land

The time after you are 20 and before you max your first and main utility stat, speed, is effectively called No Man’s Land. You are not able to do much with rogue other than derping around and killing Ent gods. Due to this weakened state, you will absolutely get no good loot unless you go on dungeon runs with a group or kill Oryx/bosses in a group. You don’t want to do this. Rogue is a pretty solitary class; built toward Soul-bound damage.

4. Farming

So how do you work past this problem? You make a farmer. Don’t play on your rogue, but play on your famer. Your farmer should either be a Wizard, Necromancer, or Sorcerer on a second account or slot. I personally recommend a sorcerer since you can effectively hit multiple gods in difficult regions of the map with your scepter; which secures your Soul-bound chance for a pot drop. If you are using the wizard or necromancer, go soloing in the god lands.

5. Pot Drops

Don’t be discouraged by what you get. Usually, I get around 20-30 DEF a couple of hours, not counting other pots on my farmer. In the beginning, the drop rates will seem infinitesimal, but after a couple days of grinding, you WILL get pots. Trust me.

6. Trading in for SPD

Whatever pots you get, you MUST trade them in for SPD. SPD is the essence of how a rogue will be quickly able to get to an event boss and kill it. Max SPD is 75. Usually, you’ll have somewhere around 40-something SPD at Level 20 un-maxed. You have quite a ways to go.

Conversion Rates:
1 DEF (4 SPD) ~ 1 VIT (*Need to change) ~ 1 ATT (2 SPD) ~ 1 WIS (2 SPD) ~ 1 DEX (1-1.5 SPD)

7. Trading in for DEX

Now that you have maxed SPD, now start trading all pots you get for DEX. Start soloing Sprite World’s or going with guildies to ensure that you get the drop. You should have decent gear by this time: there will be a Tops/Item Build attached as well. *Don’t try to fully max DEX altogether after SPD; read the following.

8. Trading in for DEF

You should start trading in for DEF as soon as you are 10-15 away from max DEX. Your firing rate at this time will be awesome, so you can work on building a solid defence. Start trading in groups of SPD/DEX worth items for a DEF each. You might have some DEF laying around. Eat it. Have extra SPD pots you find? Stockpile and trade them in for def. Do this till you have around 10-15 DEF.

9. Gear

The rogue will start moving through specific tiers of armor and equips as it gets more powerful. The following is a grouping of items you should have at specific stages of your character’s life.

Tier 1: Level 20 ~ Fire Dagger, Red Agent, Drake, Para HP (Set Costs ~ 1-2 DEF)
Tier 2: Semi-maxed SPD/DEX/DEF ~ Rage, Agent, Hippo, Para HP/Para DEF (Set Costs ~ 2-3 DEF)
Tier 3: Fully-maxed SPD/DEX/DEF ~ Emmy, Agent, Griffon, Para HP/Para DEF (Set Costs ~ 5-6 DEF)
Tier 4: Maxed ATT/DEX/SPD/DEF ~ Agate, Agent, Griffon, Para HP/Para DEF (Set Costs ~ 11-13 DEF)
Tier 5: Maxed Main+Booster~ Agate, Twilight, Csilk, Exa HP/Exa DEF (Set Costs 32-36 DEF)
Tier 6: Maxed Mana/Life (8/8) ~ Foul/Cronus, Ghostly, Csilk*, Exa HP/Exa DEF/Amulet (Set costs 22-25 Life + 8 DEF) < Can Someone verify this amount?

*The reason, we use Csilk is that it is cheaper than Hydra while giving better boosts to your stats at the cost of just 1 less DEF.

Event Boss Guide by Riesenberg

I saw this similar breakdown somewhere but I’m reposting with my quick comments.
I run Agate, Twi, Griff, Para HP, on a 5/8 Rogue, and really feel like Skulls and Cubes are what my Rogue (and my play style) is best suited for. I’m potting up this bad boy (and waiting post new-build release) eventually to 8/8 where I’ll let him loose with Cronus, Plane, Hydra(CSilk?), and Ammy.

Red Demons:
Before playing Rogue, I always wondered why I never saw a T9 weapon in a Red Demon chest. Now I know why. It’s so easy to fly in there cloaked – even over walls of Gods – nab whatever goodies, HP, MP in the chest and Nexus out. However, that gets tiresome and the Rogue yearns for MOAR!

These are may favorites for my Wizard to take down, just plowing through. With a Rogue, not so fun. I have to make a weakening pass once, then cloak and chip off all 5 on the second pass. Godlands Pents are super dangerous for Rogue without a group.

Cake. However, you need to be aware of location and/or number of other players nearby. Rush, cloak, juke, hover at the perfect distance, retreat when you’ve counted to 3 or so (starting from when you cloaked), hide behind a rock, cloak again. Watching videos of pro Rogue players helps a lot! Don’t forget to carry backup MP for cloaking back in for the L00T grab!

Veggies. They’re good for you, especially when you nab your Cronus! However, they’re really tough to swallow sometimes due mainly to the danger of other players drawing fire and the sheer number of cubes swarming around. Sometimes you just have to scrape Cube Gods off your plate and let the dogs eat them.

Like shots from the doctor. Hurt like hell. Not really worth it. I take my chances elsewhere (or bring in Wizard)

Hope this helps!
Have fun!

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8 Responses

  1. lel xD PPE btw says:

    Yes this was one for petless times. Sprite worlds should be the first noob dungeon to plow through, gather godlands pots, buy a T8 weapon T4 (3 if necro) ability T9 armor T3 def ring ranged class and learn to cheese sprite worlds. Easy gear to buy. Easy experimenting chars. Potfarmer chars, level up your pet. Boom! 50 50 pet and you know the dungeons, make 0/8 wizards and melees to do sprites, snakes, group cems abysses sewers and labs, max def on a class you find a reliable main. Max dex, spd att and farm enough to remax, store up, feed pet. The bluenoser way for you

  2. Sin says:

    Oh and dont be scared of the LOTLL, super easy.

  3. Sin says:

    Lol this guide is still trash even to today, exa hp? Twilight?

    My rogue is 7/8 Uses Foul/Spirit/Etherite and only uses planeswalker as well as hydra and deca/ubattack

    You should be good enough to only need planes because you can teleport in place.

  4. Some Guy says:

    That is the most Horrible guide. This is ROGUE guide, no f****ng WIZARD or NECROMANCER FARMING FOR ROGUE guide. Seriously, can anyone create a Class Maxing Guide WITHOUT FU**** FARMERS!?

  5. Ezophlee says:

    I feel like Warrior is easier/faster to farm dungeons with. Anyone else?

  6. Trof says:

    I disagree with this.

    If you get a fresh level 20 Rogue and stalk people in glands until you get a decent dagger as a drop, you can easily solo a Sprite World 0/8.

    Then sell dex to max everything.

  7. Guy Dude says:

    I wouldn’t say this is horrible, there are several helpful tips. However, the point about maxing DEF first is an important one.

  8. Dude says:

    Horrible Horrible Guide, No one Follow this at All, To Max any character you get their DEF up first, then you can easily plow through SnakePits/Sprite Worlds to easily Max Dex/Spd and if you’re collect some Def on the way to sell for Vit/Wis.

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