Heroes of the Storm First 10 Competitive Heroes to Buy

Heroes of the Storm First 10 Competitive Heroes to Buy by JermStudDog

So I finally got enough heroes to play in Hero League this weekend and am eternally annoyed at my extremely small pool of viable characters for play in the more competitive environment. The goal of this post is to put out as plainly as possible a list of 10 heroes worth spending money on right now if your goal is to play competitive and win.

edit: This is not about the cheapest heroes, there are cheaper ways to get into hero league but they aren’t quite as good as these guys (Valla for instance). This is about having heroes that are generally powerful and useful on all maps, so heroes like Zagara and Abathur won’t qualify since they seem to be more and less effective depending on the map.

Top Tier Assassins

Kael’Thas – Some of the best and most consistent burst available in the game, what else is there to say?
Jaina – Like KT only slightly not as awesome. She does statistically post better numbers though.
Illidan – Extremely mobile, tankier than he deserves to be and solid sustain.


Anub-Arak – Far and away the best warrior in the game right now, and cheap too! Everyone should have Anub in their list and he deserves to be played in every game. Probably the best hero in the game right now IMO.
Muradin – At the behest of everyone, he is a top tier tank and shows up in the vast majority of higher level games so I’m adding him.


Brightwing – Another king of competitive play. His Trait is just busted and he provides solid disruption to your opponents plans otherwise.
Rehgar – Though his winrate numbers are low, he combos well with a lot of Assassins and is a playmaker in his own right.
Uther – See Muradin and replace ‘tank’ with ‘healer’.


Sylvanas – Sylvanas is just straight up STRONG, you don’t even need to know how to play her, just point, click, and win.
The Lost Vikings – Easily the most functionally broken hero in the game. Doesn’t do much in the early game, but every minute that ticks on is in favor of the viking players team. To make matters worse, after feeding their team free xp all game long, the vikings become a real threat in the late game.

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