FIFA 16 4312 Formation Guide

FIFA 16 4312 Formation Guide by kcbh98

For the past few months, I have mainly been using 433(2), 433(3) and 433(4). I won D1 consistently with all these formations, but overall I felt as though I was losing too many games, mainly because I was losing the ball in midfield a lot and getting counter attacked. I also found that I was struggling against elite opponents because I relied on cutting inside with my wingers, which is easily predicted by good players. I wanted to be more dominant; I wanted to learn to hold the ball more and play through the middle to get better, more high percentage chances. After watching Season 2 of Play Like a Legend, I noticed that the pro players were playing in the way that I just described, and that many of them were using 4312 or 41212(2). Having already tried 41212(2) and doing decently but not incredibly, I decided to give 4312 a go, and made these squads:

I instantly won my 24th and 25th D1 title, and in almost every game, even the one I lost, I felt completely in control. I was keeping possession, not getting counter attacked as much, and I was playing through the middle more rather than solely relying on cutting inside. This guide will hopefully help you.

Here are the types of players you want for each position.

STs: For the 4312, I highly recommend using strikers with good pace, dribbling, and agility. This helps a lot with working the ball around under pressure, because players can make quick cuts and will control the ball more cleanly. You will also most likely be playing a lot of through balls to your strikers, which is why pace helps. I recommend someone with at least 3* skills, 85 pace, 80 agility, 70 balance, 80 ball control, and 80 finishing.

Ideal: Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, Neymar, Bale, 90 Higuain, Hazard, Aguero

Mid-Tier: Reus, IF Schurrle, Aubameyang, Sanchez, Tevez

Cheap: Griezmann, Menez, Lacazette, Doumbia, Shaqiri

CAM: This guy is basically the third striker, which is why I recommend you pick someone with stats similar to the strikers. However, pace and agility aren’t quite as important here (they still help a lot), so a player like Pogba could thrive in this position. Overall I would say it’s best to use a striker that can pass in this position, just to make sure they’ll be able to finish the chances they will surely get. For the CAM, I recommend 70+ pace, 70+ agility, 75+ finishing, 75+ passing, and 80+ longshots.

Ideal: Pogba, Suarez, Bale, Aguero, Ibrahimovic

Mid-Tier: De Bruyne, James, Modric, Di Maria, Benzema

Cheap: Griezmann, Mertens, Coutinho, Dempsey, Jovetic, Menez, Cazorla

CMs: I like having 2 box to box CMs and a more attacking CM. Pace is more key here than you would think; you need to be able to run so you can press and disrupt your opponent’s passing play. These guys need to be able to dribble and pass, they are your main chance creators and the guys that will be key to holding possession. They also need to be able to shoot at least a little bit, pure CDMs like Krychowiak or Luiz Gustavo are not players that I would personally recommend. I recommend that you get CMs with at least 75+ pace, 80+ passing, 75+ longshots, 70+ finishing, 80+ dribbling, and 70+ agility/balance.

Ideal: Pogba, Iniesta, Modric, James, De Bruyne

Mid-Tier: Muller, Vidal, Cazorla, Alaba, Di Maria, Rooney

Cheap: Mertens, KP Boateng, Nainggolan, Marchisio, Teixeira, Ramires

Fullbacks: They need to be fast and and good at dribbling. Since 4312 is a narrow formation, most people will try to attack the wings with their speedy wingers, so you need fast fullbacks to shut them down and force them out of bounds or back into the middle where the pressure is. A lot of attacks will start with you with your fullbacks, so make sure that they can pass and dribble well. Incorporating fullbacks into buildup play is key to keeping possession. I recommend fullbacks with 85+ pace, 80+ dribbling, 75+ passing, and 75+ marking/standing tackle.

Ideal: Jordi Alba, Alaba, Dani Alves, TIF/SIF/IF Layun

Mid-Tier: Alex Sandro, Walker

Cheap: Gaya, Tremoulinas, Clyne, De Marcos, Aurier

CBs: You should be doing the majority of your manual defending with your midfielders, which means that you are going to be somewhat reliant on the AI’s positioning of your CBs. Therefore, make sure you pick someone with great marking, and decent pace in case they get caught out of position. I recommend a player that is at least 6’0 with 70+ pace, 80+ marking, 80+ standing tackle, and 80+ strength. Also, make sure you play left-footed CBs at LCB and right-footed CBs at RCB so that they can pass with their strong foot.

Ideal: Chiellini, Boateng, Ramos, Silva

Mid-Tier: Hummels, Godin, Koscielny, Otamendi

Cheap: Pepe, Manolas, Zouma, Cahill, Barzagli, Caceres, Luiz…(there are endless amazing cheap options)


STs: Get in behind, press back line

CAM: Default

CMs: Middle CM stay back while attacking, side CMs default

Fullbacks:Stay back while attacking

CBs: Default


Speed 75

Passing 55


Shooting 65

Crossing 40

Passing 65

Free Form

Pressure 65

Aggression 55

Team Width 50


Thank you for reading, I hope it helps. If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment.

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