Yu-Gi-Oh! Superheavy Samurai Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Superheavy Samurai Guide by KistuneRagnell

So you want to learn how to become a Steadfast bro like my main man Gongenzaka, right? Well the first step is simple: MONSTERS ONLY, NO SPELLS/TRAPS. This deck is meant to be done monsters only (hence called Steadfast Style) as is obvious by the monster effects. Without further ado…


>High defense

>Great defensive abilities

>Can attack in defense mode

>Don’t have to worry about Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder

>Don’t worry about backrow destruction

>Nice spell/trap in your graveyard. Now it’s mine

>Earth Attribute and Machine Type

>Denko Sekka? More like Denko Suck-a

>Very manly

>Synchro based


>Reliant on monsters, so Skill Drain or Vanity’s is basically an insta-lose

>Very bad backrow destruction (really only Shutendoji)

>Requires some setup

>Very little draw power

>Cannot be used effectively in tag duels

>Synchro based

Archetype Monsters (Main Battle Monsters):

Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei  – The first boss monster of the archetype. You will love this guy and your enemies will hate him. 1000 attack and 3500 defense is nothing to sneeze at, plus an effect that lets you change the battle position on summon. It is 8 stars, so it’ll require either 2 tributes or one of the many special summon effects this deck can pull off, even though getting those two tributes to stay on the field is not that difficult. Benkei also comes with the ability that all Superheavies on the field can attack in defense mode, using their high defense instead of their low attack. That’s just insane when you’ll see what comes up. Always run 3 in this deck and I mean ALWAYS.

Superheavy Samurai Blue Brawler – This dude is your main defense while you try to bring out Benkei. 2000 defense, while great for a level 4 monster, is augmented by the ability to never be destroyed by battle and the fact that, like Benkei, can change its battle position on summon. A 2000 beater when you have Benkei is great. Run 2-3.

Superheavy Samurai Kabuto – While once good as filler, Kabuto has lost all meaning, mainly due to its terrible effect. It cannot change its position on summon. If it’s in attack mode (which why would it be), it can change itself and any other Superheavy card to defense mode (which why would they be in attack mode?) while gaining 500 defense until the end of the turn. Why would you want any of your Superheavies in attack mode? There are so many better cards to have in a deck than Kabuto. Run 0.

Superheavy Samurai Scales – Your Monster Reborn of the deck. Can Special Summon itself if the enemy has 2+ monsters while you have none. When it’s summoned, you can bring any Superheavy card level 4 or less to defense mode. Not only is this great to bring out sacrifices for Benkei, but you can easily make rank 4 plays if you combine this with Blue Brawler. Or even better, level 6 synchro plays by bringing back one of the tuners. Running 3 is a must.

Superheavy Samurai Swordsman – This guy is amazing. Level 3 and 1800 defense, but it has two nice effects. Not only can it change position on summon, but (while it’s face-up) any enemy card that battles a Superheavy monster will find that its attack and defense become 0. Even if Swordsman falls in battle, the enemy does not come out unscathed. Add this with Benkei’s ability to let it attack and Blue Brawler’s immunity to battle destruction and there is nothing you can’t kill (well…). It can also be used for Level 5 Synchro or Rank 3 plays. Run 2-3.

Archetype Monsters (Tuner Monsters):

Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter – This guy is your main tuner. It’s level 2 by the way. It can Special Summon itself if you have no spells/traps in your graveyard (which why would you, you heretic) at the cost of only being allowed to special summon Superheavies for the rest of the turn. Also this monster can be used as tribute for Benkei. If this card is used as tribute for the aforementioned badass, you can special summon it from the grave for instant level 10s! Nothing is much better than that. Run 3.

Superheavy Samurai Battleball – This dude is the other Superheavy tuner which is also a level 2. This little guy can’t special summon itself, but it has one salty effect. See if you control nothing but Superheavy monsters, you can use an OPPONENT’s monster to synchro summon a Superheavy monster. Now there are only two of those guys out (level 6 and 10), so it will only work on an enemy’s level 4 or 8 monster, but the effects can be devastating on the duel. Blue Eyes White Dragon? More like Blue Eyes…Susanowo…yea… Now I would normally say run 3, but since Shutendoji isn’t out in TCG yet, it only functions as an anti-level 8 and as a normal tuner, which still isn’t terrible. Level 8’s are usually powerful cards and this non-destruction removal is excellent. Right now, run 1-2 but once Shutendoji comes out (or when playing online), run 3.

Archetype Monsters (Support Monsters):

Superheavy Samurai Soulfire Suit – The best hand-trap in the deck, this dude is! You want to know salt, just look at this guy. It’s equip effect can be better than you expect (change a Superheavy monster to level 5), but the hand effect is why it’s a must have. Just discard this guy from your hand and one Superheavy badass can’t be destroyed by battle or by card effects. It won’t stop targeting or non-destruction removal though. Now the level 5 effect can be used for such things as Cyber Dragon Nova or for level 7 plays like Clear Wing or Black Rose. Run 3. You won’t regret it.

Superheavy Samurai Soulshield Wall – I kinda like this guy. Standard equip effect of increasing a Superheavy’s massive defense by 1200. Can you say 4700 Benkei or 6000 Susanowo? Its other effect is decent. If, by some chance, a Superheavy will be destroyed by battle, you can remove this card from the spell/trap zone, negate the battle and the poor samurai’s defense becomes 0. Not really necessary and you could use the deck space for something else. Run 0-1 to taste.

Superheavy Samurai Soulbang Cannon – Remember that epic draw when Gongenzaka dueled that X-Sabers guy? The real life effect isn’t that badass. Normal equip ability of increasing defense by 1000. Banish this mofo from the grave when an enemy activated an effect to destroy all monsters and deal 1000 damage to everyone. Not all that great in my opinion. Run 0-1.

Superheavy Samurai Soulbreaker Armor – My least favorite Superheavy equip monster. The equipped monster LOSES 1000 defense, but it gains battle destruction immunity. I can see that having some uses, but the defense loss has more drawbacks. Its graveyard banish effect is also terrible especially in the current state of Superheavy Samurais. Run 0.

Superheavy Samurai Gigaglove – You will love this dude. A major first turn play if you can get it in your starting hand. 1000 defense lets it be destroyed easily, which is what you want. The moment it hits the grave, you can adjust the order of the top 5 cards of your deck. If you get attacked directly, you can banish this bro to draw a card and not only negate the attack if the monster is Superheavy, but their attack becomes 0! This is what little draw power this deck has. Run 3, but running 2 is ok. Now go punch another monster in the face like Gongenzaka.

Superheavy Samurai Flutist – I love this dude and his outrageous effect. Tribute this little dude to special summon ANY Superheavy from your hand. This is the main way to bring out Benkei. Not only that, but Flutist is the broest of the bros by allowing protection from targeting effects in the grave. Running 3 is required by Steadfast Law.

Superheavy Samurai Big Waraji – This is the other way to bring out Benkei. This level 6 guy can Special Summon itself (provided that you’re not a heratic) and it counts as 2 tributes for a Superheavy monster (Benkei). No brainer…except that I don’t use this guy nearly enough. Also if you specials summon it by its own effect, you can only special summon Superheavies for the rest of the turn. Can also be used in level 7/8 synchros I guess. Run 0-2 if you have space.

Superheavy Samurai Soulpiercer – This guy is the main searcher of the deck. Equip it to a bro and it can pierce their defense mode monsters. When this hits the grave from the field, you can add any Superheavy card from your deck to the hand. Such a simple effect helps this deck so much. Run 3.

Superheavy Samurai Torch – This little bro just came out in Crossed Souls, so it needs more testing. Immunity to battle destruction is great and it attracts attacks away from your other Superheavy monsters (for better or worse). Discard from the hand to force an enemy to attack another face-up Superheavy monster you control. I would say run 1, but I need to test it out more.

Superheavy Samurai Soulbuster Gauntlet – Equipping to gain 400 defense is not the best, compared to 1200 or 1000 by other equips, but the second effect can make this card shine. Discard this equipped card during battle with another monster to double your monster’s defense for the turn. 4000-7000 damage will kill just about anything out there. Run 1 or 2, depending on your views.

Superheavy Samurai Soulbeads – The final equip monster of this archetype (as of right now). Equip it to allow protection from card effects once per turn. Discard it from the hand when a monster dies in battle to special summon it in attack mode. Either effect has its uses in spades. Run 1-3 to taste.

Archetype Monsters (Synchro Monsters):

Superheavy Ogre Shutendoji – I want this guy to come out in TCG so badly. Level 6 synchro that’s so easy to make it’s crazy. On synchro summon, your opponent’s spells and traps gets destroyed. Serves them right for using heretical cards. Then it becomes a 2500 beater in defense mode. Yes, it can attack in defense mode by itself. Not bad. Have 2-3 in your extra deck when he comes out (or when playing online).

Superheavy Warlord Susanowo – This badass is the main boss monster of the archetype. Once this baby comes out, it’s time to start collecting salt. You see that spell or trap in the enemy’s graveyard? Now it’s set on your field. Once per turn, even during the enemy’s turn. 3800 defense is also a huge plus for this guy. The only bad part is that it’s kinda difficult to summon. Either Superheavy tuner + Benkei or Superheavy tuner + 2 level 4 Superheavy monsters. Run 2 in the extra deck. Any more and you’ll be clogging.

Non Archetype Main-Deck Monsters to Consider/Use:

Giant Rat – This ROUS falls and suddenly you got a Benkei on the field. It doesn’t matter if it summons in attack mode, as Benkei’s effect instantly turns it back into comfy mode. Can also special summon any other Superheavy card (except for Soulfire, Battleball and Torch). Run at 3 for the love of Jesus Yamato run 3.

Machina Fortress – All of the Superheavies are machine, so summoning this is easy. Its effect isn’t too shabby either. It can mess up the enemy’s hand and 2500 attack isn’t that easy to get over. Run it at 1 if at all.

Scrap Recycler – An interesting tech that I discovered a little while ago. Firstly, sending a machine to the grave probably means Gigaglove to use his awesome effect or you can set up a Scales combo for a future turn. Secondly, you can return any level 4 earth machine (read: Blue Brawler or Scales) and return them to the deck while drawing a card. Scales is useless in the grave, so recycling him for potentially another use is a great play. If you want to use it, run 1-2.

Denko Sekka – Level 4, 1700 attack beater and prevents spells and traps from being used. He’s kinda useful in a Steadfast/monster mash deck, though it doesn’t synergize well with the rest of the deck. If you do want to use it, I would say run 1.

Tin Goldfish – Do you want to make Rank 4 plays? Because this is how you make rank 4 plays. Tin Goldfish is also machine which fits into the deck kinda well. Tin Goldfish to special summon Scales to special summon Blue Brawler and you got yourself a Ptolemy or really any rank 4 you want. If running, try 1-2.

Gallis the Star Beast – Such a no-brainer in a Steadfast/Monster Mash deck. Best case, you deal 1600 (Benkei) and at worst its 600 damage straight to the life points. It is a level 3, so you can make rank 3 plays with it and Swordaman. If you want to run this, try 1-2.

Marmiting Captain – Hello free special summoning. Pray to the RNGeesus that it’s Benkei and not, say Soulfire Suit. Run 1-2.

Cyber Dragon – Use this badass as either a special summon for Benkei tribute, rank 5 plays (provided you equip Soulfire onto a Superheavy), level 7 synchro, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon or as a 2100 beatstick. Run 1-2 if you like.

Effect Veiler/Yuki Usagi – I don’t like the English name. Both are standard hand-traps that have a wide range of uses. Effect Veiler comes with the bonus of being a level 1 tuner, so you can make level 4/5/6/7/9 Synchro plays (7 with Sandals). Use 1-3 depending on space and taste.

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders – AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Extra Deck Monsters (Synchro):

Level 5:

Ally of Justice Catastor – Basic choice. Awesome effect.

T.G. Hyper Librarian – Draw power for synchros.

Armades, Keeper of the Boundaries – Attacking without care of backrow.

Naturia Beast – Anti-Spell cards.

Level 6:

Goyo Guardian – Best non-archetype level 6. Beater with steal effect.

Orient Dragon – Anti-Synchro. Helps against Beezle and other Synchro walls.

Naturia Barkion – Anti-Trap cards.

Level 7 (with Cyber Dragon or Soulfire):

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon – In my opinion, this is the best generic level 7 synchro.

Black Rose Dragon – Blow things up.

Midnight Rose Dragon – Blow up big things only.

Level 10:

Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree – Best/only alternative to Susanowo. Fantastic effect as well.

Extra Deck Monsters (Xyz):

Rank 3:

Wind-up Zenmaines – My favorite Rank 3. Walling is a good strategy while you try to get a way to summon Benkei.

Ghostrick Alucard – Face down Smace down.

Mechquipped Angineer – Protection ability.

Rank 4:

ANY Rank 4 Staple – i.e. Castel, 101, Exciton, Dark Rebellion, etc.

Gear Gigant X – Search most Superheavy cards (except Benkei).

Rank 5 (with Cyber Dragon):

Cyber Dragon Nova/Infinity – The most Fuck You card in the game right now.

Rank 8:

Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand – I cannot get over how ridiculous this card is. You won’t summon Rank 8s much at all though.

Extra Deck Monsters (Fusion):

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon – Only if you tech in Cyber Dragon. Could help with an OTK if you can get it right. Especially useful if your opponent uses a machine deck (Superheavy, Cyber Dragon, Geargiga, etc).

The Heretical Part:

Now comes the part where I talk about spells and traps in this deck. Before most of the support came out, it was normal to run spells/traps since there was no real reason otherwise. There are still people who think this deck cannot function without them. I disagree, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I will now go over some spells/traps that would work well in this deck…if you want to be a heretic. I’m not going to list generic spells/traps like Raigeki, Solemn or Compulse. There are non-generic tech cards.


Machine Duplication – A good number of the monsters in this deck have below 500 attack (Blue Brawler is the main target). Useful for Xyz plays.

Black Rose Garden – Attack doesn’t matter to you. If anything summoning monsters on the opponent’s side gives you attack targets without worrying much about hand traps like Swift Scarecrow. Plus you can use the tokens on your side to normal summon Benkei and the opponent’s decreased attack makes it difficult for them to go over your Samurais.

Stumbling – All summoned cards go to defense mode. I fail to see how this hurts Superheavies in any way. If anything you can use it with Superheavies who can’t auto-turn to defense mode (Torch, Kabuto).

Messenger of Peace – The only card this affects is Susanowo, so use at your own risk, you heretic.

Double Defender – Chances are you’ll have more than one card in defense mode, so this is for added protection.

Shooting Star Bow – Ceal – The attack decrease doesn’t matter much to you, plus you get to attack directly.

Galaxy Cyclone – You can banish this card from your graveyard. Pops backrow. Heretical.


Breakthrough Skill – I know I said no generic spells/traps, but this is an exception. You can banish this from your grave which, while heretical, gets rid of it.

Imperial Iron Wall – You don’t want stuff banished. This stops that.

Lose a Turn – See Stumbling above, plus the effect negation is amazing. Only affects Special Summoned cards (even yours) and only works if you control no Special Summoned cards. Double edged sword. I personally prefer Stumbling for forced-defense mode, but matter of opinion. Lost a Turn does have its uses. [NOTE: I just found out that you just need no special summoned monsters to activate the card. After that, it’s free game. Still use at your own risk, since you will lose out on at least Shutendoji’s or Susanowo’s effects.]

D2 Shield – Double a defence with this trap card. The twist is that the defence gain is permanent. You can see where this is going.

The First Turn:

Say you win the RPS/Dice Roll/Coin flip. I believe that it’s preferable to go first. With monsters-only, you will almost never get a bricked hand and there are a good number of first-turn plays you can do. Usually setting one monster and ending. The preferred monsters in no particular order are Blue Brawler (a strong wall that can’t be destroyed by battle), Gigaglove (for the graveyard effect), Torch (see Blue Brawler), Swordsman (the effect), and Soulpiercer (searching when it hits the grave). My playstyle doesn’t like to commit much to the board on the first turn, because the fear of mass destruction/removal is very real. Bricks do happen (I once opened a game with 2 Soulfires, a Trumpeter, Soulbeads and a Flutist), but you will almost always have an opening play.


I love Superheavy Samurais. I love being Steadfast. It’s the first fully completed deck that I have in real life (despite missing Battleball and Shutendoji). I want to spread my belief that just because a deck isn’t tier 0 doesn’t mean you can’t win and have fun. The weaknesses are huge, but the strengths usually catch the opponent off guard. This is my first written guide for Yugioh and I don’t know a good number of the cards in the game that might help this deck. As more Superheavy cards come out, I will think about expanding this guide. Maybe we’ll even get some pendulum support…

Please look forward to my next archetype guide. It’s a bit… Destructive/Devious/Demonic.
Here is my current build on Devpro. Cards subject to change at any time: http://i.imgur.com/3jm9x6i.jpg

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4 Responses

  1. kuribohman says:

    RISE TO FULL HEIGHT is also a great trap to add to this deck,because it doubles a card’s defense,but during the end phase that card’s defense turns zero and also you can banish it from the grave and change your opponent’s attack target for that entire turn.I also loved how they made big benkei the face of the card standing tall, which is weird for a superheavy samurai to do.

  2. DarkestLaw says:

    You might want to change the level count on big wajari, its level is 5 not 6. just thought i should point it out.

  3. Superheavy Guy says:

    This guide is really on point but its more cards to add. I’ll list a few:

    Mega Granmarg:Kills set cards, can be summoned with all the special summomed superheavys. Plus, it bypasses the special summon restructions.

    Gearspring Spirit:Can really piss off your opp and makes great Rank 8 plays. Tribute fodder

    Gigantes:Beater, clears backrow on death by battle

    Grand Mole:……… Dude its grand mole

    Dododo Swordsman: Its a real good card to say SUPRISE MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!!!

    Geargia Auger: Eh its situational at best. Its ok.

    The hands: Throw them hands at them. They even bypass skill drain after they die.

    Grandsoil:Since redox is gone, he can KINDA fill that spot.

    Quickdraw/ Junk/Debris Dragon: Their names is all ya ass need to know. SYNCHRO MUTHAFUCKA.

    I use these bad boys myself

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why no Fire or Ice Hand?
    Really helps remove some more problematic cards and doesn’t conflict with the monster mash method at all.

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