Guild Wars 2 Solo Guild Missions Guide

Guild Wars 2 Solo Guild Missions Guide by Bethryn

Over the past few months, I’ve been steadily levelling a personal ‘bank’ guild solo, originally just for the extra inventory space. With HoT announced and including desirable Guild Halls, I’ve been endeavouring to complete Guild Missions “solo” to get the necessary Influence and Merits for what might come. In fact, it’s been so successful that I decided I’d write a guide here on Reddit, for anyone else interested in doing this.


The first thing you’ll need is a Guild with Art of War Level 3. This requires 6,500 Influence. I personally gained this by playing a lot, but if you want to speed up the process, you can spend 20g on buying 10k Influence from the Guild Promoter (in Lion’s Arch he’s by the WvW portals), or you can level characters up to 60/80 for commendations from the Personal Story (400/1000 respectively), or buy them with laurels if you really want to.

I do my Bounties with a Bearbow Ranger. This is a reasonably high sustained damage build with a bear that will take most of the damage from enemies. Other classes may also be viable; I simply haven’t tried them, and this guide will only refer to my experience with Ranger.

I use Exotic gear (Berserker’s, but Assassin’s is also good), and bring Hardened Sharpening Stones (but equivalent Oil is ok), and use the cheap 1h option of Griffon Egg Omelets for food. My build is 6/6/0/0/2, I/X/XIII, I/X/XII, II. Signet of the Hunt gives you 25% movement speed for finding Bounties quicker, Signet of the Wild gives regen and a damage boost when activated, Frost Spirit & Rampage as One boost your damage.

For Guild Trek, you will want either full Map Completion, or all the WPs listed in the Guild Trek wiki article.

Guild Bounty Training

Guild Bounty Training takes 3 days to build, costs 300 Influence and gives 3000 Influence on success. I have between a 60-70% success rate on these. You will generally have 4 tries per week.

The best time to attempt these missions is when a lot of other guilds are doing their weekly missions. This means you will often find others doing some of the bounties that are very difficult to truly solo. For Europe, this is on Sundays, between 6pm and 9pm, GMT.

For many Bounties, it is advantageous to fight them near a WP. If you die, as long as you can re-engage them in a few seconds, they won’t reset HP or disappear.

Even if you’re solo, tagging up never hurts. Guild Wars 2 has lots of friendly players who will help you out if they see you fighting a Bounty! <3

Remember to run in the opposite direction they path to raise your chances of meeting the Bounties.

Ask people if they’ve seen Bounties in map chat when you arrive, or after a few minutes of nobody responding to previous questions (but don’t spam it!). If you find a Bounty, ask if anyone needs it as well; others may be looking, and it always helps to have more.

Be polite! I try never to start a Guild bounty that another Guild wants to do but is waiting on members for. If you don’t have much time left on your clock, tell them that; they’ll usually be ok with you starting if they know why.

  • 2-MULT: It has a short patrol path, but you cannot solo it. Wait for a guild.
  • Ander “Wildman” Westward: most of the Karka congregate in the south and southwest of the island; very occasionally I’ve found him hiding in one to to the north. You can solo him assuming you keep him at 1200+ range, and avoid AoE.
  • Bookworm Bwikki: she has a long patrol path, and is very difficult to solo. Even with a WP, you might fail if you can’t keep her from using the ice spell on you; 1200+ range means she generally won’t cast it on you, but your pet will be dead a lot.
  • Big Mayana: You cannot solo it.
  • Brekkabek: short patrol path, very easy to solo. Stay on the move if the bears aggro you, and keep away from the gun turrets. Always focus her, never shoot the bears.
  • Crusader Michiele: I have trouble soloing her and usually run out of time, but maybe it’s possible. It may be worth killing the Spirit Weapons to stop them disrupting you with knockdown.
  • “Deputy” Brooke: she has a long patrol path; I usually start at Frozen Sweeps WP, do the circuit to the west, and then run back east on the southern route. If you stay at 1200+ range, she won’t use her leaps on you.
  • Devious Teesa: soloable, provided you engage her near a WP and respawn quickly. I start at Skyheight Steading WP, and run north through Grawls and follow the route that way. Don’t shoot while she’s spinning, and stay at 1200+ range to avoid the grab.
  • Diplomat Tarban: DO NOT ENGAGE. I have watched this guy’s Confusion spam wipe groups of 10 and upwards.
  • Half-Baked Komali: not soloable. It’s rare to find groups doing her (apparently her jellies that remove the fire shield are bugged), and she takes a lot of people and time to kill.
  • Poobadoo: very soloable. I start from Ireko Tradecamp WP, and run west around the route. Try and fight him on land, and stay at 1200+ range.
  • Prisoner 1141: she runs fast, but does very little damage if you can find her. Avoid the boulders she throws that knockdown. Village of Scalecatch WP is where I start, heading south.
  • Shaman Arderus: you can just about solo him near a WP. Keep on the move to avoid lava slime explosions, and stay at 1200+ range.
  • Short-Fuse Felix: he does very little damage if you can evade his AoE, but his permanent fire shield hurts. I use Healing Spring to remove conditions, and only attack while it’s up.
  • Sotzz the Scallywag: I start from Applenook Hamlet WP, and do a ‘spiral’, heading west, then south, then east, kicking the barrels open. He needs to be knocked out of his circle to take damage, so use LB #4 regularly to do so/remove Defiance stats.
  • Tricksy Trekksa: can be solo’d by a WP, but very, very difficult to find in time. Ask in map-chat!
  • Trillia Midwell: very soloable. Stay at 1200+ range, and don’t fire into the whirlwinds, which reflect your arrows. WPs make things easier, but are not necessary.
  • Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler: impossible to solo legitimately. However, her default teleport attack does not do much damage to your bear. If you can find some terrain she and her rats can’t path to, you can kill her while she attacks the bear.

Guild Merits

You will generally get 6-9k Influence per week, which is more than enough to sort out things like Guild Vaults, and buying Guild Catapults if you just want to make money. However, if you’re interested in unlocking other Guild Missions, it’s also doable.

Firstly you have to get Guild Bounties unlocked. The 15 minute time limit is a much bigger deal here, and you will fail these a lot, but that’s ok! Once unlocked, I generally do 2x Bounty and 4x Bounty Training per week (it can be helpful to unlock Asuran Outsourcing in Politics for when you’re unlocking Levels 5 & 6, to keep doing Bounty Training while they build, as they take a week or more). This lets me fail one Bounty and try again.

Ideally you want Brekkabek, Trillia, Poobadoo and “Deputy” Brooke. With at least one of these, and another Bounty who can be done either solo, or with a group, you have a good chance of completing a Bounty in the time limit, during prime time. Generally, do the easy Bounty first, so you have the most time available to do the harder one.

I like to do my Bounties on the hour, or half-hour marks, as these seem to have the best chances of meeting other guilds doing them.

You only need to succeed 2 Bounties to have enough Merits to unlock Guild Trek (but because they give very good Merits, I always have a go at them each week).

Once you get Guild Trek, you can solo Guild Trek tier 2 every week. This gives you Influence as well as Merits! I generally manage it with about 3-4 minutes to spare, on my Guardian. I imagine a Thief is probably best for this, as they can spec for movement, and avoid annoying mobs.

After this, you begin the steady grind to unlock Rush. For Challenge, Rush and Puzzle you’ll always be waiting to do the mission with another guild. Once you get to Challenge, it gives 30 Merits per success, it’s the best income you’ll have, and you’ll just be limited by Influence once it’s unlocked.


I hope this has been a helpful guide. Any feedback or tips that I may have missed are welcome. “Solo”ing Guild Missions is fun, profitable (both for the rares, Commendations, and Influence > gold from Guild Catas), and will hopefully one day allow you to build your own prestigious Guild Hall!

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